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Right now you are probably thinking of all the reasons why you won’t be able to. So……

how can you always sell high ticket products to the right customers? New online marketers get excited about the potential of making it great online. They pick up a few courses, read a couple of eBooks, and get started by their first product

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Always Sell-High_Ticket_Products_To_The_Right_People_because

  1. 1. digit alblo gge m http://digitalblo m/christinegilmartin/high-ticket-pro ducts/Always Sell High Ticket Products to the Right Peoplebecause…….Always Sell High Ticket Products to theRight People because……Right now you are probably thinking of all the reasons whyyou won’t be able to. So……how can you always sell high ticket products to the rightcustomers? New online marketers get excited about thepotential of making it great online. T hey pick up a f ewcourses, read a couple of eBooks, and get started by theirf irst product. However, they cannot virtually invest no timeand money and make it big. You will f ind that most marketerswill f orm an af f iliate or sell their products at lower price as strategy to “get rich quicker” using a lot ofhype and f alse promises. Surely, they will sell more at lower price, but what is the overall strategy? Can itresult to always sell high ticket products to the right people?Marketing using hyped up messages will attract a lot ofpeople who may not buy the products or be pissed of fwhen you of f er other products. At times, these people willbuy your product f or a f ew weeks, but they will turn way ifyou do not deliver all the hype you promised. Remembergood marketing will not overcome bad math! You shouldknow the number of copies you want sell, the price tocharge per copy and whether to involve an advertisementor not to reach your targeted customers. If appropriatelydone, you will always sell high ticket products to the rightpeople and def initely sustain your lif estyle.So think about the math with these two markets.Firstly, let’s say you want an additional income of $2 000 a month. If you wereselling eBooks at $6 each and if you sold 100 of them that would just earn you$600 bef ore taking of f your advertising costs. T heref ore to get close to you$2000 you would need to sell approx. 333 eBooks at $6 every month!T hen you would have to do that month in, month out.Maybe it’s ok f or a smallpart time income if that’s what you want.Now let’s take a look at high ticket products You have an income goal of$10000 a month. T heref ore you need to sell 10 high ticket products in the month.Now that is 333 sales V’s 10 sales!Now you know that High T icket Products are more attractive!Same amount of ef f ort but very dif f erent results!Let’s take a look at the higher commissions paid out. So you can earn commissions of $1000 howeveryou can also earn commissions of $4000 a sale, so if you want to earn $8000 you need make 2 sales a
  2. 2. month!You will f ind that higher ticket products customers areis more realistic and less demanding. T hismeans you will require less customer service and employees hence less expenses and more prof its inmarketing and selling those higher ticket stuf f s. You only need to set the f oundations, get blog online,develop an auto-responder messages etc. f or either product and make more money. However, this canbe more logical when you are a member or an af f iliate of Digital Expert Academy (DEA) and SFM, becauseall the hard work has been done f or you and def initely you will always sell high ticket products to theright people starting today..Another strategy is to build strong relationship with yourcustomers. T his applies to whatever market you are in. Lowcost products and high ticket products you will need tohave a relationship. You can also send customers a surveyto complete which will let you know what they like or unlikeabout your products and advance or change if necessary.Do not waste a lot of time on wrong customers, insteadf ocus on developing high ticket products than what youask f or in price. Most signif icantly, pick markets withserious buyers instead of aiming at “get rich quick” peoplethat you normally see in the online marketing industry. Byf ocusing into these strategies, you will always sell high ticket products to the right people.To boost your conf idence that there are businesses and serious people who really can spend money to get what they want, just look at magazines especially money magazine. T hismight be the biggest challenge, but it will change your mind set. You will f ind thebest customers you can ever have and if you f ocus on them and deliverexactly what they want, then you will always sell high ticket products to theright people.Now you have something serious to consider. Click her now to take the nextstep.Only serious entrepreneurs click here.High T icket Products can earn you income goal quickerHigh T icket Products can f ar exceed your employment earningsHigh T icket Products can give you the digital lif e you have always wanted.Skype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin itAlways Sell High Ticket Product s t o t he Right PeopleT his entry was posted in Digital Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Online HomeBusiness.Tags: high ticket coaching, high ticket marketing, high ticket product, high ticketproduct creation, high ticket products set up, sell high ticket items, sell high ticket products,sell your high end products
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