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Music video analysis 5


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Music video analysis 5

  1. 1. TLC-WATERFALLSABOUT THE BAND T-Boz• TLC is an American Girl band made up of Tionne ‘T-boz’ Watkins , Lisa ‘Left eye’ Lopez and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas. Left eye They are known for producing music of R&B, hip- hop, soul, funk, and new jack swing genre’s. The band produced music that appealed to mid teens to young adults. This band are similar to our music band because of the style of the band and the type of music they produce. Chilli
  2. 2. The video Overall• The video is a concept and narrative video like the music video my group and I plan to produce. The music video speaks about begin force to be pretty or to live up to what the world thinks you should look like. The images in this music video show clearly the theme of the video..
  3. 3. Target audience• The target audience for this video is very specific. The main target audience is teenagers of both genders, it may appeal to girls more because of the band and the music , however, the lyrics appeal to any gender. The other target audience is teens who feel insure about themselves as this song is being used to help them find the courage . The song even features sign language for teens who are deaf or hard of hearing. . The target audience is made clear through the visuals and lyrics.
  4. 4. CONVENTIONS AND GENRE CHARACTERISTICS Chilli • TLC contradict the conventions and characteristics of R&B girl bands. The typical girl band producing R&B music had a strict dance routine andBand members formation. In this song TLC sitsitting whist down for the majority of theperforming music video. Also in R&B music videos if the music video is a narrative the members of the band play the characters in the story Destiny’s child however only one of the dance routine band members is part of the story.
  5. 5. LINKS BETWEEN LYRICS/MUSIC AND VISUALSLYRICS AND VISUALS MUSIC AND VISUALS • The lyrics are about • The music had an being ‘unpretty’. This upbeat tempo. Its is shown thought the flowery melody visuals of people suggests hope My outsides Make you feel forcing themselves which is shown are cool unpretty too to look pretty or of through the visuals My insides I was told I was them wanting to look beautiful of butterfly’s flying are blue like others who they away and of a field considers pretty. The of flowers which Never insecure visuals illustrate the also suggest natural until I met you lyrics and also beauty, which Now Im bein amplify the theme of relates to the stupid the song. theme of the song.
  6. 6. OverallWhat I can use What have I learnt• I can use this example from • I have learnt abou the way TLC to see how I can in which certain types of challenge some of the videos are used to reach the conventions of R&B girl target audience. I have also band videos. I can also see learnt that I can use some how I can Link Music and of Goodwin’s theories to visuals and lyrics and visuals create a video that would in a way that will directly affect the target audience affect the target audience. greatly.