Music video analysis 2


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Music video analysis 2

  1. 1. DESTINY’S CHILD-LOSE MY BREATHABOUT THE BAND• R&B band Destiny’s child formed in 1997 originally had 4 members. The band reformed in 2000 producing BEYONCE KNOWLES KELLY ROWLAND the final line up including Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michele Williams DESTINY’S CHILD MICHELLE WILLIAMS and formed the new and very successful ,Destiny’s child. This band relates to my music video because of their target audience, costume and kind of music they produce.
  2. 2. THE VIDEO OVERALLPERFORMANCE• The music video is mainly performance with a lot of lyrics and visual links(Andrew Goodwin theory) the video shows a dance off between two trios of girls , both of them being destiny’s child but shown in different alter ego’s or sides to the band. The dance off shows a battle between street and Contemporary dance. The use of linking the lyrics and visuals amplifies what the songs theme is. The song relates to the target audience (15-18) because of the nature of the lyrics.
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE• The target audience is 15-18 females. The lyrics in the music reflect target audience experiences which makes it more appealing to the target audience. I believe it begins at 15 because of the bands style as well, the clothing is very provocative however not so much so that the audience would be a mature audience. The band also have a street style which you can associate more with mid teens rather than early teens, and the band itself appeals to 15 to 18 because of the nature of the songs they usually produce creating the 15-18 age range.
  4. 4. CONVENTIONS AND GENRE CHARACTERISTICS R&B GIRLBANDS Cleopatra • R&B girl bands tend to appeal to the average teenage girl. The songs they produce are about target audience experiences like relationships or going out and enjoying themselves . They also have costume which would appealRuff Diamondz to the target audience (mid teen- older teen). This is because they use high street fashion and street fashion to relate to their audience. This trend is shown through similar girl bands such as Ruff Diamondz, Sugarbabes Cleopatra and Sugarbabes.
  5. 5. LINKS LYRICS AND VISUALS MUSIC AND VISUALS• The pace of the lyrics begins at a • The music amplifies the lyrics regular pace but then speeds up and slows down on the lyric ‘oooo’ as if of the song. The music is at a someone is breathing out or taking a fast tempo which, like the deep breath. This relates to the visuals visuals, relates to ‘keeping as the dancing speeds up and slows Can you keep up? down. This also links to the music as Baby boy up’. The choreography and the music is does the same thing as make me lose my breath the music mimic each other. the lyrics and the choreography. When bring the noise There are drum rolls every 24 the artists say ‘Lose my breath’ at one point they blow dust from their hands moved so fast baby now beats which is where there is as if it is their breath again showing grabbed you, grind you, liked travelling either walking to the link between lyrics and visuals in you, tried you another location or towards this song. The surface meaning of the moved so fast baby now I cant song is about keeping up with dance find you (at this point the pace each other. There are also moves (the surface meaning link the of the lyrics speeds up) two counts of horn sounds lyrics and the visuals clearly). This is which is when there is a close shown when the trio’s have a dance Ooo, (this is where is slows battle to see who gives up first and down)Im starting to believe up of a big dance move or a who can’t ‘Keep up’ . This is a direct that Im way facial expression which example of Goodwins theory. too much for you amplifies the music.
  6. 6. ADVERTISING THE ARTISTS & RECORD LABLESVOYERISTIC TREATMENT OFTHE FEMALE BODY• Although there are many areas where voyeuristic images could be used there is only 1 particular moment where there is a medium close up of one of the members body parts which could be seen as a voyeuristic element. There are several moments CAMERA ANGLES AND MOTIFS where men are involved in the choreography so the voyeuristic areas • The first camera angle is a long shot of the songs are shown through the which is a strong camera angle as it choreography rather than camera establishes the girl band right away angles. and shows their costume which is key for captivating heir intended audience. After the songs begins there are close ups of each artist on the beat of the music which creates a punchy attitude for the band members. The motif the band has is aural rather than visual as we hear a drum roll where there is travelling every other 24 counts.
  7. 7. Overall• The way the artists are advertised has been a main learning point for me as I can now use this in my groups music video to advertise our artists as they appeal to the same target audience. I can also use what I learnt from the links between music/lyrics and visuals and incorporate it into the music video to amplify the lyrics as they are important to the song. The conventions I researched can be challenged, used or developed in the music video to create a new style for our band.