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5 Best Practices to Advance Your Cloud Strategy


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5 Best Practices to Advance Your Cloud Strategy

  1. 1. 5 Best Practices to Advance Your Cloud Strategy Richard Seroter Senior Product Manager @rseroter
  2. 2. Tier3.com2 confidential • Today’s webcast will last a total of 45 minutes – 5 Best Practices Presentation – Brief Tier 3 Introduction & Product Tour • Your lines have been muted – Please ask questions using the WebEx console – You may experience better call quality via phone audio, compared to web audio Agenda
  3. 3. Tier3.com3 confidential Today’s Speaker Richard Seroter is a product manager for Tier 3, a Microsoft MVP, blogger, author, trainer and frequent public speaker. He has deep experience and expertise planning and implementing enterprise IT strategies.
  4. 4. Introducing Tier 3 Infrastructure as a Service Scalable Elastic Pay As You Go VMware vSphere 5 Platform as a Service Web Fabric, built on Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry Core Compatible Advanced Management Server Administration Orchestration Monitoring & Scheduling Back Office Support API Managed Services Professional Services
  5. 5. Backed by Leading VCs Backed by Leading VCs; $18.5M from Intel Capital, Ignition & Madrona Cloud Innovator Founded in 2006 with secure multi-tenant cloud as vision; HQ in Bellevue, WA. Growing Footprint 9 nodes across the US, Canada, UK and mainland Europe Proven Results 100+ enterprises trust the Tier 3 enterprise cloud platform for their business Powered by 9 Data Centers Around the Globe
  6. 6. Tier3.com6 confidential The “cloud computing” train has left the station. It’s not “if” but “when.”
  7. 7. Tier3.com7 confidential However, cloud computing is different from how Enterprise IT typically operates.
  8. 8. Tier3.com8 confidential There are three choices for how to approach this new paradigm.
  9. 9. Tier3.com9 confidential Option #1 – Go all in and plan for an entire IT/business transformation.
  10. 10. Tier3.com10 confidential Option #2 – Ignore the cloud and wait to see how the market changes.
  11. 11. Tier3.com11 confidential Option #3 – Sample the cloud and look to satisfy strategic needs.
  12. 12. Five Best Practices
  13. 13. #1 – Form a “tiger team” to achieve quick wins and pursue IT-as-a-Service.
  14. 14. Business Analyst Business Analyst DeveloperDeveloper Executive Sponsors Executive Sponsors Executive Sponsor Executive Sponsor Team LeadTeam Lead Business Analyst Business Analyst Application Architect Application Architect Network Engineer Network Engineer DeveloperDeveloper Security Architect Security Architect Tiger Team Structure
  15. 15. #2 – Find the *right* cloud provider for your organization.
  16. 16. Security Compliance Performance High Availability Strong SLAs DR Plans Global Footprint Management App Services Support Pricing Prof. Services Provider Considerations
  17. 17. #3 – Find, partner with, learn from, and collaborate with shadow IT.
  18. 18. Line of business applications Productivity solutions Data storage, sharing, and analysis
  19. 19. #4 – Learn and enable best practices in the cloud.
  20. 20. Tier3.com20 confidential Cloud Application Best Practices Automate everything Design differently Use best fitting services Security everywhere
  21. 21. #5 – Carefully assess which applications to migrate.
  22. 22. Recap #1 Form a “tiger team” #2 Find the *right* cloud provider #3 Work with shadow IT #4 Learn and enable best practices #5 Carefully plan migration
  23. 23. Product Tour
  24. 24. Tier3.com24 confidential Common Scenarios Business Applications Development ISV to SaaS Resellers
  25. 25. Tier3.com25 confidential Powerful, Intuitive Dashboards
  26. 26. Tier3.com26 confidential Build Custom Servers
  27. 27. Tier3.com27 confidential Organize Servers in Groups
  28. 28. Tier3.com28 confidential “Blueprints”
  29. 29. Tier3.com29 confidential Firewalls
  30. 30. Tier3.com30 confidential Scheduling
  31. 31. Tier3.com31 confidential Monitoring
  32. 32. For Attending Today’s Webcast, You Automatically Receive a 30 Day Free Trial of Tier 3’s Cloud Services We Will Be in Touch on Next Steps. Or Call Us: 877.388.4373 x891
  33. 33. Thank You…Questions? @rseroter @tier3