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India Education Entrepreneurship Day 2014 - Sales & Marketing Session


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Sales & Marketing for Education Startups

Published in: Education
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India Education Entrepreneurship Day 2014 - Sales & Marketing Session

  1. 1. STAY TRUE TO THE PATH Prema Sagar Principal and Founder Genesis Burson-Marsteller
  2. 2. Entrepreneurship is about Idea Vision Belief and Values Hard work Projecting capabilities Building relationships
  3. 3. What’s missing from that list? FUNDING
  4. 4. MY JOURNEY I started with two gold bangles and an idea Step by step, built a firm Acquired because of what we offer that no one else did We are still a big, small firm
  6. 6. Staying true to your values Even more so when you are an education start-up Branding and communication Cut through the clutter in the market with clear, focused messaging TWO THINGS MATTER THE MOST
  7. 7. Messaging should concentrate on Core strengths Values Depth and breadth of faculty SET YOUR COMMUNICATION GOALS Vehicles should be Digital Visual Knowledge-sharing
  8. 8. Create and communicate a clear distinguisher Winning is easy, if you can answer the question: Why You? EDUCATION IS AN EXCITING SPACE