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Google Changing the World... Again


Published on - Google’s “Search, plus Your World” integrates your social shares (on Google+), and those in your network, within search results. Google’s goal is not only to improve search by better understanding content, but also people and relationships. [...]

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Google Changing the World... Again

  1. 1.  Google Changing the World... Again 18, 2012By Joseph OleshThe single biggest development regarding Googles latest update is the exclusion of Facebook andTwitter from search results. "Search, plus Your World" integrates your social shares (on Google+), andthose in your network, within search results. Googles goal is not only to improve search by betterunderstanding content, but also people and relationships.On January 10th, Google rolled out three new features to help define Social Search: • Personal Results: This will enable Search to bring you personalized, unique results. Photos and posts shared with you will appear in your results page and only you will be able to see them. • Profiles in Search: Youll be directed, in auto-complete and results, towards people you are connected to or might be interested in following. • People and Pages: This will help you find people profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest. The goal here is building a community around Search.  
  2. 2. If you have a hunch that Googles moves mark a paradigm shift in the way we do business online, you arespot-on. Google+ has a tremendous upside for any businesses that recognize its potential and invest theproper amount of time in learning how to use it. Much of what youll hear regarding "Social Search" willhave round tones about people and community. But, rest assured, marketing is at its core and theimplications for those that can understand how the new platform works and ways to optimize it are huge.A few tips and observations on Search, plus Your World:1. More is BetterThe adage that came with Facebook Business Pages was, "Were more interested in quality followers."That doesnt exactly apply with Google+. More is better for the fact that each additional contact opens upa network of users that might now see your shared links in their search results.2. Page One is ShorterWith the addition of "Your Search," the competition has heightened on Page One. Personal results nowtake 4-6 of the 10 results on that first page. So if youre considering whether or not to take this latest update from Google seriously, Id recommend that you do.3. Search is All-The-More Dynamic"Search, plus Your World" slams social into search. With this, the algorithm defining which results placehighest is in constant flux. These results will now include photos from you and your friends, Google+content from your Circles, and profiles of people on the Google+ network.4. Get on Google+, ASAPStart building your circles and seek out influencers. As youd expect, the search functionality within G+ isquite potent. Fill your circles with people and businesses of like interests. If you are a Twitter user, deploythe same tactics you would use to attract followers.5. Use SEO Best-Practices in Google+Your posts now will index at a high rate of efficiency, the link/picture you are sharing and the statusupdate you use to deploy it. Careful use of keywords important to your brand can make the most of thisopportunity. Remember though, this is SOCIAL; dont be a bull in a China cabinet! If you come off "sales-y", youll do your brand more harm than good.6. Relevance now Based on the Quality of Your ContentGoogle integrating "+" with Search is yet another movement in the industry that reinforces the supremepower of content: what you post, what is shared in that post, and its relevance to your product/service andyour customers. My best advice per strategy is post all content you wish to gain traction using smartkeywords, but in a conversational, "social," tone. When posting pictures, use the caption field to addcontext and relevance to the image. Youll want to apply the same level of detail to your "About" section.Those fields link directly to search queries; use them wisely so that your customers can find you.7. Google+ is GrowingLets compare Facebook and Google. With Facebook, you have It is the single largestplatform of its kind, but it is confined to its own space (even with the Social Graph.) With Google, youhave YouTube, Gmail, Motorola, Voice, Maps, Blogger, Android, and the list goes on and on. Per agrowth potential, that would position any social network for success. Factor in that this is Google, and theodds of G+ reaching critical mass are very high. Google is looking to assemble this magazine of webproducts into one Google social super-product.Watch Rand Fishkin, one of the best in the SEO business, of SEOmoz break down Googles latestmoves: