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Props rd vid

  1. 1. PROPS FOR OUR VIDEO Tia Kelly Hunnigale
  2. 2. LAYER 1Layer one is a 1 minute scene between themembers of the band walking up a street. This layeris a scene without music or the lyrics in the song sowe don’t need to use any specific props for thisscene. Possible props would be a mobile phone forone of the girls. This will be seen but not used inthe first layer of the music video. The prop that weuse is appropriate for our video as it relates to ourtarget audience (15-18) and is a typical prop invideos with our genre. Other music videos that usethis prop are ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga , which alsoappeals to our target audience as well.
  3. 3. LAYER 2Layer two is a scene in an alleyway where thegirls dance and perform their song. In this layerwe have bicycles a prop. Whilst the girlswalk/sing down the alleyway the extras in thevideo sit on the bicycles and interact with thegirls. This is typical of teens in our targetaudience age range and it also sets the sceneand style of our video.
  4. 4. LAYER 3Layer 3 is a hangout for teens. For this layer wewill only need a few chairs for our members tohang out on as this scene is a natural sceneshowing teens relaxing. The location againrelates to the lifestyle of teenagers in our targetgroup and also has some relation to the lyrics inthe song as they suggest ‘chilling out’ or‘hanging out’.
  5. 5. LAYER 4This scene requires the most props. We willneed to have lights, alcohol bottles and thingsrelating to alcoholic drinks such as lemons andwe will also need a CD player and some chairs.This scene is a club scene of the teens enteringthe club. This is a direct link to the lyrics andtheme of the song as it is about being in a club.This layer mimics target audience experiencesas teenagers this age regularly attendpartiesclubs. In this layer we will use lights setup in the location and also we will use handheldlights such as glow sticks, torches etc..This is to set the scene and mood of the musicvideo and to show the lyrics and visuals andhow they link.
  6. 6. LAYER 4The basketball court layer is a performancescene with the girls dancing and singing. We willneed extra’s to play basketball in thebackground so our prop will be a basketball. Thisis all that is needed for this layer because it is aperformance layer and the focus in on the girlsperforming rather than the scenery.
  7. 7. LAYER 5Or layer 5 shows a dance-off between a group of teens.For this scene we need skateboarders in the backgroundwhich will require skateboards. Again because if thefocus of the layer we will not need many props. Thescenery also helps set the scene with graffiti and thelayout of the scene so the focus will be on that and thedancing.
  8. 8. LAYER 6Our finale layer if under a train station.This layer requires no props.
  9. 9. • For our video we don not require many props as it is mainly a performance video so the focus is on the performers and the music rather than certain props or instruments.