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Dealers Use Hollywood Premiere to Improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction


Published on -- Car dealers are participating in the premiere of a major Hollywood film in an effort to improve their customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Dealers in New York City and Los Angeles are hosting the premiere for the award-winning film [...]

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Dealers Use Hollywood Premiere to Improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction

  1. 1.    Dealers Use Hollywood Premiere to Improve Customerand Employee Satisfaction 16, 2011By Luisana SuegartCar dealers are participating in the premiere of a major Hollywood film in an effort to improve theircustomer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Dealers in New York City and Los Angeles are hostingthe premiere for the award-winning film, The Might Macs, a major motion picture that was executiveproduced by Sean Wolfington. Wolfington and David Boice are the owners of,the company that works with the New York Acura Association, host of the New York City premiere, andCelebrity Honda, host of the Los Angeles premiere, and came up with the idea to work with the dealers touse the premiere to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience to reward their employees and customers.The New York Acura Association and Celebrity Honda are hosting premieres that will be attended by thefilmmakers and cast, and followed by a Q&A session and VIP after parties. In addition to inviting localleaders, the press and industry executives, the dealers are extending an invitation to employees andcustomers to watch this inspirational story that awards viewers with positive messages about workingtogether to achieve great things. The New York City and Los Angeles premieres will take place on th thWednesday, October 19 , and Thursday, October 20 , respectively, giving guests access to the film stbefore it premieres nationwide on Friday, October 21 .  
  2. 2. After setting up these premieres for their dealers, Tier10 decided to offer this unique dealer-sponsoredpre-release premiere to all dealers, and set up a self-serve website at www.FilmPremiereEvent.comwhere dealers across the country can get access to the tools they need to host their own premiere as anemployee and customer appreciation event.“We thought this would be a great idea for dealers to show how much they care about their employeesand also their customers, by creating a great night out for them and their families with an inspirational filmthat can make a positive impact on their local community and the culture,” said Wolfington.“This is a way for the film to benefit from pre-release word of mouth, and also for the dealership to benefitby doing something unique and special for their customers, so we wanted to make it easy to do that,” saidBoice.Dealers who want to participate can visit, where they can access a step-by-step premiere action plan with tools that make it easy for dealers to invite their employees and customersto participate in the event, including an email message that can be quickly customized and sent to thedealer’s customer database. The plan also offers best practices for producing a successful event, such asappointing a representative from the dealership to be at the theatre to greet customers and direct them tothe premiere.The price tag is cheap for the dealer, who can host the premiere for as low as $1,500 and with as littletime it takes to send an email to employees and customers in their database. Just today a dealer in Miamidecided to host a premiere, and all they had to do was send an email to their customers and databaseover the weekend, contact the 800-number on the website to book a theater close to them, and send outan email that’s provided on the website for customers and employees, all of which they will do over theweekend.Dealers are hosting the premiere for The Mighty Macs, a film based on the incredible true story of the1971-72 Immaculata College team that started in obscurity but became the original Cinderella story inwomen’s basketball. This newly founded team of pioneers went from barely making that inauguraltournament to the first dynasty in their game. And Cathy Rush, the woman that changed the game for thebetter, became immortalized when she was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famelast year. To watch the official trailer, please visit the movies official website: have been entertaining customers for a long time, from the days where they would announce abrand new car. These days, they are using inspirational films to touch the hearts and the minds of theircustomers and employees, not only to build their brand, but also to make a positive impact on the lives ofthe people they serve.Our hats come off to the entrepreneurs in the business who are always looking for innovative ways toconnect and serve their customers better. We will write another article with photos after these premieresto see the outcome, as most participating dealers have not had a lot of time to prepare, although most ofthe process seems ready to go and ready to implement.As you read this article, you may be thinking, “That’s a good idea, can I do it, too?” Based on what I’vewitnessed, it’s pretty easy: visit the website, book the theater, send the email to your customers andemployees, and enjoy a film that celebrates the fact that when you work together anything is possible.Extra: The teams story was made into a segment on ESPN, where the real-life Immaculata womensbasketball team retold the story: