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Tietos is mobilizing its workforce to improve information worker productivity and collaboration. This presentation is from the Digital Workplace & Social Collaboration Forum in Stockholm February 1-2 2012.

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Mobile collaboration at Tieto

  1. 1. Mobile collaboration @ Tieto Mobilizing Tieto’s workforce to improve productivity and collaboration Oscar Berg Future Office Evangelist Tieto, Digital Business Consulting© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  2. 2. About me Expertise in how to leverage mobile, social and collaboration technology to improve collaboration and information worker productivity. Twitter: oscarberg © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  3. 3. About Tieto18,000+employees≈ 25 countries Complex & Involving Virtual teams dynamic IT talents & virtual projects across the organization globe © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  4. 4. Constant change is the newnormal Then Now Pace of change Predictable Unpredictable & stable business & dynamic business environment environment Allowed for long term We need to be planning prepared for changeBased on illustration by Dennis Bottjer, © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  5. 5. "Collaboration counts for 36% of overall business performance." (Gofus et. al., 2006) "...the relative gain of improving the performance of those [collaborative] activities is significantly higher than improving the performance of individual activities.” (Kristensen & Kijl, 2008)© 2012 Tieto Corporation
  6. 6. Collaboration is the new frontierfor productivity gains Mobile and social technologies as productivity boosters Source: McKinsey Quarterly ”Six ways to make Web 2.0 work” (February 2009) © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  7. 7. If we work together virtually, wecan get more done in less time © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  8. 8. The digital workspace represents aparadigm shiftFrom static desktop work… …to agile collaboration• PC desktops • Digital workplace• Transaction-oriented • Knowledge-oriented• Productivity tools • Social collaboration• Enterprise applications • Services• Office hours at the office • Anytime and anywhere• Colleagues in close proximity • Anyone © 2012 Tieto Corporation Image credit: “Leap Factor Executive Presentation”
  9. 9. Mobility should not be anafterthought – think mobile first! © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  10. 10. Embrace the massive innovation inthe consumer marketplace! Ease of use Access anywhere, anytime Social and interactive Always connected © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  11. 11. How we are mobilizing our digital workplace @ Tieto Our journey, vision and where we are right now.© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  12. 12. Mobilizing and socializing processes, better support for social collaboration, improved 2012 information flows. Our journey 2011 Social innovation platform, the first mobile apps, continuous improvements of services. continues… 2010 Personalization, micro-blogging, new services. 2009 Introduction of our new digital workplace with 2nd continuous launch of easy-to-use services. Generatiion 2007 Vision, strategy, governance, conceptual design, new technical platform, enterprise search. 2004 Knowledge sharing and collaboration with team sites, blogs, wikis, communities and communication tools. 2002 Established one intranet and ERP 1st system.generation 2000 Fragmented environment without a common vision, strategy. governance and platform. © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  13. 13. Our vision for 2015Personal, appealing and addictive desktop,available on any device anywhere. • The place to carry out work-related tasks on a daily basis • Efficiently supporting company-wide collaboration • Enabling multidimensional communication © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  14. 14. Our vision in practice• Desktop – All the needed things that I have access to in one place.• Personal – Providing relevant content and services related to my identity, role, location, organisation, interests, projects, services, etc.• Appealing – Excellent user experience; simple, smooth, visually attractive and easy to use, high-quality and up-to-date content.• Addictive – The place to exist, socialise and meet colleagues. The place to share and to keep up with all that’s happening. Something you cannot do without.• Available – Any supported device, anywhere, anytime. © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  15. 15. Mobilizing the digital workplace isa natural next stepBusiness needs Coworker needsReduce lead times to speed Better support andup business processes Get the job flexibility in my daily work done whenBoost productivity by and where it Simplify my interactionsenabling collaboration with systems and people needs to getAct faster on opportunities done! Connect me to my peersand problems and help us collaborate © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  16. 16. At Tieto, we have the luxury ofknowing mobile Finland Sweden Poland Germany USA Czech China India • The largest European mobile software R&D service provider, among top 3 in the world. • 1500+ mobile software R&D, solution, and service design experts • Over 15 years back log • Global Delivery Model
  17. 17. Here are some of the new apps forour knowledge workers MyFeed MyApprovals Enterprise App Store MyColleagues MyTime MyMeetings MySlides MyCustomers Also for WP7 © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  18. 18. MyApprovalsShorter time to invoice• Business case • The faster the overtime hours are approved the faster the invoice can be sent • Reduce costs occuring because delayed invoices up to 500 K€• Solution • Easy, fast and secure multiplatform mobile access to the Overtime Approvals implemented on Tieto Enterprise Mobility Platform on top of Tieto ERP © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  19. 19. MyTimeSaving time, money…and frustration 2 M € in savings / year + 0.5 M € / year From 8000 hours/week to 1500 hours/week Easy to use Integrated At ourComplex (ERP) fingertips (web-based service) (In intranet) (mobile) © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  20. 20. Mobile Sales SignalsWe are all sales people!• Every employee in client encounters is given the chance to effortlessly report new sales opportunities• They can easily capture relevant information they heard, saw or realized in a manner that is most suitable for each client encounter and then effortlessly submit the information forward to be evaluated by sales responsibles. © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  21. 21. Mobile Sales Signals Mobile sensors enrich descriptionsAdd location to map Make a note Add an image Record a sound Tag it © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  22. 22. MyMeetingsLittle things make all the difference By pushing the button you will be directly called in to the meeting without need of manually entering PIN © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  23. 23. MyFeedAll you need to know in one feed © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  24. 24. Mobile MyFeed…designed for mobility from the start Web UI Native Apps (hybrid UI) © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  25. 25. YammerEasy sharing at our fingertipsWhy reinvent the wheel,especially when peopleare already using it? © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  26. 26. How to approach mobility Our own approach and experiences from mobilizing the digital workplace© 2010 Tieto Corporation
  27. 27. Reality check: Our needs differfrom situation to situation Plan project with Team members Collect information from a customer Discuss an idea with colleagues Find information and complete a task Provide feedback to a business partner Meet with members from a dispersed team Helping out to answer a Share experiences with question from a customer colleagues © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  28. 28. © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  29. 29. We need to segment users to findand address similar needs Specialists Outreach • Stationary and mobile • Mostly mobile [Picture of a • Project work [Picture of a • Line work fictive but fictive but typical • Collaborative knowledge typical • Networking and person] work person] communication • Developer, designer, • Managers, sales Jenna business consultant Maria people, project manager Administration Service • Mostly stationary • Mostly mobile [Picture of a • Process work [Picture of a • Tasks fictive but fictive but typical • Administration & typical • Support, problem person] information person] solving, service • Finance assistant, • Technicians, Store Marko secretary Stefan personnel © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  30. 30. Sometimes you need servicesoptimized for a certain situation © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  31. 31. Sometimes a virtual desktop willdo the trick © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  32. 32. How mobility can facilitateworkforce collaboration Support different • Support different platforms and devices workstyles Simplify work • Easy to use services which simplify work Connect people • Social interaction is the fuel for collaboration • Design service that are usable, useful and Service design desirable to users • Mobilization is just one aspect of the digital See the big picture workplace © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  33. 33. Approach it from the right end andrealize it’s about more than apps Enterprise Back-End IT Systems Mobile Business & Back-End Enablement Technology Consulting End-to-End Development Solution & Application Co-Innovation Multi-Platform Deployment Lifecycle Management Design © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  34. 34. 34 © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  35. 35. Some success factors • Across the enterprise and across all Governance components of the digital workplace • Always start with business and user needs Business-driven • Find the business case • Treat users as you would treat customers People-centered • Support people in their daily work • Eat the elephant one bite at a time Iterative & agile • Fail fast, fail often, fail cheap • Classify information and devices Security • Security is a people-problem - support them! © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  36. 36. Can’t find your way to the meetingroom? – We have an app for that!  © 2012 Tieto Corporation
  37. 37. © 2010 Tieto Corporation