TiEcon Delhi 2013 - Why I Failed by Shweta Punj


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TiEcon Delhi 2013 - Why I Failed by Shweta Punj

  1. 1. WHY I FAILED LESSONS FROM LEADERS SHWETA PUNJ “Exceptional and inspiring. A must read” Nandan Nilekani
  2. 2. ‘ Yo u canno t le arn o r addre ss failure witho ut ackno wle dg ing it. Yo u canno t think yo u are an o strich. Yo u have to take ve ry stro ng and de finitive ste ps to co rre ct a pro ble m’ Anu Aga
  3. 3. ‘ Yo u must be able to disting uish be twe e n a re al failure and a pe rce ive d o ne ’ Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
  4. 4. ‘ Imade my first film the way e ve ryo ne wante d me to ; with Chandni Bar I we nt with my o wn g ut co nvictio n, and instinct. ’ Madhur Bhandarkar
  5. 5. ‘ Whe n in do ubt, ste p back and re asse ss yo ur prio ritie s’ Narayanan Vaghul
  6. 6. ‘ Le ade rship is the ability to unde rstand what yo ur o wn inade q uacie s are and surro und yo urse lf with pe o ple that are be tte r than yo u. ’ Captain Gopinath
  7. 7. ‘ Whate ve r yo u can do o r dre am yo u can, be g in it. B ldne ss has o g e nius, po we r, and mag ic in it. ’ Ajit Gulabchand
  8. 8. ‘ I pe o ple are g ive n a f chance the y can pe rfo rm miracle s. ’ Sminu Jindal
  9. 9. ‘ Do n’ t dwe ll o n failure s. The mo re yo u mull, the larg e r the y will appe ar. ’ William Bissell
  10. 10. ‘ Se tting yo urse lf up fo r failure can be an imme nse ly le arning e xpe rie nce . Life ’ s mo st challe ng ing situatio ns can bring o ut the be st in yo u. ’ Sanjiv Goenka
  11. 11. ‘ Yo u have to have the ability to cut the tho ug hts o f winning , achie ve me nt, me dals away fro m yo u. The mo me nt yo u think yo u can win g o ld, yo u will lo se fo cus’ Abhinav Bindra
  12. 12. ‘ A lo ng as yo u put in s an ho ne st day’ s wo rk, sho w e ntre pre ne urship, and take calculate d risk, yo u sho uldn’ t mind failure s. ’ Narayana Murthy
  13. 13. ‘ Co nstantly re asse ss yo ur le ve l o f mo tivatio n and de dicatio n to an o rg anisatio n and always se e k bro ade n ho rizo ns. This will g ive yo u the co urag e to de al with unanticipate d chang e s in yo ur life . ’ Sunil Alagh
  14. 14. ‘ Whe n yo u fall, the first thing yo u do is g e t up… Yo u g e t up, yo u straig hte n yo urse lf, and the n yo u turn. This mo me nt te ache s yo u so much. Falling g ive s yo u a ne w kind o f thinking , a ne w po we r. ’ Subhash Ghai
  15. 15. ‘ Co nfide nce is no t g o o d e no ug h. To o much co nfide nce is just bravado ” Shankar Sharma
  16. 16. “Exceptional and inspiring. A must read” Nandan Nilekani “a marvellous effort and a must read for anyone who wants to achieve something big.” Kishore Biyani “written in a racy style and makes an interesting and take away read.” G.N. Bajpai “...will certainly help readers immensely.” Dr Vijay Mallya