TiEcon Delhi Oct 2011- Debashish das (human resource)


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TiEcon Delhi Oct 2011- Debashish das (human resource)

  1. 1. Human Resource For EntrepreneursWithout breaking the bank Tie CON 2011 New Delhi Debashish Das
  2. 2. Scenario 1:An irate customer at a leading brand outlet not happy with the service experienceprovided by the staff .Scenario 2 :Customer dissatisfied with the Relationship Manager and delivery teams’ capabilityand attitude affecting client relationship and future business prospects .Scenario 3 :Start up organisation in E commerce facing issues of attrition resulting in clientdissatisfaction , also not being a preferred employer brand reducing walk in of freshcandidates affecting current client servicing .Scenario 4 :News of a merger in the company creating environment of low motivation andmorale , leading to reduced productivity and low engagement . “ We have no clarity “is the employee feedback . Debashish Das
  3. 3. Agenda :How to balance employee satisfaction (recruitment, motivation, and retention) withcost ?Maintain fun & flexibility with performance ?Fight the big brands for talent ? Debashish Das
  4. 4. Entrepreneur Challenge 1 :•What level of HR manager to hire?•Use consultants or in-house?•When and at what stage to have HR – Scratch or atScale ? Debashish Das
  5. 5. Reflection Points :• Competency / Capability of the resource• Affordability• Alignment to the Promoter Vision• Organisation Environmental Readiness• Role and Deliverables expected from HR – Transactional or Transformational Debashish Das
  6. 6. Entrepreneur Challenge 2 :• How to do effective Performance appraisals and goal setting ?• How to derive and measure Productivity from each employee and linkto compensation ?• How to get the whole organization aligned and financial-oriented /business sensitive / commercially sensitive ? Debashish Das
  7. 7. Reflection Points :• Clearly define contribution and performance metrics and index of business• Set the right KRA , Goals well in time aligned to business metrics by role / function/ level• Data discipline for performance review• Managerial Capability to review• Use tools for setting KRA on Financial and Non Financial areas• Pay for Capability / efforts / Performance than loyalty and tenure• Identify Good , Great and Excellent Talent in the system• Develop / Enhance Capabilities and Competencies• Fairness and transparency in PMS Debashish Das
  8. 8. Entrepreneur Challenge 3 :• How to attract and retain good people ?• How to develop a positive Employer brand ?• How to hire and retain without blowing all budgets? Debashish Das
  9. 9. Reflection Points :• Interview Experience• Separation Experience• Hiring through reference• Grade and Identify Talent in various buckets of Potential / Performance• Focus and Plan a different set of Initiatives for HP / HP ( High Potential / HighPerformance )• Constant Compensation Benchmarking , Use Lead / Lag or Lag / Lead approachfrom time to Time• Track Compa Ratio by Role , Level , Function to maintain parity• Capture Aspirations / Ambitions and provide opportunity and platform to leveragethese in Work Assignments Debashish Das
  10. 10. Changing Role of HRTransactional to Transformational Debashish Das
  11. 11. Changing Role of HR From : To :- On the Table - At the table - Manage Energy , Aspiration and- Vigilance Manager Ambition- Administrative role holder - Business Enabler- Welfare Resource - Business Planner- Hire and Fire Manager - Employer Brand Evangelist- Leave Record Manager - IT Evangelist- Diwali Gift Manager - Ethical partner- Salary Processing Unit - Talent Magnet- Transactional , Task based - Business Continuity Enabler - Productivity Enhancer - Transformational , Vision based Debashish Das
  12. 12. HR Roadmap Aligned to Business Growth Globaliz Plus - Strategic Global Talent Acquisition , Managing Diversity , Standardization across Geographies ation Diversifi Plus – New capability development , up gradation of HR policies , Cultural Integration initiatives cation Expansi Plus - Leadership Development , Control and Governance , Employer Branding , Best Practice on ReplicationStages ofBusinessevolution Plus - Succession Planning , Mentoring , Middle Management Development , YL program , Talent Growth Management Framework , Compliance and Governance of culture and code of conduct , Internal Benchmarking . Operati Plus - Talent Management ,Employee Engagement , Employee Relations , Reward and Recognition , on Culture Building Initiatives , Code Of conduct , Knowledge Management Launch Plus - PMS , Competency framework , Compensation and Benefit , Functional Capability , e HR Project Job Description , Org. Structure, HR Policies , KRA , Payroll , HRIS , Statutory compliance , /Pre Hiring guidelines , Induction and on boarding Launch Debashish Das Stages of HR evolution
  13. 13. Transformational HR Framework Engagement / Employer Branding Talent Communication Management System Performance Management System Policies , Processes , Systems Culture and Values Debashish Das
  14. 14. Why the Need for Change ?• Increase in business complexities due to consumerism and choice abundance• Increase in skilled employment numbers• Younger and aware workforce with contrarian and neo conventional approach• Automation of transactional HR activities freeing up HR face time• Demand for increased value addition in HR function from Business• Intangibility to tangibility of HR delivery metrics Debashish Das
  15. 15. How to actualise the changed role ?• Differentiated competencies in HR• Business aligned HR metrics• Shift from Transactional to Transformational focus in partnerships• Time agnostic Transformational HR approach – Scratch or Scale Debashish Das
  16. 16. “Give me a lever long enough and Ill move theworld". Thank You Debashish Das