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2012 Honda Civic Video Press Kit


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2012 Honda Civic Video Press Kit

  1. 1. 2012 Honda Civic Video Launch Campaign Campaign Overview Honda Civic “Heritage” Viral Video Press Release Audience-Specific Story Leads Band & Agency Biographies “Tell Your Story” Facebook Contest Social Media Posts/Tags June 2011 Washington D.C. | Tier10 Marketing
  2. 2. OVERVIEW2012 Honda Civic Viral Video CampaignVideo: http://www.2012hondacivicinfo.comYouTube: launch of the 2012 Generation 9 Honda Civic is the largest and the most important new vehicle launch in thehistory of American Honda. Tier10 Marketing has developed an integrated video marketing campaign for the launchto include: A high-definition video weaving the first eight generations of the Honda Civic with a cross-section of Honda Civic owners of varying ages and nationalities. An interactive Facebook contest designed to drive user interaction. Relevant SEO and SEM strategies to guide and control the “virality” of given campaign.The goal of the campaign is multi-faceted. Brands need “Likes” on their Facebook pages for them to be effectiveand relevant. Studies have shown video to be the leading piece of content that attracts and engages users in a socialmedia environment. This campaign leverages the power of online video to build views and aggregate page “Likes.”Brands also need to be human. In this era of high-technology, even brands as ubiquitous as the Honda Civic needto do all that is possible to reinforce that they are relatable and accessible. Invoking emotion and pathos into videocontent is not a new idea; bringing it to the masses in a scalable, viral campaign is. This video was authored withthese attributes in mind, making the “message” just subjective enough for it to be appropriate for a multitude ofvarious audiences.The 2012 Honda Civic Viral Video Campaign integrates social media in a real, scalable way, promoting content thathas mass appeal and a high-viral potential.The following packet includes an overview of the video, potential story leads, biographies of the creators, “Tell YourStory” contest overview, and social media pre-loaded post and tag lists.For more information, contact Joseph Olesh – – Emerging Media Director at Tier10Marketing.
  3. 3. For Imediate Release June 24, 2011 1366 Dulles Technology Dr, Suite 320 Herndon, VA 20171 Contact: Joseph OleshPRESS RELEASE2012 Honda Civic “Heritage” Viral Video CampaignVideo: http://www.2012hondacivicinfo.comYouTube: recognition of Honda’s 9th Generation Civic, Tier10 Marketing has developed a “Heritage” video aimed to createa visual experience that best represents the theme: “One Car. A Million Stories.” Designed to compliment Honda’scurrent Civic launch campaign, the video provides Tier10 clients (Paragon Honda, Herb Chambers Honda, ScottRobinson Honda, and Penske Honda, to name a few) with a viral video to inspire traffic, both on and offline.The Honda Civic has gained notoriety because of its widespread demographic appeal and longevity. Tier10 celebratesthis 9th Generation release by creating an integrated viral video campaign that explores the evolution of the Civic.Tier10 Marketing’s Creative Director Scott Rodgers explains, “Personifying the Civic by instilling emotion was objectiveone. Bringing in a human element accomplishes two things: (i.) it promotes a generational feel and (ii.) connectsthe Civic with it’s far-reaching fan-base. Capturing the Civic’s evolution in correlation with the various Civic-ownersfeatured in the video was key in attaining the correct tone.”The video incorporates vintage commercial footage of the 1978 Honda Civic to present-day models. An editcomposed of new and old Civics, with a progressive pace, allows for 20+ years of the Honda Civic to be showcased injust under 2 minutes.Shot on a Canon 7D, the video taps into a technology being utilized by the likes of The Jay Leno Show, House, andSaturday Night Live. The choice to use DSLR technology was deliberate, speaking to the Civic’s universal, grass-roots appeal. DSLR cameras, like Canon’s 7D and Nikon’s D3s, have brought high quality video to the masses at anaffordable price.A collaboration with Grammy award-winning Dirty Vegas brought an important emotional element. The videofeatures the song, “Today,” a progressive pop composition. There’s a delicate bass beat that builds throughout,ultimately helping the story come through. The song lends a sense of nostalgia, a key element needed for the tone ofthis short video.The video’s Director/Editor Joseph Olesh adds, “The video should leave the viewer wanting to see more. Myexperience producing this video has made me a big fan of the Civic. My hope for the video is one that inspiresviewers to investigate the Civic’s proud history and even take a test drive of their own.”Honda Civic customers span the spectrum of automotive drivers. They are high school graduates and collegestudents, families with young children, schoolteachers, and environmentalists. The video pays homage to these Civicowners, young and old. See for more information.About Tier10 MarketingTier10 Marketing delivers a holistic marketing system that integrates 10 tiers of marketing under a well-definedcampaign strategy. We provide marketing services for many of the leading Honda and Acura Dealers & DealerAssociations in the nation, and have received national recognition from as one of the “Top TenCompanies to Watch in 2010.” The team has created and implemented marketing strategies for 12 manufacturers, 76of the top 100 dealer groups and over 4,000 dealerships in 18 countries. We are pleased to have the opportunity tohelp your dealership market the Generation9 Honda Civic.
  4. 4. BLOG2012 Honda Civic Viral Video CampaignAudience-Specific Story Leads2012 HONDA CIVIC – TECH/DSLR FILMMAKERSThe “Generations” video was shot on a Canon 7D at 24p. The 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Standard Zoom Lens provided foran excellent depth of field when appropriate. Shooting at Magic Hour, about one hour before sunset, created the richcolor temperature seen throughout the various vignettes.Utilizing this technology satisfied creative expectations, while maintaining a feasible buget. Two pieces of fieldproduction equipment were used: Manfrotto’s 501HDV Pro Fluid Video Head atop the 685B NEOTEC Monopod. Theedit workflow is relatively simple as well. Import video files directly to your computer’s hard drive, convert the nativeH.264 codec to a more appropriate non-linear editing codec like ProRes 422, and proceed with edit. This leaves outexpensive post-production bays, complicated capture processes and the like.The video’s Director/Editor, as well as Tier10’s Emerging Media Director exclaims,“I have shot art films to corporatedocumentaries with this camera. It’s versatility makes it an easy choice and the picture quality is at a level I have yetto be dissappointed with. The Civic design yeilds excellent lines that photograph very well; having a camera to easilycapture these contours on the fly made this shoot very enjoyable.”2012 HONDA CIVIC – GREEN MOVEMENTThe 2012 Honda Civic is a testament to modern fuel-efficiency. The 9th Generation line-up includes a “Hybrid” modelthat has an EPA estimated 44 miles per gallon on the highway, making it a very popular choice for environmental-enthusiasts worldwide.The use of the natural landscape as a visual metaphor in the “Generations” video was a deliberate decision by Tier10Marketing. Led by Creative Director Scott Rodgers and produced by Emerging Media Director Joseph Olesh, a videocapturing the Civic moving through green, vibrant settings was one way to subtly remind the viewer of its fuel-efficient technology.The campaign promoting the video also sought a “green” workflow. Distribution, via social and email integratedprocesses, will be 100% paperless.Honda’s inspired efforts to create vehicles that can be carried through generations acted as catalyst for this particularcampaign; Tier10 hopes this same model will be applied across all industries going forward. Digital marketing hasbecome a niche term, though few have broken it down to scalable processes that save materials and energy. Tier10 isconfident that this campaign will set a precedent for all social and digital campaigns to come.2012 HONDA CIVIC – HONDA CIVIC OWNERSHonda Civic owners are everywhere. If you go through your past and present friends and family, it’s almostguaranteed you can identify at least one Civic owner. It makes sense that the degrees of separation for Civic ownersdon’t span too far, as it’s been a leading reliable mid-size sedan option for the better part of three decades.A video paying tribute to the Civic that highlights not only the launch of the 2012 Honda Civic, but looks back at thepride and tradition that exists amongst Civic owners young and old. This viral video speaks to the point that, just likea reliable family member, the Civic has become a fixture in families’ daily lives.The human-focused vignettes within the video create movement through the piece and help personify the Civic. TheCivic-owners’ demographics vary, but all lend a similair aesthetic: Satisfied Customer.
  5. 5. BIOGRAPHIES2012 Honda Civic Viral Video CampaignBand & Agency BiographiesDIRTY VEGAS A Grammy Award-winning British house music trio made up of Ben Harris and Paul Harris (no relation)on instruments and production and Steve Smith on vocals. The group formed in 2001, then broke up in 2005 beforereforming in December 2008 to record new material.They are best known for their international hit single “Days Go By”, which gained mainstream popularity in a 2003Mitsubishi Eclipse television commercial, and for remixing songs created by other artists.“We’ve always wanted to do a lot of different styles, whether it’s a commercial pop hit or an eight-minuteexperimental dance track,” he continues. ”And electronic music is where you can do it all. We’re just always excitedto try different things. There are club tracks, there are indie rock tracks, and there’s everything that we’re into andeverything we wanted to write about. With this new record, we were not on anyone’s watch, so we could just do whatwe wanted to do!”SCOTT RODGERS Tier10 Marketing Executive Creative Director, PartnerScott Rodgers is one of very few, if any, Automotive Advertising Creative Directors who are born into the carbusiness. Scott Rodgers grew up in his father’s dealerships providing him with an automotive foundation anddepth of knowledge that few creative directors have.. Scott began his automotive career selling cars in the familydealership. He learned the basics of sales and the foundation of direct customer interaction in sales. His educationwas enhanced by also seeing the business from the perspective of an owner or general manager. Scott learned aboutthe interactivity of all departments and the importance of profitability.While perfecting his style and craft at his father’s stores, Scott’s work caught the eye of many top dealers. Withnumerous offers and a desire to branch out on his own, Scott began his “solo” career as the Creative Director of TheKoons Automotive Companies, which is based in Northern Virginia. It was here that he teamed up with Scott Fletcherfor the first time. A self-taught student of design, Rodgers has the “it” factor, a gift for creative and design that justcan’t be taught.Rodgers’ quality of work, passion for design, and pursuit of perfection has vaulted him into rare air when it comesto the merging creative design and automotive advertising. We believe his work speaks for itself. He continuesto develop and design some of the industry’s leading social and digital campaigns blending the integration oftechnology and design.JOSEPH OLESH Tier10 Marketing Emerging Media DirectorDirector/Cinematographer/Editor Joseph Olesh is an award-winning filmmaker and video creative director. Hecurrently leads online video and social media efforts for Tier10 Marketing. His client list includes Deutsche Bank,Honda, Mercedes-Benz, New York Fashion Week and the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. A tenured film/video/television producer, Joseph’s online portfolio has amassed over one million views, collectively. His independentwork -- ranging from national commercials, art films, documentary shorts, and music videos -- has been recognizedby international film festivals, the Open Internet Coalition, and was featured in 50Interviews’ latest book, “VideoMarketing Pioneers.” Follow Joseph on Twitter @josepholesh.
  6. 6. CONTEST “Tell Your Story”2012 Honda Civic Viral Video CampaignFacebook-Based, User-Generated Storytelling CompetitionIn celebration of the 2012 Ninth Generation Civic release, we’ve design a contest to reward Civic owners with a storyto tell.The premise is simple:1. Tell your story as a comment on “The New 2012 Civic” Wall.2. Alert friends of your post and have them “Like” it.3. The “Likes” count as votes for each story. The greatest number of votes, per month, win a 16GB iPod Touch.4. Email with your contact information -- name, phone number, mailing address, and date of birth -- to confirm your entry.We’re looking for an original Civic-inspired story. Whether it was your first car or a memorable road trip, share all thedetails you wish. There is a character limit for Wall Posts, so overflow into the first Comment field if you need moreroom. We’ll take the combination of “Likes” between the two fields.The Civic’s USB Audio Interface and MP3/auxiliary input jack provided inspiration for the iPod Touch. The contesthopes to reward Civic owners with a new way to enjoy their music in their new rides!Liking “The New 2012 Civic” on Facebook will keep you posted on all the news and highlights throughout thecontest’s duration.The first prize will be announced August 1, 2011. Winners will be announced the first of each month thereafter at official contest rules, see the CONTEST Tab at
  7. 7. SOCIALPertinent Twitter Tags USER TAG Tier10 Marketing @Tier10Marketing Honda @Honda Honda Civic Tour @HondaCivicTour Scott Rodgers @scotty703 Joseph Olesh @josepholesh Dirty Vegas @DirtyVegas3 Paul Harris @paulharrisdj Canon 7D @Canon7D Canon @Canon_Camera YouTube @YouTubePertinent Hyperlinks Name URL Video Web YouTube Facebook Twitter Press Release
  8. 8. SOCIALPertinent Twitter Tags and Hashtags (Con’t) FACEBOOK TWITTER Canon 7D the camera of choice for 2012 @Canon 7D the camera of choice for 2012 Honda Civic Launch Video @Honda Civic Launch Video #DSLR #WebVideo Vintage Honda commercials from 1978, 1982 Vintage @Honda commercials from 1978, 1982 captured in this launch video. captured in this launch #video. #WebVideo Tier10 Marketing ECD Scott Rodgers: “We @Tier10Marketing ECD @scotty703: “We wanted to create a video family portrait... with wanted to create a #video family portrait... a Civic. Something that could move people.” with a Civic. Something that could move people.” Grammy-winning musicians Dirty Vegas set #Grammy-winning musicians Dirty Vegas set the sounds to 2012 Civic Launch Video. Dirty the sounds to 2012 Civic Launch Video. Cc: Vegas rose to prominance in 2006 with “Days @Tier10Marketing @DirtyVegas3 http://bit. Go By,” made famous in a popular Mitsubishi ly/2012hondacivicvideo commercial. Music plays a key role in web video marketing. Music plays key role in #WebVideo marketing. Note the song “Today” by Dirty Vegas in Note @DirtyVegas3’s song “Today” in this 2012 this 2012 Honda Civic Launch Video from Honda Civic Launch Video via Washington DC firm Tier10 Marketing. @Tier10Marketing http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo Video Director Joseph Olesh:“The video Director @josepholesh on @Honda Civic should leave the viewer wanting to see more ... Video: “(It) should leave the viewer wanting to and take a test drive of their own.” see more ... and take a test drive of their own.” Dance music makes way into mainstream with Dance #music makes way into mainstream this Dirty Vegas track, “Today” featured in the with this @DirtyVegas3 track, “Today” featured 2012 Honda Civic Launch Video. in the 2012 @Honda Civic Launch #Video Honda Civic joins House, Saturday Night LIve, @Honda Civic joins House, @nbcsnl, Jay Leno Show and others utilizing the Canon @JayLeno Show and others utilizing 7D for production. the Canon 7D for production. http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo The 2012 Honda Civic is a testiment to quality The 2012 @Honda Civic is a testiment fuel-efficiency. to quality #FuelEfficiency. http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo Honda Civic owners showcased in new Civic @Honda Civic owners showcased in new Civic Launch Video, past and present Launch Video, past and present #Canon7D Tier10 Marketing produces short film @Tier10Marketing produces short celebrating Honda Civic’s 9th Generation. film celebrating #Honda Civic’s 9th Generation #Video #DSLR http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo 2012 Honda Civic “Heritage” Video Campaign 2012 @Honda Civic “Heritage” #Video Speaks with emotion thanks to soundtrack by Campaign speaks w/ emotion thanks to Dirty Vegas soundtrack by @DirtyVegas3 #Music http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo
  9. 9. New video from Tier10 Marketing speaks to New video from @Tier10MarketingCivic’s “generational” appeal speaks to Civic’s “generational” appeal #Honda #toeachtheirown http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo20 Years of the Honda Civic in 90 Seconds 20 Years of the @Honda Civic in 90 Sec- onds @YouTube #Video #DSLR http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideoA “video” family portrait with your Honda A #video family portrait with your HondaCivic, celebrating 9th generation Civic, celebrating 9th generation with the @Canon7D #DSLR http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideoThe 2012 Honda Civic becoming a favorite for The 2012 @Honda Civic becoming a favoriteenvironmentalists worldwide. for environmentalists worldwide. #EnvLaw #Green Honda Civic Video, independantly New @Honda Civic Video, independantlyproduced and distributed, is yet another produced and distributed, is yet anotherexample why Net Neutrality is an issue to be example why #NetNeutrality is andefended. issue to be defended. #OIC http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideoOpen Internet Coalition award-winner Joseph Open Internet Coalition (@theopeninternet)Olesh produces Honda Civic Launch Video for award-winner @JosephOlesh producesTier10 Marketing @Honda Civic Launch Video for @ Tier10Marketing #NetNeutrality http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo“One Car. One Million Stories” Win an iPod “One Car. One Million Stories” Win anTouch with your Honda Civic story. See contest @iPodTouch with your Honda Civic story. Seedetails in link below! contest details in link below! #Contest http:// Civic: A car for ALL people!!! @Honda Civic: A car for ALL people #Video #DSLR #toeachtheirown http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideoTier10Marketing teams up with Indie filmmaker @Tier10Marketing teams up with IndieJoseph Olesh and band Dirty Vegas for 2012 filmmaker @josepholesh and bandHonda Civic Launch Video @DirtyVegas3 for 2012 @Honda Civic Launch #Video the Honda Civic’s evolution over the Follow the @Honda Civic’s evolution overyears. See if your Civic is included!! the years. See if your Civic is included!! #WebVideo Honda Civic “Heritage” Video, capturing 2012 @Honda Civic “Heritage” VideoCivic-owners young and old. #Exclusive #WebVideo #DSLR http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo9th Generation Honda Civic celebrated with 9th Generation @Honda Civic celebratedshort film featuring families and their pets! with short film #Video #DSLR http://bit. ly/2012hondacivicvideo