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Group on Zing Me - Concept & proposal (2011)


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Brainstorming the concept of Group on Zing Me social network. For information purpose only. Not all recommendation & ideas in this slide realized, due to various factors.

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Group on Zing Me - Concept & proposal (2011)

  1. 1. GROUPS ON ZING ME By Tran Le Duy Tien & Tra Phuc Vinh Uy
  2. 2. 1. Quick look at group concept in our society 2. Can we force the formation of stable groups 3. Proposed Change Table of content
  4. 4. What is group?  As defined in Sociology  Any number of people that exhibits some degree of social cohesion and is more than a simple collection or aggregate of individuals:  sharing a common goal or motives  accepted roles  established status relationships  Shared characteristics:  Interests & Values  Representation & Ethnic  Social background & Social interactions Thus, A gathering of people waiting at a bus stop doesn’t form a group
  5. 5. How groups are formed?  If one brings a small collection of strangers together in a restricted space and environment, provides a common goal and maybe a few ground rules, then a highly probable course of events will follow.  Interaction between individuals is the basic requirement because two or more people in interacting situations will over time develop stable relationships.
  6. 6. How groups malfunction?  the addition of too many individuals  functioning group to attempt to add new members in a casual way is a certain prescription for failure  the failure of the leader to enforce a common purpose  The actual loss of a leader is frequently fatal to a group, unless there was lengthy preparation for the transition.  confusions status or of norms
  7. 7. Group’s on Zing Me? Roles & ranks  moderators & members Interactions  wall feed / photo sharing… Representation  Zing Me profile Ethnic  nationality, age Interests  movies / books / activities … Background  i.e. students, co-workers…
  9. 9. Reconsidering our current strategy  Use free content such as Movie & Book to attract users to Group & Forcing them to be active for access to these content  Will that work?  Strange people coming to watch movie won’t talk to each other although they sit next to each other  Strangers at a bookstore to find a book won’t make friend to one another just to buy a book  Can we force movie goers to talk to each other to be able to watch? Can we force book buyers to make friend with each other in order to enter bookstore?  No! But bookstores can setup clubs for book lovers discussing books that they sell. Movie producers can setup fan club for movies they released.
  10. 10. 1.Create Group 2. Find 4 more members 3. Register info of members 4. Verification 5. Access content Step 1: Create Group • Will it be “spam” if users create groups just for the purpose of access content? Step 2-4: Find 4 members & register real info • Why do group moderators want to add more users to their groups if they already have the right of their own? • Adding members to groups in a “casual way” is prescription for failure of group. • Gaining access right to content is purpose of individuals, not goal of groups and it doesn’t ensure that the group will be stable Step 5: Access to content • Once gaining access to content, will that content enough to make member stick to groups they joined/created? It’s not that it’s impossible, but the risk is too high for such complexity in operation
  11. 11. Again, how group is formed? If seeing Zing Me members as a collection of strangers, then:  Restrict space & environment In real world, geographic naturally creates this condition. However, this is something we can’t do in the online world.  Provide common goal We can only “suggest” but won’t be able to force it Setup ground rules However, if they aren’t strangers: Form interaction between individuals in group
  13. 13. Separation of Group, Zuni & Profile GROUP APPS ZUNI MARKETING CAMPAIGN PROFILE VERIFICATION PROGRAM Zuni project will use Group as vehicle to archive its’ goal Zuni uses this program as a way to filter targeted audience ZING ME’S CORE APPS & PROCESS MARKETING CAMPAIGN MOVIE & BOOK APPS Zuni control access to these apps, use it as a reward for its program
  14. 14. 3 Main Focuses for Group  Provide common goal Promote competition between groups as well as create content for groups to be created. Movie & Book apps will be part of this strategy. Setup ground rules There will be automatically enforced rules by system, but more focus will be on operation team to enforce content quality. Form interaction between individuals in group Restructure groups to put more focus on individual-to-individual connection in group, instead of individual-to-group.
  15. 15. Changes necessary for Group app  Need to be rebuild  The current code is too complex  WT already suggest to rebuild this app. We currently can have 2 devs (Quan & Hoai) to take on this.  Not trying to keep everything  Group’s wall & Group’s photos are the only ones to keep, with only one new feature is Group’s Events  Focus on improve connection between individual-to- individual in group & tools supporting operation tasks  Not trying to keep all the old data. The old version will continue until the new one is once done and at this time will be replaced (except for major groups will be migrate)
  16. 16. Verify Profile Program  A separated process of Zing Me  Not much work left:  Will use the previously implemented verify process for Zuni (simplified to one member)  The main task will be operation – which will be similar to operation task of Business Profile  Support users demographic seperation:  Students can submit Citizen ID together with student ID to receive status as “students” in order to receive special benefits from apps/campaigns for students (i.e. those provided by Zuni program)
  17. 17. ZUNI MARKETING CAMPAIGN  Directly control access to Movie & Book apps  Target specifically students with support data from Verify Profile program of Zing Me.  Partnering with Groups for operation on Group
  18. 18. Become a Zing Me Verified Student Profile • Go through the process to verify profile of Zing Me & in the process apply to receive “student” status by provide student ID in addition with Citizen ID • This process will be done by Zing Me Verify Account operation team Meet activity requirement • Join at least a group of School category with minimum activity point, or create a group with minimum 10 members and 100 activitity points • Refer at least 1 friends to also become Zing Me Verified Student profile Enjoy access to ZUNI program • Movie • Book
  19. 19. NEXT TASKS