Announcing the Tier 3 June Release


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In addition to the review of new features, Dave Burkhardt, GM of Professional Services from Tier 3 will present a short overview of our new Professional Services Organization.

New Features

Object Storage. A new type of storage offering is now available on the Tier 3 cloud. Use it for server backups, Microsoft Office files, website images, media files, and much more.

Billing User Role. The platform now supports a class of users who only have permission to view billing settings, browse invoices, and change billing details.
Other Enhancements

API supports un-suspending a user account. Suspend users and accounts, and un-suspend users and accounts programmatically via API.

Additional security for ZenDesk Voice. Users that request support from Tier 3 via ZenDesk Voice will now be prompted to configure a PIN, for additional identity protection.

Users can disable/enable sub-accounts from the Control Portal. In the last release, we added the ability for you to view all accounts, whether enabled or disabled. Now, in this release, you can now quickly change the status of an account to either disabled or enabled.

SAML Single Sign On supports "log out" capability. Users can use single sign-on via SAML to access the Tier 3 Control Portal. Users may now log out of the configured Identity Provider (IdP). Users can also be redirected to a designated website upon logout.

API supports date range filters range. Use our API to pull server changes completed in specific time windows. This enhancement will help you keep your Tier 3 servers in sync with your configuration management systems.

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  • Object Storage Why does it matter? New option for backups, public files, data storage. Billing Role Why does it matter? Give finance personnel access to Control without giving them Admin access API updates Why does it matter? Find out what ’s changed, suspend/unsuspend users Account management Why does it matter? Disable/enable accounts, SAML logout means easier account management and improved SSO security
  • In today ’s presentation we are going to cover the offerings listed on the left coloumn
  • Tier 3 ’s PSO has decades of experience deploying and managing multiple large scale Exchange environments for many leading enterprise organizations (e.g., WMG, Zumiez, Viacom, New Line Cinema, Carlson Companies, etc). Moreover, you can even say we wrote the book on Microsoft Exchange deployments since one of our staff member is a publish author on the topic
  •     Deliverables   Estimated Hours   Estimated Duration   Project Kickoff Meeting Review SoW Deliverables, timelines, and expectations Verify systems that will be analyzed Customer to provide an overview of the application(s) associated to said database systems Determine optimal time(s) to perform analysis of Customer ’s systems   1 Hour 1 Day Assessment of Customer ’s Database System Hosted on Tier 3 Configure performance analysis tools against Customer ’s database systems Begin analysis of Customer ’s database systems Identify potential bottlenecks and investigate opportunities for improvement   2 Hours 2 Days Recommendations Document findings and recommendations ascertained in the Assessment Deliverable Publish Assessment and Recommendations document to Customer   1 Hour 1 Day Review Recommendations Schedule a meeting with Customer to review Assessment and Recommendations document Determine next steps   1 Hour 1 Day Totals 5 Hours 3-4 Days to Complete Deliverables  
  • Announcing the Tier 3 June Release

    1. 1. May 2013 Platform Enhancements &Professional Services OverviewRichard SeroterSenior Product Managerrichard.seroter@tier3.comDave BurkhardtGM of Professional
    2. 2. Tier3.com2Housekeeping• Short presentation, followed by ademo of new capabilities– Additional presentation on Tier 3’s newProfessional Services Organization• Your phone lines have been muted– Please use the console to ask questions
    3. 3. Tier3.com3• 20 new features– Dozens of other enhancements• Object Storage• New user role: Billing• API updates• Account managementMay Release HighlightsRelease Notes:
    4. 4. Feature Walkthrough
    5. 5. Tier3.com5#1 – Billing Role
    6. 6. Tier3.com6#2 – Disable/enable accounts
    7. 7. Tier3.com7#3 – Object Storage
    8. 8. New Feature Demonstration
    9. 9. Tier3.com9Submit feature ideas!features@tier3.comQuestions? Comments?Richard
    10. 10. Tier 3 Professional Services Overview
    11. 11. Tier3.com11 confidentialProfessional Services• Platform Experts at Your Service– Senior network engineers and developers with deep cloud experience– Cross-platform experience designing, deploying, and managing website andbusiness apps• Accelerate Your Time to Market & Get It Right The First Time– Let our industry veterans assist you with getting edge on your competition, whilemaximizing ROI– Rapid turnaround of the most common projects (Cross Connect, VPN deployment,load balancing, migrations)• Flexible Service Offerings– Tailored engagements to meet your requirements
    12. 12. Tier3.com12Professional ServicesTier 3’s Professional Services Organization
    13. 13. Tier3.com13 confidential“Quick Start” On-boarding Services Staff Augmentation/SMEBlueprint Development Services Data Center MigrationsExchange/AD Migration Services Custom OpenVPNMicrosoft Lync Deployment andVoIP/SIP IntegrationDisaster Recovery TestingCross Connect Provisioning –Standard & Advanced ServicesVM Export/Import ServicesOptimization Services Private Cloud DeploymentsCloud Strategy Assessment &Transformation ServicesCustom ReportingPS Offerings
    14. 14. Tier3.com14Quick Start On-Boarding ServicesSummary:•PSO collaborates with your organization during the first few weeks of yourdeployment•We help empower your staff with new skills and confidence so your cloudstrategy is setup for successIncludes:•Named technical contact•Detailed Overview of Tier 3’s Control Portal•Facilitate site to site VPN setup•Facilitate building of first servers (up to 4)•Create User IDs for staff•Review of most common best practices•Assist in managed services deployment/configuration•Recommendations for maximizing ROI
    15. 15. Tier3.com15Blueprint Development ServicesSummary:•Services to help customers gain significant efficiencies from Tier 3scloud orchestration engine(“Blueprints”)•Ensures that custom apps and pre-packaged software are deployedto their ideal settingsIncludes:•Requirements gathering•Documentation recommendations, and associated review cycles•Blueprints development and testing•Training for support staff
    16. 16. Tier3.com16Exchange/AD Migration ServicesSummary:•Assistance with every step of a Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013migration/deployment•Our proven documented services methodologies enable predictable andseamless deploymentsIncludes:•Requirements gathering•Design and configuration recommendations•Testing and migration plans•Technical project management•Dedicated Exchange engineer(s) to provision a customer’s Exchangeenvironment from end-to-end, and then assist any testing and migration servicesthat would be required.•Operational runbook creation•Training for support staff
    17. 17. Tier3.com17Microsoft Lync Deployment and VoIP/SIP IntegrationSummaryMerge all aspects of Lyncs communications services (e.g., IM, VoIP/SIPintegration, video/audio conferencing) into a seamless infrastructure.Includes:•Assessment of requirements & goals•Document design and configuration recommendations for Lync•Dedicated Lync engineer(s) to provision the Lync environment; assistance withSIP integration, as well as testing and migration services that would be required•Creation of operational runbook•Training for support staffMicrosoft Lync Highlights•Enterprise Voice•Instant Messaging & Presence•Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing•Group Chat
    18. 18. Tier3.com18Cross Connect ProvisioningSummary•Assist with provisioning intra-data center cross connects (XCs) for fast, low-latency secure connections•Standard and Advanced for planning, designing, implementing, and testingStandard:•Verify cross connect connectivity options•Process Letter of Authorization (LOA)•Organize turn-up call & related logistics•1 hour to test and turn-up circuitAdvanced:•Assist with the Intra Data Center Cross Connect Questionnaire•Manage any 3rd party vendors•Design & document cross connect configurations•Setup a test environment•Assist with extended turn-up calls•Provide recommendations/guidance on routing configurations (e.g., BGP,OSPF)•Deploy and test HA failover from XC to potential point-to-point VPN circuit
    19. 19. Tier3.com19Optimization ServicesSummary•Our team works with your business and your application users tomaximize the performance and ROI of systems hosted on Tier 3•Diverse team of Windows, SQL, IIS, SharePoint, Exchange, Linux,Apache, MySQL, storage, and network engineering expertsIncludes:•Determine goals/success criteria•Analysis of application functions and interdependencies•Identify potential bottlenecks and investigate opportunities forimprovement•Document findings and recommendations•Review Assessment and Recommendations documents with Customer•Training for support staff
    20. 20. Tier3.com20Cloud Strategy Assessment & Transformation ServicesSummaryThe PSO assists your organization with overcoming the barriers toadopting virtualization and cloud servicesIncludes:•Cloud Potentials Workshop•Cloud Assessment Workshop•Recommendations•Architecture and Design•Deployment and Operationalize
    21. 21. Tier3.com21 confidential“Quick Start” On-boarding Services Staff Augmentation/SMEBlueprint Development Services Data Center MigrationsExchange/AD Migration Services Custom OpenVPNMicrosoft Lync Deployment andVoIP/SIP IntegrationDisaster Recovery TestingCross Connect Provisioning –Standard & Advanced ServicesVM Export/Import ServicesOptimization Services Private Cloud DeploymentsCloud Strategy Assessment &Transformation ServicesCustom ReportingRecap of PS Offerings
    22. 22. Tier3.com22We’re here to accelerate your cloudstrategy! Comments?Dave