Consilience on the Coast


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Memorial Day Weekend, 2012, Tidal Influence Principal, Taylor Parker, presented the following with colleagues Dr. George Hart and Pete Stearns from California State University, Long Beach at the Robinson Jeffers Association Conference in Pacific Grove, California.

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Consilience on the Coast

  1. 1. Consilience on the Coast Jeffers Urban Wetlands Restoration Service LearningDr. George Hart ~ CSULBTaylor Parker ~ Tidal InfluencePeter Stearns ~ CSULBRobinson Jeffers ConferenceMay 27, 2012
  2. 2. EO WilsonConsilience: “…the sciences, humanities, andarts have a common goal: to give a purpose tounderstanding the details, to lend to all inquirersa conviction, far deeper than a mere workingproposition, that the world is orderly and can beexplained by a small number of natural laws."
  3. 3. EO WilsonCulture: Consistently changing and sometimes contradictory values “…the eternal foment generated by Multilevel Selection…” The job of the: Natural Sciences Social Sciences and HumanitiesTo Explain What is Going on To Think Out and Deal With It
  4. 4. Southern California“…be in nothing as so Depending on yourmoderate as in love of wetland definition and source, 70%-98% ofman…” coastal wetlands are gone
  5. 5. English 444: Literature and EnvironmentA General Education Service Learning Capstone
  6. 6. Principles of Academic Service LearningThere are four basic guiding questions to ask about the principles of servicelearning:Engagement—does the service component meet a public good? How will thecommunity be consulted and how will the campus-community boundaries benegotiated?Reflection—is there a mechanism that encourages students to link their serviceexperience to course content and to reflect upon why the service is important?Reciprocity—how will students and the community teach and learn from oneanother?Public Dissemination—how will the service work be presented or returned tothe public?
  7. 7. English 444 students atColorado Lagoon Restoration, Long Beach
  8. 8. Aldo Leopold / Robinson Jeffers
  9. 9. “The Shack” and Tor House
  10. 10. “The Land Ethic” “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” (Sand County Almanac 224-25)
  11. 11. The Land Ethic’s key terms:As for “beauty,” it was, in Leopold’s view, anattribute of lands that possessed stability andintegrity.Integrity, stability, and beauty: they were three waysof describing one object—healthy land—in terms ofits interrelated parts, its nutrient cycling, and itspleasing appearance to the eye, ear, and soul. (Newton, Aldo Leopold’s Odyssey 347)
  12. 12. from “The Answer” Integrity is wholeness, the greatest beauty isOrganic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, thedivine beauty of the universe. Love that, not man Apartfrom that, or else you will share man’s pitiful confusions, ordrown in despair when his days darken. (CP 2: 536)
  13. 13. “Conceptual Restorationism” in Sand CountyAlmanac Lawrence Buell writes, “Environmental writing does not literally repair the biosphere, does not literally do anything directly to the environment. But . . . it tries to practice a conceptual restorationism in reorienting the partially denaturized reader not to a primordial nature, which we cannot recover either in fact or in fantasy, but to an artifactual version of environment designed to evoke place-sense” (Environmental Imagination 267).
  14. 14. from “Bixby’s Landing”The laborers are gone, but what a good multitudeIs here in return: the rich-lichened rock, the rose-tipped stone-crop, the constantOceans voices, the cloud-lighted space.The kilns are cold on the hill but here in the rust of the broken boilerQuick lizards lighten, and a rattle-snake flowsDown the cracked masonry, over the crumbled fire-brick. In the rotting timbersAnd roofless platforms all the free companiesOf windy grasses have root and make seed; wild buckwheat blooms in thefatWeather-slacked lime from the bursted barrels.Two duckhawks darting in the sky of their cliff-hung nest are the voice ofthe headland.Wine-hearted solitude, our mother the wilderness,Mens failures are often as beautiful as mens triumphs, but yourreturningsAre even more precious than your first presence.
  15. 15. 2 Urban Wetland Restoration Projects From The Purse-Seine: “I cannot tell you how beautiful the city appeared, and a little terrible.”
  16. 16. Colorado Lagoon
  17. 17. FOCL Education Program Instruction Events Service- Innovators Learning School- Summer Estuary Quarterly Marsh Champions TIDE Year Exploration EcoEvents Doctors Curriculum Creative CLEAN ArtsObjective: Objective: Objective: Objective: Make CL a field Offer quality Objective: Objective: Provide Provide Objective:trip destination nature Provide To celebrate service- service- 1. Provide opps forAudience: instruction to monthly the community learning opps learning opps those interested inClasses visiting public opportunities to and the earth for K-8th for 9th- nature and Audience: express through the CL Audience: university education General EcoConcerns Audience: General Audience: 2. Create Docents Public Audience: General Public/Classes General for Ed Programs General Public/Classes Public/Classes Audience: Public/Classes Interns Objective: Objective: 1. Provide opps to 1. Provide opps for develop and maintain those interested in programs and events science and 2. Develop and research Maintain ED 2. Create data for Programs Ed Program, Audience: stakeholders and Interns the public Audience: Interns
  18. 18. Service- Learning Marsh Champions Doctors CurriculumObjective: Objective: Provide Provideservice- service-learning opps learning oppsfor K-8th for 9th-Audience: universityGeneral Audience:Public/Classes General Public/Classes
  19. 19. Here is the stuff we can see…..
  20. 20. …..And with it comes the stuff we can’t see….. Poor water quality
  21. 21. Contaminated Marine Sediment
  22. 22.  Pre culvert Post culvert
  23. 23.  Post culvert
  24. 24. From “Shine, Republic” “Be great, carve deep your heel marks.”
  25. 25. from “Solstice” “ We can even face our lives, to bear them or change them…”
  26. 26. STEARNS Service Learning Project/Experience Slides
  27. 27. Sit-Spot
  28. 28. The Real Work
  29. 29. from “The Deer Lay Down Their Bones” “What can I do for the child?”
  30. 30. Ritual of Restoration ~ Thank You!