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Anthropologie fixed


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Anthropologie advertising assignment

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Anthropologie fixed

  1. 1. ABOUT ANTHROPOLOGIE Anthropologie is a women’s retail clothing and house ware store that was borne from its’ parent company Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters opened it’s first store in 1976, and catered to college students’ life styles & meager budgets. Anthropologiewas founded by Richard Hayne in 1992. It was named after his field of study in college. Hayne has been with Urban Outfitters from it’s conception, being one of the founding partners. Anthropologieopened its’ first store in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Today they have over 135 retail stores in the United States, and also have locations in Canada and London. Their catalog and website orders ship to over thirty countries. It has been a strong company philosophy from the very beginning that they don’t spend a lot of their budget on advertising. They prefer to rely on in- store visual displays, their own website, catalogs, and word-of-mouth to attract customers. It is a strategy that works, and they are able to provide more for their employees as a result.
  2. 2. ABOUT ANTHROPOLOGIE(Cont.) Demographically, Anthropologie picks up where Urban Outfitters left off. While Urban is geared toward a younger audience, Anthropologie is geared towards the thirty-something crowd that is educated, traveled, & has some money to spend. Unique pieces of furniture, art, books & eclectic clothing offer shoppers an endless array of items to peruse. It has almost everything a woman could want in a store, except maybe a new jacket for her husband. Which is why we decided to propose a men’s line for this unique merchandiser. Keeping with their eclectic image and use of vintage silhouettes, in the female clothes, we chose to bring these ideas to a menswear line that has a modern edge.
  3. 3. MARKET RESEARCHCUSTOMER PROFILE:Geographics:Region- MidwestCity Size- 2.5 million +Population density- UrbanClimate- MixedDemographics:Age- 23-45Gender- Female/ MaleHousehold Size- 2-4Income- $45,000 +Occupation- Professional/ bluecollarEducation- Some college/graduateSociocultural:Culture- MixedSubculture:Religion- MixedNational Origin- AllRace- AllSocial Class- Working-Upper ClassMarital Status- AllPsychographics- Achievers
  4. 4. MARKET RESEARCH (Cont.)CUSTOMER PROFILE:Affective & Cognitive:Degree of Knowledge- AllBenefits Sought- Environmental, Economy, Appearance, Sensual, EclecticAttitude- PositiveBehavioral:Brand Loyalty- DividedStore Loyalty- DividedUsage Rate- MediumUser Status- Potential UserPayment- Credit CardMedia Usage- Magazines, TV,InternetUsage Situation- Work, home
  5. 5. MARKET RESEARCH (Cont.)STORE PROFILE:•Store Locations: U.S.A, Canada, and U.K.•Heavily focused on Environment & Community *A lot of community work EX: Bag Donation Edible School Program•Only 4-5 product features in Magazines•Fashion Shows•Visual Manager•Store Manager/Display Coordinator•Abstract Art Displays based on various inspirations•Every Store has different displays making each storea unique experience•Every store has two full time visual merchandisersinstead of putting money into Ads.CURRENT ADVERTISINGSOCIAL MEDIAANTHROPOLOGIST.COMFACEBOOKTWITTERTUMBLRYOUTUBEPINTRESTANTHRO-COMMUNICATION PROGRAMINSTAGRAMWEBSITE & CATALOGS
  6. 6. MARKET RESEARCH(cont.) Competition
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  11. 11. PHOTOGRAPHY BUDGET Lauren Rady CCC Photographer Spring 2012 Advertorial Photography Budget Price NotesFEESPhot ographic Fee 1,000Usage Fee 12,500Prep fee (phot ographer) 475Cast ing/Sc out ing (phot ography) 600T ravel fee (phot ographer) 100CrewAssist ant s 180Hair & Makeup 200St ylist 275Digit al T ec hnic ian 175DigitalRet ouc hing fee 500Post produc t ion 100Digit al Produc t ion c hargesTalentT alent (adult s) 1420 inc ludes agenc y feeFit t ings 75T ravel (t alent ) 40MiscellaneousCat ering 140St udio expendablesMisc . 47 c ds/labels/c asesPrintingPaper (8.5x11 & 5x7) 68Print er rent al t ime 20StudioBac kgrounds/bac kdrops 325Set builderSet design/researc h 60Light Rent al 700St udio Rent al 800Total 19,800
  12. 12. INVOICE Name:Lauren RadyDate:4/7/12 Address:21 S. Racine Unit 1N Chicago, IL 60607 Phone:708-407-5784 Email: lradyphoto@gmail.comLauren Rady . Photographer . 708-407-5784 . Price Price Fees Miscellaneous Photographic fee 1,000 Catering 140 Usage fee 12,500 Studio expendables Prep fee (photographer) 475 Misc. (cds/labels/cases) 47 Casting/Scouting (photography) 600 Travel Fee (photographer) 100 Shipping Messangers Crew Freight Assistants 180 Hair & Makeup 200 Studio Stylist 275 Backgrounds 325 Digital Technician 175 Set Builder Set design/research 60 Digital Light rental 700 Retouching fee 500 Studio rental 800 Post production 100 Digital Production charges Printing Paper (8.5x11 & 5x7) 68 Talent Printer rental time 20 Talent (adults/includes agency fee) 1420 Fittings 75 Travel (talent) 40 Total 19,800
  14. 14. Media Buy Plan• SPRING ONE• Esquire Magazine • ONE- PAGE SPREAD • $118, 050 per full page • Release 1st Money Shot- February • Release 2nd Money Shot- May • Release 3rd Money Shot- September • Release 4th Money Shot- December• Billboard • LOCATION #11: West side of the Dan Ryan Expressway @ Cermak • FACING: South • SIZE: 20 x 60 • TERM: 2-12 months • DEC: 245,000 • ILLUMINATED: Dusk to Midnight• Eco-Friendly Outdoor Trunk Show/Recycling Event in May • Live Models (15 for 4 hours): $150/ hour • Event Planners: $400 • Band: $1000 Flat Rate• Website and Catalog (Included) • Releasing a catalog every month • Received Free • Printing : $34
  15. 15. MEDIA BUY BUDGETSPRING ONEMEDIA BUY BUDGETFull Page Spread for year 1,416,600Billboard for whole year $42, 000Special Event $20, 000Website/Catalog $408TOTAL: $1,479,008
  16. 16. WHY WE CHOSE?• Esquire surveys the landscape to unearth the smart edge of culture: the people, places, things, and trends that intelligent, sophisticated men want, need, and ought to know.• Esquire is defined by its range. The magazine speaks to the multi-faceted, successful man who is culturally plugged in. Esquires unique blend of intelligent service, stories with substance, and ability to entertain and inspire make it a relevant source and must-read for tastemakers and influencers.• Esquire is the voice that resonates with modern men.• Esquires rate base is 700,000. Esquires audience is well educated, urbane, and affluent — intellectually curious and confident modern men. Esquire believes in an honest and authentic growth in circulation and relies on the strength of the editorial product to convert newsstand readers to subscribers rather than through the use of premiums.• While other mens magazines are written for highly aspirational readers, Esquire is geared toward men who have arrived. They dress for themselves; have both the means and knowledge to invest; can order with confidence in a fine restaurant; have a healthy respect and admiration for women; take vacations that enrich their lives and recharge their energy; and have mastered many of lifes basics. What they want is a primer on how to lead a richer, better, fuller, and more meaningful life.
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