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The 4-Awful_Truths_About_The_Baby_Boomer_Generation


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Have you ever heard of the baby boomer generation?
You will have some of the baby boomer generation in your family!Are your parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins of the baby boomer generation?

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The 4-Awful_Truths_About_The_Baby_Boomer_Generation

  1. 1. digit alblo gge m http://digitalblo m/christinegilmartin/the-awful-truth-abo ut-the-baby-bo o mer-generatio n/The 4 Awful Truths about The Baby Boomer GenerationHave you ever heard of the baby boomer generation?You will have some of the baby boomer generation in your f amily!Are your parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins of the baby boomer generation?The history of The Baby Boomer GenerationTruth No.1The baby boomer generation was derived f rom the dramatic increase in births at the end of World WarII, whereby millions of babies were conceived. T he time f rame of the epidemic was between 1946 and1964. T hese increases occurred both in England and the United States, with the greatest increase beingin the latter. It is not certain why there was such a dramatic increase during this time but the af ter ef f ectsare being f elt to this very day by their of f spring and the baby boomer generation themselves.Truth 2.Statistics show somewhere in the region of 3.4 millionbabies were born in 1946, an increase of 20%, incomparison to births in 1945. T he numbers steadilyincreased to 4 million being conceived between 1954 and1964. T he United States saw a total of 76.4 million babiesborn over this period making up 40% of the Americanpopulation. T his increase in births may have hadsomething to do with the prosperity and economic growthof the end of World War II but this obviously cannot be verif ied. A total of 20 million baby boomers will be
  2. 2. reaching the age of 50 in the next f ive years. T his averages out at 10,959 daily who will be expecting toretire. T here has never been another time when a baby boomer generation has arisen to such an extent.Moving Forward -The baby boomer generationTruth 3By the time the baby boomer generation had reached their twenties, there was much to f eel goodabout. House prices were low, jobs were plentif ul, education was available without breaking the bank andmedical care was well f unded and in f inancial order. Economically, everything was sound and growth wasabundant. T he baby boomers worked hard f or their money and lif e was essential good. Since that time,with many reaching 50 with plans to retire, what they once may have taken f or granted was no longerguaranteed. Economic f orces had taken a turn f or the worst. House prices had become inf lated,pension plans dried up and became more or less worthless, jobs f or lif e were no longer a given. Inessence, many of the baby boomer generation had no option but to put aside plans of retirement andcontinue working, Nest eggs were no longer signif icant enough to cover the escalating costs of childtuition f ees, university, mortgage, taxes and other such contributions.Now in 2012 T he baby boomer generationTruth 4T he government is aware of the inevitable problems that may wellarise should those now in their 50-60s think about retiring in massnumbers. T he system simply could not af f ord to look af ter them inrelation to healthcare, social security etc. A healthcare systemrunning at a def icit would not be able to sustain such numbers.T here have been schemes put in place to encourage a healthylif estyle and physical exercise clubs to reduce potential illnessesthat may arise.With this in mind, there are things which you can do, if you are orknow anyone that is the baby boomer generation, by increasingyour earning capacity and possibly turn things around to benef it your situation.“”If you want to decrease the number of people suffering, just give them a chance to earn anhonest living!’‘So if this is you or you know people who are af f ected and are of the baby boomer generation and areworried about their retirement, ageism, f inancial security and redundancy,then click here now.Let’s get the Baby Boomer Generation Booming again!T hanks f or stopping by and now the next step is to get you in a f eel good place and start to plan yourf uture. Forget you are of the baby boomer generation and start to look f orward!Skype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin itThe 4 Awf ul Trut hs about The Baby Boomer Generat ionT his entry was posted in Digital Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Online HomeBusiness.
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