6 Top-Tips_To_Help_Overcome_Fear_Of_Failure


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The fear of failure is in my opinion the major force holding people back from reaching their potential. The world today is a mess, it’s full of uncertainty, an economy that is in ruins, and numerous misfortunes that could happen to anyone, So what do the majority do is simple they are inclined to play it safe.

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6 Top-Tips_To_Help_Overcome_Fear_Of_Failure

  1. 1. digit alblo gge rs.co m http://digitalblo ggers.co m/christinegilmartin/fear-o f-failure-6-to p-tips-to -help-o verco me-it/6 Top Tips To Help Overcome Fear Of Failure6 Top Tips To Help Overcome Fear OfFailureT he fear of failure is in my opinion the major f orceholding people back f rom reaching their potential. T heworld today is a mess, it’s f ull of uncertainty, an economythat is in ruins, and numerous misf ortunes that couldhappen to anyone, So what do the majority do is simplethey are inclined to play it saf e.But everything including playing it saf e has risk as well. Ifyou never try and go f or it your success will have a lowceiling. Recovering f rom f ailure is underestimated by people and it is surprising how they bounce backthrough their merit and ability to recover f rom f ailure. T he ability of many successf ul people throughouthistory have f ailed big and f ailed of ten and have gone on to spectacularly become successf ulthroughout history.T he f ollowing steps will help you with some of your f ears so put them aside and put into perspective soyou can overcome the f ear of f ailure.Fear Of Failure T ip 1.-How much has your missed opportunities cost you? – Because somepeople f ail to consider the benef its they lose by avoiding high risk/highreward opportunities. T he f ear f actor kicks in. T he ideal Job contains awide range of job opportunities ranking f rom higher risk, some no riskwhat so ever and that combination f orms a relatively saf e career with ahigh potential f or growth. If you want the greatest reward than you musttake high risk opportunities,So if you decide to take no risk then you are f aced with the issue thatvery f ew opportunities will come your way. You can live a quiet and reasonably happy lif e, but you areunlikely to experiences something new, and you are unlikely to make your mark on the world.Fear Of Failure T ip 2.So what if the worst-case scenario happened. Would itbe the end of the world? No it wouldn’t. You may fall onyour face but so what at least you gave it a try. So howlong will you take to recover? Probably a lot less timethan you thought. Get yourself another job and startagain. Don’t let the fear of a couple of rough monthskeep you in a mediocre situation indef initely.Fear Of Failure T ip 3What have your learnt from the benefits of failure –Remember lif e is f ull of experiences so the more you experience thebetter f or you. T hink of it as every f ailure is a just a trial, an experimentand an opportunity f or growth. What if f ailure costs you f inancially?What you have learnt f ar outweighs the loss. You will have learnt what
  2. 2. to do and want not do so you are much better of f with this knowledgewhen making f urther decisions.Fear Of Failure T ip 4 Make a plan B – Another way to overcome the f ear of f ailure is toreduce the risk. Hedge your bets by having a plan B. Even if your f irstoption f ails, you can maintain things with a solid backup plan. Daring tof ail doesn’t mean you have to risk everything and lose it all. If you thinkit through properly, you can keep the benef its of high risk opportunitieswhile keeping yourself with a saf ety net.Fear Of Failure T ip 5.Take massive action – T he best way to keepf ear at bay is to take massive action, As soon asyou do, you’ll begin to f eel more conf ident andyou will gain more experience and knowledge.Everything is hard when you f irst start. It’s likejumping of f a clif f into a lake and hoping that youare going to land in the water. Once you do it thef irst time, it gets easier the second and the third and so on. Startof f with small steps and build up your conf idence until the f ear off ailure is starts to disappear. .Fear Of Failure T ip 6.Burn the boats - If you have a goal, but are af raid to commit,f orce yourself into action by burning the boats. It will f orce you tomove f orward and progress. Make sure you are with the peoplewho are going to help you achieve what you want to achieve.Ensure you have signed up on a course where you are beingtaught by people who are living the lif e that you want and pleaseensure it’s the most up to date stuf f that you need toknow so you will be successf ul. Fear of failuredisappears when you Just let go of it!Do you suf f er f rom the f ear of f ailure? I hope this posthelped you to see how it is possible toovercome the f ear of f ailure by associating yourself withpeople who can help you click here become a success.Fear of Failure holds you back don’t let it!Skype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin it6 Top Tips To Help Overcome Fear Of FailureT his entry was posted in Digital Bloggers, Entrepreneurs,Mindset, Personal Development and Growth.
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