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Tilburg University Summer School 2014


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'Tilburg University Summer School is Serious Fun' You can find all summercourses for 2014 in this leaflet!

For more information you can go to

We hope to see you this summer in Tilburg!

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Tilburg University Summer School 2014

  1. 1. Tilburg University Summer School 2014 • Serious Fun
  2. 2. Tilburg University Summer School The Tilburg University Summer School offers a wide range of interesting and challenging courses at our green and compact campus with excellent facilities, including nearby accommodation. The courses allow you to broaden your knowledge or to eliminate deficiencies. Most courses are rewarded with European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and you will get a certificate upon completion of a course. Courses 2014 Business, Economics, and Law International Entrepreneurship Program (6 ECTS) Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Profitability (3 ECTS) The Law and Economics of EU Emission Trading Global Business Law and Economics (4 ECTS) Business and Human Rights (3 ECTS) Management and Organization Crowd-sourcing for Collective Intelligence Anchors for Solid Leadership Provided by Tilburg Sustainability Center Provided by TiasNimbas Business School Global Law Addressing Global Challenges: an International Law Perspective (6 ECTS) Democracy and Law – the Law of Democracy (6 ECTS) Lecture given by former Dutch minister of Justice Statelessness Ernst Hirsch Ballin. Psychology Brain & Behavior (3 ECTS) ‘‘Meeting so many new and great people from all over the world’’ - Tobi Müller, Germany ‘‘All in all, the course was useful, intense and fun’’ - Mai Lim, Vietnam
  3. 3. Philosophy Tragedy as Philosophy (3 ECTS) Deceit and Desire: René Girard’s Mimetic Theory, an Introduction Statistics Research Methods and Statistics (12 ECTS) • Sports Tilburg University Top-hockey Course Languages Dutch, Intensive Summer Course (8 ECTS) Dutch, Intensive Course for German Speakers (8 ECTS) Writing and Studying at an Academic Level - for Native Speakers- (2 ECTS) English for Academic Purposes Courses – B2 or C1 Level (6 ECTS) Spanish Beginners Course (4 ECTS) Spanish Intermediate Course (4 ECTS) Chinese Beginners Course (4 ECTS)
  4. 4. A fun social program! Tilburg University Summer School brings cultures together. Every year, over 300 students representing more than 50 nationalities from all over the world participate. We combine serious studying with a fun-packed social program. In this program, there is room for cultural activities, sports, and relaxation. We will have a great kick-off party, organize a traditional Dutch games night, taste food and drinks from all over the world during the International Dinner, and see how beer is brewed at a local brewery. Besides, we will visit some of the most interesting cities in the Netherlands, like Amsterdam and The Hague! Since Tilburg is centrally located in North-Western Europe, Tilburg is a perfect starting point to discover the Netherlands or Europe by yourself. Together with your fellow Summer School students, you will have an unforgettable time and create new, lasting friendships! Who says studying can’t be fun?! "The social program was one of the best parts of the Summer School. It was well-organized, a lot of activities. My favorites? The trip to Amsterdam, - Daniel Betancourt, Canada concerts in the park, and the rowing clinic." Contact Tilburg University Summer School (International Office) Room A 408 P.O. Box 90153 5000 LE TILBURG The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)13 466 8929 E-mail: