TiE Delhi-NCR Knowledge Session with Invest Hong Kong


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  • Rule of law and independent judiciary
    High degree of autonomy
    Separate customs, currency and immigration territory with the Mainland
    Hong Kong negotiates and signs its own economic and trade agreements and is a full and separate member of the WTO and APEC
  • Corporate Tax
    Singapore 17% maximum rate
    China Standard rate = 25%
    Hong Kong has a simple, predictable and low tax system. The city only imposes three direct taxes – on profits, salaries and property – and has no sales tax, no withholding tax, no capital gains tax, no tax on dividends and no tax on an individual’s estate.
    The government collects an excise duty on four types of goods: tobacco, hydrocarbon oil, spirits and methyl alcohol.
    Duty on both wine and beer was cut to zero since 2008.
  • Hong Kong is a global communications hub and has an excellent communications infrastructure with a fully privatised telecommunications sector.

    Global Innovation Index Report 2013 – 1. Switzerland 2. Sweden 3. UK 4. Netherlands 5. US 6. Finland 7. Hong Kong

    Hong Kong ranked 6th in the ITU Report in Sept 2011. Korea is the world’s most advanced ICT economy, followed by Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland.

    Hong Kong ranked 2nd in Asia Cloud Readiness Index, after Japan.

    As of Sep 2013, mobile subscriber penetration rate has reached 237 percent – one of the highest in the world.

    Hong Kong established the world’s first fully digitalised telecommunications network and implemented operator number portability. Broadband networks cover all household and the penetration rate reached 86 per cent.

    There are over 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots – providing Internet access in public libraries, major parks, recreational and cultural venues.

  • Hong Kong does not have much natural resources and therefore human talent is important.

    Hong Kong people have an essential mix of international market savvy and is the smartest workforce combined with an appreciation of the business culture in the fast-growing Mainland China cities and across Asia.

    Hong Kong’s universities continue to rise up the world rankings to be among the best in the world.

    In the Times Higher Education Magazine, Hong Kong has four universities in the world’s top 200 - University of HK, HKUST, and Chinese University of Hong Kong, and CityU.

  • These are 2012 figures. The Asia-Pacific HNWI population hit 3.7 million in 2012 with wealth totalling US$12 tn.
    The 2013 Capgemini figures reported that Asia-Pacific expected to lead robust global HNWI wealth growth. HNWI wealth expected to reach US$16 tn by 2015
  • Visitor arrivals forecast to be 57 million per year by 2020.
  • Hong Kong is the first place outside the Mainland that possesses a RMB bond market
  • At present, Hong Kong is home to approximately 600 to 800 startups according to knowledge shared by the stakeholders in the startup community. Some of them have offices set up in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) or Cyberport to take advantage of the funding and incubation programmes offered at these public sector bodies, while others are operating out of a co-working space or other rental offices in the city
    The majority of startups founders are in their 30s and are non-local
    More startups in Hong Kong are in the seed to early stages of development, with their products or services in conceptual development or have built a minimum viable product
    The majority of the startups have been in operations for less than two years and have a full-time employee headcount of five or less, including the co-founding team members
    Enterprise solutions (e.g. business-to-business hardware and software) and consumer internet (e.g. business-to-consumer apps, e-retailing) are the key industry sectors. Other sectors include financial technology, energy and environment, medical and education sectors
  • Co-working spaces have multiplied from 2 in 2010 to 28 in 2014
    Google announced a partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong in November 2013 to launch the Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program
    Cyberport partnered with Microsoft to launch an accelerator support programme in early May to boost ICT startup’s fund-raising capabilities and global business expansion
    The city is also witnessing the beginning of industry-focused accelerators and incubators run by the private sector
    More startup initiatives such as Open Data Hong Kong, which is an open, participative and volunteer-run group of Hong Kong citizens
    Startup associations such as StartupsHK have seen memberships increased from 6 to over 5,000 in three years
    In 2013, the HKSAR government launched a HK$500 million Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund in 2013 to support projects that aim to tackle different social problems and challenges facing Hong Kong
  • TiE Delhi-NCR Knowledge Session with Invest Hong Kong

    1. 1. Where Business Goes to Grow Charles Ng Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion
    2. 2. LOCATION – at heart of Asia Great Connectivity 2 4hours Most of Asia’s key markets within 4 hours’ flight time 5hours From half the world’s population
    3. 3. Greater Pearl River Delta 3 Population 64 mn > UK, Italy, South Africa World’s 4th largest trading economy > UK, Italy GDP US$ 1 tn > Indonesia, Netherlands, Turkey Land Area 56,000 km2 < Ireland, Latvia, Panama, West Virginia (US)
    4. 4. Regional Connectivity 4 Hong Kong Macao Guangzhou East Station Guangzhou South Railway Station Guangzhou Baiyuan International Airport Hong Kong International AirportMacao International Airport Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Zhuhai Jinwan Airport Zhuhai Gaolan Port Mawan Port Shekou Port Nansha Ferry Terminal Nansha Terminal HZMB Shenzhen Guangzhou Zhuhai Source: CBRE, SCMP Nansha Hengqin Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway HK-SZ Western Corridor Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway Qianhai Within the PRD region and Guangdong province • High-speed railways to Nanning, Guiyang, Xiamen, and Maoming • Intercity Railways linking cities and major towns • Metros or Urban Transits in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan Cross-boundary links in the GPRD region • Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link • Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Express Line • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) International and external connectivity • Three further runways at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport • Third runway at Hong Kong International Airport • Third runway at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport • Phase three of Nansha Port in Guangzhou • Expansion of Yantian Port and phase two of Dachanwan Port in Shenzhen
    5. 5. • Ruleoflawandindependentjudiciary • Levelplayingfieldandnoforeignownershiprestrictions • Politicalstabilityandpro-businessgovernance • TheWorld’sFreestEconomyfor19consecutiveyears • HongKongnegotiatesandsignsitsowneconomicandtradeagreementsandisa fullandseparatememberoftheWTOandAPEC One Country Two Systems 5
    6. 6. 16.5 17 25 15 20 45 5 16 37 5 20 11 0 7 17 Hong Kong Singapore Shanghai* Corporate Income Personal Income Employer Social Security Employee Social Security VAT • VAT/GST/Sales tax • Capital Gains Tax • Withholding tax on investments • Estate duty • Global taxation • Wine duty Low and Simple Tax System 6 NO * There is no standard rate across the Mainland China. Shanghai is used as an example Percentage
    7. 7. World Class ICT Infrastructure 7 7th in the Global Innovation Index Report (INSEAD2013) 2nd in Asia Networked Readiness Index (The Global Information Technology Report 2014, World Economic Forum) 2nd in Asia ICT Development Index (ITU Oct 2013) The safest place in Asia for setting up data centres (Data Centre Risk Index, Cushman & Wakefield, 2013) Mobile phone penetration rate >237% (OFCA, Sep 2013) The world’s fastest speed for Internet access (Akamai Technologies, 2014)
    8. 8. Human Capital - Quality Education 8 x2 x49 Two universities in the world’s top 100 (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013/14) HKUST MBA – 1st in Asia and 8th in the world (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2013) World’s Top EMBA 2013: Kellogg – HKUST EMBA Programme (Financial Times 2013) 49 International schools 3rd in the Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment (Economic Intelligence Unit 2012) Hong Kong studentsranked first in readingliteracy globally (Progress on International Reading Literacy Study 2011)
    9. 9. Business-to-Consumer  Gateway to 3.7 million HNWIs in Asia-Pacific with wealth totalling US$12 tn  Wealth growth the strongest in Asia-Pacific at 12%  Hong Kong – HNWIs up 36%  Asia-Pacific expected to lead robust global HNWI wealth growth. HNWI wealth expected to reach US$16 tn by 2015 Source: Capgemini World Wealth Report 2013 • Asia-Pacific accounted for 50% of the growth in global wealth since 2010 • By 2020, est. no. of millionaires in Mainland China & Hong Kong will reach 3.7 million, an accumulated wealth of US$14 trillion 9 Source: James Davies, Rodrigo Lluberas and Anthony Shorrocks, Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2011
    10. 10. 3.8 8.5 12.5 13.6 15.5 18.0 22.5 28.1 34.9 40.7 9.3 7 10.8 11.7 12.7 11.6 13.5 13.8 13.7 13.6 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 2000 2003 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Million Number of visitor arrivals Mainland China Rest of the World Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board +12% 54.3 million visitors +16% +4% Spending US$44.1 billion US$1,044 per capita
    11. 11. 2,264 new investment projects approved;investment amount US$43.7 bn (as of 2013) (Source: MOFCOM) RMB deposits in Hong Kong of RMB1,053 bn (~US$173 bn) (as of Dec 2013) (Source: HKMA) Business-to-Business 11 797 listed Mainland enterprises on the HKEx; total market cap US$1.76 tn (as of Dec 2013) (Source: HKEX) 2000 2013 % of mainland companies % of mainland capitalisation 49% 57% 18% 27%
    12. 12. 7,449 companies of which 3,835 are RHQs and ROs in 2013 (Source: 2013 Annual survey, HKSAR Government’s Census & Statistics Department) Prime Conduit for FDI Rank FDI Inflows (2012) US$ bn FDI Outflows (2012) US$ bn 1 USA 168 USA 329 2 China 121 Japan 123 3 Hong Kong 75 China 84 4 Brazil 65 Hong Kong 84 5 British Virgin Islands 65 UK 71 6 UK 62 Germany 67 7 Australia 57 Canada 54 8 Singapore 57 Russia 51 9 Russia 51 Switzerland 44 10 Canada 45 British Virgin Islands 42 12 Source: World Investment Report 2013, UNCTAD
    13. 13. Markus Kramer President, Dispersions and Pigments Division (Global headquarters) Global Operations in Hong Kong John Rice Vice Chairman (Global operations) Jean-Pascal Tricoire Global CEO Jeff Urwin Global Head of Investment Banking Johan de Nysschen President (Global headquarters) 13 Christophe Roussel Int’l Sourcing Director Karen Fifer Global Managing Partner, Consumer Markets Practice
    14. 14. Startmeup.HK 14
    15. 15. Startup Ecosystem in Hong Kong 15 600-800 in their 30s 80% of startup founders are non-local <2 Years Establishment Full-time staff ≤5 • Enterprise solutions & consumer internet, fintech, energy & environment, medical and education, etc Business Sectors including incubatees located in About startups
    16. 16. Burgeoning Co-work Spaces startup commune 2010 3 2014 30 Number of co-work spaces in HK >1,600 spaces
    17. 17. A Vibrant Community 17 • and – Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Programme • and – Accelerator Support Programme • Open Data Hong Kong • HK$500 million Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (launched in 2013)
    18. 18. Social Media – East Meets West 18 Hong Kong where social media channels intersect
    19. 19. How We can Help Networking events, introduction to service providers PR and marketing support for launch/expansion Facilitation of visa applications, schooling Information to aid planning and evaluation
    20. 20. Startups We’ve Supported 20 77% Startups supported by InvestHK since 2010
    21. 21. StartmeupHK Venture Programme 5 December 2013
    22. 22. Entries by Location (2013) 22 69 50 43 21 19 19 15 14 12 12 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Hong Kong US Israel India UK Canada Malaysia France GermanyAustralia UK - Top 5
    23. 23. Business Sectors Information and Communications Technology [ICT], 131, 34% Creative Industries [CI], 97, 25% Innovation and Technology [I&T], 53, 14% Business and Professional Services [BPS], 32, 8% Consumer Products [CP], 30, 8% Tourism and Hospitality [T&H], 19, 5% Transport and Industrial [T&I], 15, 4% Financial Services [FS], 7, 2% Information and Communications Technology [ICT] Creative Industries [CI] Innovation and Technology [I&T] Business and Professional Services [BPS] Consumer Products [CP] Tourism and Hospitality [T&H] Transport and Industrial [T&I] Financial Services [FS] 23
    24. 24. New Features 24 Early to growth stage ventures with revenue and/or significant users/customers Category 1 Startups at the concept and prototype stage with no revenue 9 winners 3 winners 3Grand Award Winners Category 2 Special Awards Fin Tech and Smart City Target sectors ICT; Medical and healthcare; Retail technology; Supply chain and logistics; Creative industries; Hardware and electronics; Education
    25. 25. Benefits Grand Award Winners will receive benefits worth over US$500,000 Sponsored trip to Hong Kong Free work / retail space Media exposure • Present to potential angel investors, business partners and startup community stakeholders • Mentorship from prominent business leaders • Professional services from leading accounting, legal, design, brand strategy and managed hosting firms in Hong Kong • Partnership matching
    26. 26. Key Dates Closing date for applications 31 Jul (12:00p.m. HK Time) Interviews with semi-finalists 1stweek of Sep StartmeupHK Venture Forum 11 Nov Applications open NOW! http://www.startmeup.hk
    27. 27. Get in Touch: www.startmeup.hk For more information, please contact Shammi Hattangdi, Principal Consultant (Mumbai) shattangdi@investhk.com.hk 12 Deccan Court, 259 S. V. Road Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050, India Tel: +91 22 65610754 startmeuphk www.facebook.com/startmeuphk www.youtube.com/user/investhk www.linkedin.com/company/invest- hong-kong
    28. 28. Get in Touch: www.investhk.gov.hk 28 Tel: (852) 3107 1000 sgalpin@investhk.gov.hk InvestHK www.linkedin.com/company/ invest-hong-kong www.youtube.com/user/investhk www.flickr.com/photos/investhk For more information, please contact: Shammi Hattangdi, Principal Consultant (Mumbai) shattangdi@investhk.com.hk 12 Deccan Court, 259 S. V. Road Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050, India Tel: +91 22 65610754