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This about bring social media to you.

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  • Welcome, my name is Timothy Mulhill. I am from the Tardis Marketing Agency. I am here to show you how to expand your social media throughout Web Development.
  • In the next few slide I will be talking the meaning of social media. How social media came into play on the internet.Ways it has changed throughout and on how it is used.And what outcome to expect from it.
  • What is social Media? Its is a form of communication that is online that has a variety of outlets:Blogs which allow people to share comments.Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn which are mostly the prime sources of social networking.Social news sites that include Digg.Social Bookmarking where you can share your bookmarks with people.Then there is Twitter and YouTube that are also part of social media because it allows users to interact online with others
  • When the internet was introduce to the world social network and media entered our vocabulary. Ray Tomlinson was a defense contractor that sent the first email back in 1971 granted the two computers where right next to each other. Then several years had pass, Ward Christensen and Randy Suess where the first two computing pioneers that came up with the first computerized Bulletin Board System (which we all know it by BBS). Its was created to share files and leave messages through a common network. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s the world wide web really built up momentum, but social media really come into play until the 1994. Then came Geocities, AOL Instant Messenger, Sixdegrees. When the 21st century came Friendster's, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter were launched.
  • When MySpace and Facebook came around it changed the ways people used the internet and how they conducted there businesses. They are mentioned countless time from many people. Social Media gives you the tool and the confidence to compete with other businesses. Companies would do anything to expand there ways as far as possible. You can target certain audience by different types of ads based on location, age, occupation, and so on. I encourage to set those accounts to have a better understanding of it. Its not an easy thing to do but it is mostly a affordable option to know the market, and have confidence in themselves when they undergo any campaigns.
  • The types of benefits that you would receive:Branding and Raising Awareness: A majority of people visit social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube. Getting you brand name on these networks can let people everywhere know who you are and what you offer.Spying on the competition: Being on Facebook and Twitter you can follow your competitors to see what they have plan so you could turn around and come out with a better deal than what they have.Interact: Some people don’t want to be bombarded with ads, but want to have and easy way to interact with a question. Interacting with the customers just makes them feel good to want to come back or even suggest to other people.Consumers Opinions: When you target the audience you hear what they have to say of your company or the product. They may give you some constructed criticism hoping that you would use it to enhance you product.Customer Service: You can answer the customers questions or concerns in a timely manner so you wouldn’t have to waste money on a phone call.
  • In conclusion that my company could help with SyFy expand into the social media.In due time you would be more recognized, saving money, and have a 100% satisfaction from there consumers.Thank you and looking forward to be working with you.
  • Syfy

    1. 1. Syfy ChannelBring you to the Social Media to you.
    2. 2. AgendaWhat is Social MediaThe emergence of social mediaLandscapes of Social MediaWhat type of benefits does it bring
    3. 3. What is Social Media Social Media is online communication• Blogs• Social Network • Facebook• Social News • Twitter• Bookmarking • YouTube • LinkedIn
    4. 4. Emergence of Social Media• In 1971 the first email was sent• Ward Christensen and Randy Suess develop the first BBS• Geocities, AOL instant messenger, Sixdegrees, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
    5. 5. Landscapes of Social MediaMySpace and Facebook changed the way used the internetSocial Media has expanded in many waysMarketers design ads to target certain audiencesAdvertising on the internet is more prominent thanadvertising on television or in magazines
    6. 6. Types of benefit it brings• Branding and Raise Awareness• Way to spy on the competition• Interact more in a human way• Listen to consumers opinion• Strengthen Customer Service
    7. 7. Conclusion• SyFy can establish there presence within the social media• Have a better understand of the consumers• Reach there audience more effectively Tardis Marketing Agency is looking forward for SYfY to expand within the web development
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