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Time for BOLD actions


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preventing SLUMS tomorrow

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Time for BOLD actions

  1. 1. 4.5 Time for Bold Action: Scaling up Improvements Today, Preventing Slums Tomorrow. State of the World’s Cities Report 2006/7 By Yu Tieng Wei (155498)
  2. 2. What kind of Bold Actions? • “cities without slums” • Long term planning – driven by patient, consistent policies and leadership. • Target 11 & Millennium Development Goals . • Transparency and accountability – poverty reduction – increased budgetary commitments. • “Sustainable cities” – basic infrastructure, service, shelter provision – available & affordable. • Indonesia’s Kampong Improvement Programme
  3. 3. Targets? Housing Infrastructure Services Health Educational Goals? Benchmark targets against the Goals Established consultations, discussions, explanation, sharing of experiences and best practices Ensure Targets are bold enough to deal with shortfalls
  4. 4. How to achieve the Target & Goals? • Global Level – National Urban Development Policy • National Level : – Municipal authorities / government – City and community (stakeholders) • Invest / Improve / Regularizing one sector – upgrade slums’ living quality & conditions – ensure prevention. • Resources need to be enhanced, prioritized, restructured. • Improve + harnessed political will, accountability and institutional capacity (financial instruments + capital markets). • Slum Upgrading Facility (SUF) – attract multiple forms of financing – Risk reduction and sharing – Mobilize domestic capital