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Cloudforce 2011 New York to Demonstrate the Next Wave of Social Enterprise


Published on -- Tier10 Marketing is sending Creative Director Scott Rodgers and Emerging Media Director Joseph Olesh to New York City to attend Cloudforce 2011, a Social Enterprise Industry Event hosted by With host Marc Benioff and special guests from Google, [...]

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Cloudforce 2011 New York to Demonstrate the Next Wave of Social Enterprise

  1. 1.    Cloudforce 2011 New York to Demonstrate the NextWave of Social Enterprise  November 29, 2011By Elizabeth FreyTier10 Marketing is sending Creative Director Scott Rodgers (Follow on Twitter @Scotty703) andEmerging Media Director Joseph Olesh (Follow on Twitter @josepholesh) to New York City to attendCloudforce 2011, a Social Enterprise Industry Event hosted by With host Marc Benioffand special guests from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Accenture, and Burberry, attendees will have theopportunity to learn about the Social Enterprise and how it will affect the way they communicate andinteract with their customers and employees.Participants will convene at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York at 10am for a specialKeynote with Marc Benioff and special guests, and later attend several specialized breakout sessionsthroughout the day that will demonstrate how leading companies have utilized social media to becomeSocial Enterprises and show attendees how to incorporate those lessons in their own businesses.Cloudforce presents a variety of opportunities: to learn from industry leaders and experts, stay up to dateon marketing techniques, to learn better ways to communicate and engage with customers to improvecustomer experience, and to learn more efficient ways to communicate with employees in order toimprove productivity. Attendees also have the chance to test drive a number of applications in the CloudExpo, and can meet with other business owners like themselves to share tips and tricks. Ultimately, it willshow businesses how they can tap into the Social Revolution.  
  2. 2. A key theme of the event is the Social Enterprise, which provides solutions for companies using newsocial Web interactions. It’s more than just using Facebook and Twitter to respond to customers—SocialEnterprise goes beyond using basic contact information, and uses a customer social profile to givebusinesses a better idea about who their customers are so they can engage with them in more targetedand meaningful ways.Conventions like Cloudforce bring together developers and businesses, and act as a crossroads for ideasand strategies to be formed, shared and developed. By learning from each other and from experts,companies can push their industries towards better, more efficient practices to engage with employeesand customers. Cloudforce gives companies a chance to learn from experts, and also a chance to learnfrom peers. In one on one conversations, attendees have the chance to learn about which processes andtechniques work the best for them and why. Ultimately, it should be an exciting and informativeenvironment to learn more about Social Enterprise.Last summer, four Tier10 Marketing team members had the opportunity to attend another conventionhosted by—Dreamforce 2011 in LA—where they learned about a number of cloudcomputing applications and services that integrate with Salesforce. Cloudforce should be just asinformative, and we look forward to the lessons the event has to offer. To read about Dreamforce, be sureto check out Senior Web Designer Tommy Welti’s Top 6 Highlights of Dreamforce 2011.http://www.Tier10Lab.com