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Something we need on focus on is increasing productivity. However we need to take a look at need to understand that the people who have businesses have to be happy in order for the business to be a success.

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6 Simple-How_To_Steps_To_Increase_Productivity (1)

  1. 1. digit alblo gge rs.co m http://digitalblo ggers.co m/christinegilmartin/ho w-to -increase-pro ductivity-simple-ho w-to s/6 Simple How To Steps To Increase ProductivityHow To Increase Productivity For Your Online Home BusinessSomething we need on f ocus on is increasing productivity. However we need to take a look at needto understand that the people who have businesses have to be happy in order f or the business to be asuccess. Also did you know that employees in good health are 3 times more productive than employeesin poor health?How To Increase Productivity For Your Online Home BusinessHere are f ive ways to make you f eel you can increase productivity thus making you also f eel happier (andhealthier) when working your online home business.Try implementing these tips f or your online home businessHow To Increase Productivity. Step # 1. Surround yourself with positive people and stopcomplainingHave you heard the old saying that “misery loves company” is so true. Soif you f ind yourself in negative company with your online home businessit will be the easiest way to f eel negatively about your business. I use tof ind this and when I f elt the conversation was going in a downward spiralI would make an excuse and remove myself f rom it and go somewhereelse. By doing this I f ound that I kept myself f eeling good and my moodremaining positive. By not giving any ear space to the neg heads I f indthey would tend to sit in their own group. T hat was great f or me becauseI didn’t want to be in their negative energy. Speaking positively willencourage other to do the same.Maybe you will have challenges in your business however instead ofcomplaining ask someone f or help that way you keep moving f orwardand staying positive.How To Increase Productivity Step # .2. Move around and get upSitting all day can have a (very) negativeef f ect on your mood, business andhealth. It’s very important to get up andwalk around your of f ice when possible.Take a break every hour by just gettingup and going outside f or a f resh air–even if it’s just to get a cof f ee in thekitchen–can make all the dif f erence.When it is possible, try to get a littleexercise in on your lunch break, even ifit’s just going f or a walk with your dogf or a half an hour. Leaving you homeof f ice is important because mentally itgives you a break so when you returnyou are ready to start again.How To Increase Productivity.Step #
  2. 2. 3. Re-focusAre you in f ront of your computer all day? Manypeople are and it can cause headaches and eyestrain. So a tip would be to look away f rom yourscreen every half hour and look out the window. Seewhat you can f ocus on in your garden. Look at thingsf ar away and f ocus on them. It’s important that youkeep your screen as f ar away f rom your f ace aspossible to reduce eye strain and other problems. Your eyes need a workout too and are veryimportant f or your success online. Remember if youdo sit at a computer all day; try to reduce the time you spend in f ront of the screen at night.How To Increase Productivity.Step # 4. Use a T imerWhen you are working on you online home business get into thehabit of using a timer when completing tasks.All too of ten you tend to take a whole lot longer on a task becauseyou are working f or yourself rather than an employer. So what’sthe rush? Well f rom a time management point of view it gets youinto a bad habit and low productivity.Plan how long the task should take and time it. When the timergoes of f you ST OP! T his is the ONLY way you will get into goodhabits and raise productivityHow To Increase Productivity. Step # 5. Minimize alldistractionsT his is a HUGE one and it is of ten the most dif f icult toachieve but get this right and it can have the biggestimpact on you and your business. Are you distracted withincessant emails; tip on this is to check your emails once aday, yes that’s right once! T he same goes f or a blinkingvoicemail light limit them to one a day! How long to youspend on the social networks? Limit your time to 20minutes a day. Now that is just to name a f ew.All of these things interrupt you and slow down the workf low and making you less productive throughout the day.So you will see how it is important to take measures toreduce these distractions. It’s really just getting into the habit. It takes just 30 days to create a habit. It isa good start to start here because all the things that are going on in your lif e are just habitual and can beeasily changed. T he more productive you are at working your online home business, the more satisf iedyou f eel and the less you worry about when you switch the computer of f .Another habit to get into is to achieve tasks at the same time of the day, e.g., read emails f irst thing inthe morning, Check voicemail in the morning these things will ensure that you can begin the workday witha clean slate and keep you f ocused throughout the morning. Again af ter lunch do the same kind of tasksand that will help you f acilitate a routine to maximize productivity. At the end of the day you will f eelhappier, in control and more productive.How To Increase Product ivit y st ep # 6. Get Passionat eGet passionate about what you do then get paid f or it! T hat’s the secret nothing more or nothing less.
  3. 3. T hat simple!. Every successf ul person is totally passionate about what they do and that comes over toanybody in their company. Find your passion and you cannot f ail to achieve success if you then f ollow it.Increase Product ivit y – Plan your dayIncrease Product ivit y – Have a t o do listIncrease Product ivit y – Do at least once t hing per day on your businessIncrease Product ivit y – Let your f amily know why you are doing what you are doing,Increase Product ivit y – Always writ e down your goals Big & smallIncrease Product ivit y - Priorit ize …rut hlesslyIncrease Product ivit y - Don’t make excuses or procrast inat eIncrease Product ivit y - Reward yourself t o reinf orce successIncrease Product ivit y - Know how hard you work, and whenIncrease Product ivit y - Check wit h yourself if you are f eeling goodIncrease Product ivit y – Be Happy!Increase Product ivit y – Get clear on what you want .Skype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin it6 Simple How To St eps To Increase Product ivit yHow To Increase Product ivit y For Your Online Home BusinessT his entry was posted in Digital Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Mindset, Online HomeBusiness.Tags: how to increase productivity, how to increase productivity at work, how to increaseproductivity in a business, how to increase productivity in a team, how to increaseproductivity in manufacturing, how to increase productivity in production, how to increase productivityin the workplace, increase employee productivity, increase personal productivity← Previous PostNext Post →