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Soalan latihan Didik

  1. 1. (BIL 649) 10 - 16 September 2007 SCIENCE 3 BH PILIH D9 10 emel Animals and PlantsBy M Khalimi Dalhan1 Which of the following is not a basic need of animals? Which of the following plants reproduce the same way as the 8 A yam plant’s leaves have a layer of wax. What is the layer of A Air C Water fern? wax for? B Food D Sunlight A Moss C Rubber tree A It prevents water from evaporating B Cactus D Hibiscus plant B It performs photosynthesis at a faster rate2 Figure 1 shows a plant with a way of reproduction. C The wax is poisonous, animals do not like it 6 Figure 4 shows a banana tree. D It has bad smell, preventing animals from eating them Figure 1 9 Figure 5 show a bed bug. Which of the following plants has a similar way of Figure 4 reproduction as the plant above? Figure 5 A Onion C Rambutan tree B Balsam plant D Sugar cane plant How does the insect above protect itself from its enemies?3 Figure 2 shows two types of animals. A Have spines B Have sharp claws Which of the following plants reproduce by the same C Produce a bad smell Figure 2 method? D Have ability to change colour A C 10 Table 1 shows the characteristic of some animals which These animals breathe through their protects them from extremely cold weather. A gills C moist skin B lungs D trachea structure Animal Special characteristic B D P Migrates to warmer regions before the4 Which of the animals below lay eggs? beginning of the cold season I Frog II Fish III Caterpillar IV Ant eater Q Has a layer of fat under the skin A I and III only C I, II and III only R Has thick fur B II and IV only D II, III and IV only 7 * Has six legs Table 15 Figure 3 shows a fern. * Has wings * No backbones Animals P, Q and R are * Has compound eyes Figure 3 P Q R Which of the following animals have the above character- A Swan Penguin Mouse istics? B Dolphin Bear Artic fox A Bat C Milipade C Sea lion Flamingo Whale B Bird D Butterfly D Swallow Seal Polar bear