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Tammy Weis


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Tammy Weis

  1. 1. On Friday night I set out to a local pub The Old Bulls Head located in Barnes. At first glance it appeared to be like any other pub filled with people having a good time. I gathered by the conversations around me that everyone was here to enjoy a night out with a twist. A few moments later we were all asked to make our way through the double doors at the end of the pub as the concert was due to start. Beyond the double doors we entered the Jazz Club. The walls were filled with visuals of all previous artists that had performed there since 1959, which means that this pub has been hosting Modern Jazz performances for over 50 years. The band started playing some soft blues tunes that got the audience seated anxious for the night to start. Tammy Weis entered the stage and kicked of a song from her first album, which displayed her strong soulful voice beautifully. Tammy is originally from Canada and recently relocated to the UK ultimately to gain more exposure. Tammy further explained to us that she is a third generation artist, her mother and grandmother had a passion for country music but it was the soul of jazz that captured her heart and imagination in the end. Throughout the evening we were also entertained by solo acts from the band that allowed us to appreciate each instrument on its own. At the end of the performance the audience asked Tammy to sing a couple of songs from her album and it resulted in some couples getting up and dancing in amongst the tables to her soulful beat! It was a real treat to experience something different and would recommend it to anyone that would like to have an evening out with a twist! Tammy Weis
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