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2016 02-04 howard look tidepool attd 2016 v2


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Tidepool CEO Howard Look
Presentation at the 9th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2016) in Milan, Italy, 4 February, 2016

Published in: Healthcare
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2016 02-04 howard look tidepool attd 2016 v2

  1. 1. Howard Look Founder and CEO ATTD 2016 - Milan
  2. 2. Disclosure Own publicly traded stock
 in Dexcom (DXCM)
  3. 3. Motivation Katie Look First Day of 6th Grade, 2011
  4. 4. c X
  5. 5. JPEG View A thought experiment: Digital Cameras Access Canon Olympus Kodak
  6. 6. A thought experiment: Digital Cameras Access View?! Canon Olympus Kodak Canon Olympus Kodak
  7. 7. Your
 choice Your
 choice Access View A thought experiment: Digital Cameras
  8. 8. How do you access the data? How do you view the data? What if your choice isn’t right for me?
  9. 9. Your
 choice Your
 choice Access View
  10. 10. T1D Exchange participants who upload their data
 at least once per week: Pump: 3% BGM: 2% CGM: 6%   T1D Exchange participants who never upload data: Pump: 60% BGM: 76% CGM: 52%   Source: T1D Exchange
  11. 11. Proudly non-profit. Open source. Stewards of your data.
  12. 12. Tidepool Uploader Data Authentication and Validation REST APIs Visualization Cloud
 APIs Research APIs Blip EHR APIs Messaging
 Notification APIs Nutshell Sonar AP Remote Telemetry Research App 3P App Athlete App Pregnancy App Apps Tidepool Platform
  13. 13. A Type 1 Diabetes Application Ecosystem T1D + Fitness Data Bolus Calculator Research Apps and Interfaces Remote Monitoring Apps for Pregnant Moms with T1D Apps for Teens Clinical Decision Support Apps for Kids Location-aware Apps Contextual Meal Memory Psycho-social Research Artificial PancreasApps for Elderly Supply
 Management T1D Triathlete
 Trainer T1D
  14. 14. Tidepool
  15. 15. Coming soon Coming soon
  16. 16. Blip
  17. 17. Nutshell
  18. 18. iLet Bionic Pancreas User Interface
  19. 19. Design thinking. Iterative and agile. Modern development tools and practices.
  20. 20. Production Environment Amazon Web ServicesPublic Internet Staging
 Environment Production Environment Staging
 Environment Development
 Environment MongoDB Master MongoDB Slave MongoDB Slave S3 Backup MongoDB Master Production DB Cluster Staging/Dev DB Software as a Service Hosted Environment JavaScript Node.js ReactJS D3.js Go MongoDB
  21. 21. OAuth, JSON and REST APIs (and why they matter)
  22. 22. OAuth - Enable access without sharing password
  23. 23. JSON - A Lightweight Data Interchange Format { "_version": 2, "createdTime": "2015-08-20T00:10:02.342Z", "deviceId": "DexG4Rec_SM34733050", "deviceTime": "2015-08-19T17:04:29", "id": "3bpd8avtbvj6cva2us08b6cl9sm2goi0", "payload": { "internalTime": "2015-08-19T15:02:25", "trend": "Flat" }, "time": "2015-08-20T00:04:29.000Z", "timezoneOffset": -420, "type": "cbg", "units": "mg/dL", "value": 117 },
  24. 24. RESTful URL RESTful API,-122.3953 startDate=2016-01-31T16:45Z&endDate=2016-02-02T07:15:21Z
  25. 25. “Teens with T1D Study” at University of Oz is requesting permission to do the following:
 Access my basic information Includes name, email, birthdate. Access my diabetes device data Includes blood glucose and insulin delivery data. Access my activity and fitness data Includes activity and fitness data. Tidepool
  26. 26. Ask your developer. OAuth JSON REST APIs
  27. 27. Roadmap:
 Research and 3P App Interfaces Real Time Data Closed Loop Telemetry
  28. 28. Katie Look mobile Dad. I’m low. I’m 52. And dropping. I can’t find my juice boxes. I don’t know where I am.
  29. 29. #OpenAPS #WeAreNotWaiting Speaking as a Dad on this slide.
  30. 30. Closed Loop Telemetry Dashboard
  31. 31. The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Hundreds of Other Donors Thank you!
  32. 32. UCSF Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes Stanford Children’s Hospital The Barbara Davis Center at UC Denver
 USC Westside Center for Diabetes
 Jaeb Center for Health Research
 and dozens of clinics using our software Thank you!
  33. 33.