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Digital Marketing strategy for Primark


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Digital Markering 6 month campaign for the potenial e-commerce website launch of Primark

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Digital Marketing strategy for Primark

  1. 1. Thusyanthy Vadivelu Digital Marketing
  2. 2. I N T R O D U C T I O N •  Irish clothing retailer founded in 1969 •  10 countries •  3rd company with highest turnover •  Low prices and strong store expansions •  Large product portfolio Ø  No ecommerce website ?
  3. 3. T H E E N V O R I M E N T, C U S T O M E R •  Unemployment lowest •  Price sensible, top purchase: price for 48% •  General spending increased by 3,2% from Janv 2015-2016 •  6% of Irish people’s income are spent in clothing Ø  Online •  31% buy online •  July 2014/2015: online clothing expenditures +11.4% •  96% Irish population use mobile •  16% use it to shopping purposes •  Customer power
  4. 4. C O M P E T I T O R S 11.5 billion of net sales Strong digital communication Diversified type of content lot of publication 3posts / days High quality content “look good” interviews, looks, music, promotion, make up hacks… Contests App.: H&M: gathers 500,000 people 11.54 billion of net sales ¾ days, not daily posting ecommerce site photos posts relevant with actualities Collection photo Products App.: gathers nearly 5 million people
  5. 5. T H E B U S I N E S S Current digital strategy: •  Non transactional online platform •  Service oriented relationship building site •  Attract customers by launching attractive and aggressive marketing campaigns on digital social networks Targeted audience •  25-50 years old •  People who are fashion-conscious and want value for money USP “ Offering a large diversified range of fashion products to consumers, which is regularly updated with new products at low prices” ⇒  CONVENIENCE ü  Embrace competition
  6. 6. G O A L : L A U N C H T H E E - C O M M E R C E W E B S I T E O F P R I M A R K O N T H E I R I S H M A R K E T •  Timescale: Beginning of November 2016 and ends in may 2018 •  Objectives 1.  Conduct a brand awareness strategy to promote the launch of the website increase 600,000 of Irish unique visitors during the length of the campaign from November 2016 to May 2017. To be measured by Google analytics. 2.  Achieve 10% of conversion to the Primark e-commerce website. To be measured by Google analytics, 6 months after the launch, may 2017.
  7. 7. S T R A T E G Y STRATEGY 1 Web site and content strategy: •  Influencer and blogger collaboration: link building •  Bundle of for purchase created by bloggers •  Online fashion show Optimize SEM Campaign •  Adwords via Google adwords •  Paid engine searches Display advertising and mobile strategy •  Advertisement on websites: affiliate marketing •  Advertising on mobile and tablet Social media strategy: Snapchat, Facebook, You tube Twitter •  Content strategy on social media •  Contest promotion
  8. 8. T A C T I C S 1 – C r e a t e a w a r e n e s s Website strategy •  4 influencers, fashion bloggers and make up artists 1.  Allow promotion 2.  Creation of looks 3.  Bloggers & PR fashion show Fashion show 2 •  Customers form Primania •  Filmed and photographed available on the website SEM Campaign •  Meta description •  Keywrods PPC •  Relevant, exhaustive, evolving keywords Facebook advertising •  Page post links •  Dynamic product Ad Display advertising & mobile strategy •  Affiliate marketing Billboard, page takeover, half page, mobile/tablet
  9. 9. S T R A T E G Y STRATEGY 2 Website design strategy •  Look and feel of the site: Easy, simple way to shop •  Reduce the maximum the steps from when the product is put in the bundle to the transaction step Mobile app Exclusive product sales on the website •  DIY top contest to be produced and sold Email marketing •  E-zines: Email newsletter
  10. 10. T A C T I C S 2 – B u i l d c o n v e r s i o n Website Design strategy •  Purchase funnel simple •  Mobile friendly Creation of a mobile app Exclusive product sales on e-commerce •  Product online available on the website: DIY top design creation contest targeting customers which will be then sold on the internet Email marketing •  Ezines weekly sent
  11. 11. B U D G E T
  12. 12. M E A S U R E M E N T KPIs (evolution) Number of visits Bounce rate Number of viewed pages Time spend on the website Ranking of the website Social networks Amount of targeted followers Use of tags/# Number of views of posts Number of posts/ week Views Shares Comments Engagement level Social media referral links Search optimisation Keywords ranking CTR Google analytics Search engine referral Conversion rate by search query Measure organic and paid searches Advertising % of traffic from publishers Facebook advertising Mobile app Downloaded amount E-mail marketing Total opens Open rates CTR Bounce rate Complaints Unsubscribe rate Conversion amount Made revenue
  13. 13. C O N C L U S I O N •  Customer at the centre of the strategy Privileged ambassadors = brand awareness and strengthen branding communities, brand image 1.  Brand awareness: drive visits to the e-commerce website through a website and content strategy, SEM campaign, advertising plan and social media strategy. 2.  Achieve conversion thanks to a well-built design strategy, exclusive product sales, email marketing and an app launch. ⇒  All that with a fresh and creative tactics, ready to embrace our customers and differentiate us from the other clothing retailers.