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Post Planner-A_Sure_Way_To _Increase_Eyeballs_On_Your_Blog_Posts (1)


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We live in times when engaging on social websites has become the norm. With the integration of sites such as Facebook onto our smartphones and other mobile devices, there are very few moments when we are not connected with the internet in one way or another.

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Post Planner-A_Sure_Way_To _Increase_Eyeballs_On_Your_Blog_Posts (1)

  1. 1. digit alblo gge m http://digitalblo m/christinegilmartin/po st-planner-business/Post Planner A Sure Way to Increase Eyeballs On Your BlogPostsPost Planner A Sure Way To Increase Eyeballs –Unique FeaturesThe Unique Feat ures of Post Planner No 1We live in times when engaging on social websites has become thenorm. With the integration of sites such as Facebook onto oursmartphones and other mobile devices, there are very f ew momentswhen we are not connected with the internet in one way or another.Consequently, the power of social media has grown substantially, andwith such exponential growth the average individual needs to f ind waysto utilise the benef its of these sites more ef f iciently. Hence, theapplication known as Post Plannerhas now become available. Let usbrief ly examine some of the reasons why it has become the innovativeapplication of choice f or many individuals and businesses.The Unique Feat ures of Post Planner No 2It is f irst important to realise that posting status updatesmay take a great deal of time. As our days becomebusier, the time allocated to change what we are doingand what events we have planned is becoming less andless. T his is especially true if we are trying to balance ahectic workday along with any necessary updates. Oneof the most noticeable benef its of Post Planner is that itallows users to post preselected updates in advance. Inaddition to helping individuals use their time moreef f iciently, it virtually prevents f orgetting to post reminders about certain events and even moreimportantly, this application places these post on a timeline at preselected intervals; thus one does noteven have to be logged on to give status updates to contacts.The Unique Feat ures of Post Planner No 3Another benef it is that this application Post Plannercan make it much easier f or businesses to activelyengage with their clientele. As more and morecorporations realise the power that social mediaprovides, they have also become cognisant thatkeeping in touch with their f ollowers can help retainactive customers. Not only does Post Planner allowf or the predetermined posting of events, it also lets theuser post each update f or certain target markets;theref ore maximising reach while having the ability tof ocus on a specif ic niche demographic. From abusiness standpoint, this can save time and keepcustomers and f ollowers loyal and involved.
  2. 2. The Unique Feat ures of Post Planner No 4Another innovative f unctionality that Post Planner provides iswhat they call “content curation”. T his can also be understood asgiving the user the ability to pick f rom a wealth of preselectedposts. T hey include questions to actively engage f ollowers, postseasonal content and the ability to choose “catchy posts” one apage that are sure to get the attention of others. T his can helpthe user when he or she has simply ran out of ideas on what topost that would best get their f ollowers’ attentionThe Unique Feat ures of Post Planner No 5.Finally, this Post Planner sof tware retains the same easy-to-use interf ace as Facebook itself ; thus givinguser the ability to integrate it throughout their existing platf orm quickly and easily. T his program alsoprovides real-time analyses of which times of day are best to post, which posts draw the most attentionand which return the highest number of responses. Indeed, with all of these benef its wrapped up intoone easy to use platf orm, Post Planner should become one of the most popular Facebook applicationsf or individuals as well as businesses. Join groups of interest to you and post your blogs etc to thosegroups and you can also repeat the blog say every 45 days.When you use Post Planner and you sign upto say 50 groups that have 500+ people in those groups. You post one post which will go out to anestimated 25,000 people! T hat is repeated every 45 days and you don’t have to do anything else. Nowthat is such an amazing business tool and ef f icient one by having Post Planner in your business.Get your Post,Planner hereT hank you for reading Post Planner A Must For BusinessSkype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin itPost Planner A Sure Way To Increase Eyeballs On Your BlogPost s.T his entry was posted in Blogging, Digital Bloggers, Online Home Business.Tags: blog post planner, post planner, post planner affiliate, post planner app,post planner coupon 2012, post planner coupon code, post planner login, post planner vshootsuite, postplanner review← Previous PostNext Post →