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Eship promotion plan


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Published in: Technology
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Eship promotion plan

  1. 1. Where do you want YOUR BRAND to be whenIndia’s largest entrepreneurial eventhappens on September 30th and October 1st? The next slide tells you where
  2. 2. Promote your brand onIndia’s Most Exciting Social Networkfor Entrepreneurs Globally!
  3. 3. and HOW?
  4. 4. You can display anything from your social blogfeeds to your company’s officialfacebook fan page. Fromtwitter feeds to your YouTube channels.And all this will be available all through-out TiEcon tothe delegates, speakers and the entire entrepreneurialecosystem online on Entrepreneurs-Ship!
  5. 5. Promotional PackagesInclusion Pricing TimelineHome Page Showcase INR 1,50,000 August 15th – September – October (1st week)Sidebar Showcase INR 50,000 August 15th – September – October (1st week)Dedicated full page INR 1,25,000 August 15th – September – October (1st week)Featured Blogs (5) INR 25,000 August 15th – September – October (1st week) Get your space now! Contact: Paritosh Sharma | +91 9999 765 121 | *all creative(s) to be provided by the partners