5 Key-Steps_To_Help_You_Live_An_Abundant_Life


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We all want to live a fulfilled and an abundant life. This means different things to different people. Some of us want to put all our time and energy into pursuing a challenging career, others want to focus on family, and some want to travel. For most of us, our ideal life is probably a combination of those things and more.

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5 Key-Steps_To_Help_You_Live_An_Abundant_Life

  1. 1. digit alblo gge rs.co m http://digitalblo ggers.co m/christinegilmartin/do -yo u-want-to -live-an-abundant-life/5 key steps To Help You Live An Abundant LifeT hanks For Reading Simple Steps – do you want To Live an Abundant Life?Do You Want t o Live an Abundant Lif e?We all want to live a f ulf illed and an abundant life. T his means dif f erent things to dif f erent people. Someof us want to put all our time and energy into pursuing a challenging career, others want to f ocus onf amily, and some want to travel. For most of us, our ideal lif e is probably a combination of those thingsand more. Also, f or most of us, while we can f ollow our goals much of the time, we may get distracted, orsomething like illness or loss, comes up and stops us in our tracks. We need to have techniques f orf ollowing our journey, and f or f inding our way back when we get lost.Assuming we know our big lif e goals, here are 5 steps f or Living an Abundant Life.To Live an Abundant Life Step 1. Take small steps along the wayWe may have a f ew big goals, but if these are going totake some time to reach, lif e may seem pretty hardalong the way. We need smaller goals to enjoy, too.T hese may even be on a daily basis. Breaking downwhat we need to do to achieve our ultimate goals willhelp us see our progress, and also keep us motivated..
  2. 2. To Live an Abundant Life Step 2. Enjoy the journeyNot only do we need to have small goals, but we need to enjoy what else is happening around us. Beingonly f ocussed on goals in the distance is not Living Abundant Lif e. At the end of each day, we can recorda two or three things that have given us pleasure. T hey may be obvious times such as sharing lunch witha f riend, or less obvious such as catching the sun glinting through bare branched trees when we take therubbish out. T he more of ten we write things down, the more we will notice these special times andremember we are Living an Abundant Lif e..To Live an Abundant Life Step 3. Nurture our friendshipsIt is easy to f orget that f riendships need nurturing. Friendscan be a source of great joy throughout a lif etime, both thosethat go with us f or the whole way, and those we make alongthe route, and who travel with us f or only a short time.Friendships are a way of telling us we are Living an AbundantLif e..To Live an Abundant Life Step 4. Refill our wellWe can’t spend all our time rushing af ter our dreams. Most ofus need to take time to stop and relax, to replenish our well ofdreaming and ref ocus. Another way of becoming reenergised is throughexercise. T his can be whatever suits us: a visit to the gym, an earlymorning walk or an af ternoon gardening. Any of these will get our heartbeating and the blood f lowing, and remind us of Living an AbundantLife. Even though we are using energy, we will f eel as though we havemore energy.To Live an Abundant Life Step 5. Have time for gratitude
  3. 3. Having goals f or ourselves, and enjoying good f riends and f amily networks may not be suf f icient. Wealso need to have gratitude because that will bring more into our lives. Write a list of the things that youare gratef ul f or. Many people start of f with such speed then stop because they can’t think of anythingelse. It’s easy once you get into the swing of it. How about your eyes to be able to read this.If you do a small list of just 5 things you are gratef ul f or every day in 30 day you will have 150 things andjust watch what happens!Thanks f or reading – 5 key st eps To Help You Live An Abundant Lif eSkype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin itT his entry was posted in Digital Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Mindset.Tags: abundant health, abundant life, abundant life academy, abundant life bible,abundant life chiropractic, abundant life christian center, abundant life seeds,abundant life verse, meaning of abundant life← Previous PostNext Post →