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  1. 1. CS3240: SOFTWARE HUMAN INTERACTION SEM1 2011-2012     Seminars & Blog Posts   A. Seminars (Team) 5% each B. Blog posts (Team) 3% each. Prepare a seminar(presentation) or Blog post as per following topics and schedule.For each week from week 7 to 12, each team should -(i) choose one of the listed topics for presentation or blog.(ii) Register your interest in IVLE forum WEEKLY SEMINAR & BLOG POSTS by Monday5pm of the week. Maximum two teams per topic are allowed on FCFS basis.Week Seminar Blog Post by Teams Topics by Teams2-4 - All Interaction Devices Each team to make two Blog HCI – the next decade posts on any two topics of Interaction in wayFinding applications. choice.5-6 - All Make a posting about your Project concept. ** No grading for the Post; but it is mandatory component of project proposal review stage.7 1-4(11-14) 5-8(15-18) Legal Issues in Interaction Design Search & Query Interfaces Robotic Interfaces8 5-8(15-18) 1-4(11-14) Function & Fashion User Documentation & Online Help Safety Critical Interfaces9-10 - All Guest Lecture topics *To choose any two topics. Confirmation of topics will be available near to the time.11 5-8(15-18) 1-4(11-14) Teleoperation & Immersive Interaction (Virtual and Augmented Reality) Audio Menus & Interfaces Interfaces for small devices12 1-4(11-14) 5-8(15-18) Interfaces for collaborative work Social networking Interfaces Information Visualization Affective aspects of Interface Design  1
  2. 2. CS3240: SOFTWARE HUMAN INTERACTION SEM1 2011-2012    Make Blog posting onto your Team’s Blog-site or submit your team ppt for seminar intothe IVLE workbin (Student Submission -> Seminar) 1 HOUR BEFORE CLASS suchthat they can be downloaded beforehand. Make sure members’ names are indicated onthe title slide. Increasing penalty will be imposed for a late submission. Grading Policy: 1. The total 25% for this component is split up as: Presentation (5% each), Blog Post(3% each, except for week 2-4 two posts which together will count for 3% ) 2. Team should make use of Blog post and presentation guidelines below 3. Plagiarism i.e., using others words / material without referencing, is strictly prohibited. See website for details: Presentation Guidelines: Objective of presentation is to explore and learn in depth about the topic from HCI designer or practitioner point of view, share knowledge with peer group, and practice doing professional presentations. Include Design guidelines for specific kind of interface as per the selected topic and provide examples to support your findings. These presentations require you to work in teams and take turns to present the topics to other students in your lecture group. Do take note of the audience and the purpose of your presentations. The benefits that you stand to gain from the presentations are:  In having to prepare a presentation on a specific topic, you inevitably gain a better understanding and insight into the topic itself.  You take responsibility for your own learning and become independent learners, while benefiting from collaborative work with others.  You gain confidence in making presentation and obtain useful feedback so as to improve your presentation skills.  Each team shall make a 20-min presentation on the topic in class in the specified week. Timelimit will be strictly followed so please rehearse to check your talk duration.Based on the time there should be a MAXIMUM of 30 slides. You can include video(s) inyour presentation.Teams should ensure that presentations start on time. The team should make appropriatecontingency plans just in case their ppt cannot be downloaded.Presentations are graded on content and delivery. Here are some criteria for good presentation  Fully prepared presentation with complete knowledge of material  Presentation uses visual aids effectively  Speaker exudes confidence when presenting, maintains eye contact with the audience & maintains an appropriate tone and pace  Speaking is clearly understood  Smooth transitions from point to point (and to the next speaker if applicable)  2
  3. 3. CS3240: SOFTWARE HUMAN INTERACTION SEM1 2011-2012    Blog-Post Guidelines:In your Blog post you may use text, video, audio, mindmap or a mix of these elements.Introduce the theme or topic through a catchy title, or a video clip, or audio. Establish whythe topic is interesting, what it is about, and what the reader is expected to learn.Provide the relevant background information, define terminologies and acronyms. Properlyplan, structure, and express your content. Break the topic into subtopics as necessary.Provide examples & illustration. Examples, scenarios, Pictures, charts, graphs and tables canhelp with the analysis and presentation of information.References: Include max 5 references to articles, books, or sites that you have used. Thesereferences offer the interested reader a way to seek further information and show where youhave derived your materials from.Blog posts will be graded on content and presentation. In your Blog posts:  Be transparent and respectful. Use common sense before you post or comment.  Be accurate, concise and helpful. Get the facts right before posting. Do verify the information with a credible source beforehand, if necessary. This is better than having to publish a retraction or correction later. If there is any error, correct it quickly.  Do cite and link to your sources. However, please consider carefully the credentials of your source before linking as this may give the impression that the University is endorsing the site, or a certain cause, group or person.  3