Experience sharing hautl supervision


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Experience sharing hautl supervision

  1. 1. Super vising Health System Strengthening Activities U Htun Lwin Health Assistant Ngaphyugalay RHC
  2. 2. Supervision visits for the supervisors During the process of CTHP in Thayarwaddy in November 2011 the supervision visits were drawn for township, station and RHC levels Eg: Ngaphyugalay RHC- 4 Subcenters & 43 villages, 10 V under main, 33 villages to be visited by HA & LHV (Letpankon, Myitkyo, Kanyintabin & Kyungalay) Farthest - Myitkyo, Kanyintabin- 15miles from RHC situated at other side of Myitmakha river - Letpankon SC- 12 miles from RHC - Kyungalay SC – 10 miles from RHC  
  3. 3. Supervision visits for the supervisors Previously –we could visit to the SC from other side of river, 2-3 times/year Those on the same side of river bank could be visited 4 times/year -Plan to visit to one SC six times per year in CTHP by HA & LHV --With HSS support from Jan to June 2012 – already visited to a total of 12 Supervision visits by HA & LHV Kanyintabin- HA 3 times, LHV 1 time Myitkyo - HA 1 time, LHV 1 time  Kyungalay - HA 2 times, LHV 2 times  Letpankon LHV 2 times
  4. 4. SUPERVISION IN NGAPHYUGALAY RHC FOR FIRST QUARTER S/N RHC 1 Ngaphyugalay RHC Kanyintabin HA SC Feb March (13.1.12) LHV Jan Myitkyo SC (10.2.12) Kyungalay SC (9.3.12) Kyungalay SC (1.1.12) Kanyintabin SC (9.2.12) Myitkyo SC (14.3.12)
  5. 5. SUPERVISION IN NGAPHYUGALAY FOR SECOND QUARTER S/N RHC April May 1 Ngaphyugalay RHC Kanyintabin HA SC June (6.4.12) LHV Kyungalay SC (11.5.12) Kanyintabin SC (8.6.12) Kyungalay SC (4.4.12) Letpankon SC (10.5.12) Letpan kon SC (7.6.12)
  6. 6. Supervision Check list for supervision 1.Infrastructure 2.Water and Sanitation 3.Map / Organization Chart 4.Community Participation – committee meeting 5.Health Profile 6.Health Posters & Pamphlets 7.Drug store / Lab / Maternity room 8.CHW/AMW collaboration 9.Report and Returns 10.Equipment 11.Medicines 12.Activities and Findings 13.Give Suggestions at the end  
  7. 7. Myitkyo SC previous condition in 2011 Discussion with community to rebuild the subcenter Forming a committee to refurbish the Myitkyo SC
  8. 8. Become better in 2011 Myitkyo SC in 2012 July with new roof and fencing No midwife appointed as yet
  9. 9. Supervision cum participation in the package tours Jan, Feb, March –visited 5 HTR villages April, May, June- visited 7 HTR villages, including 5 villages from first round Observations: First round of visit Second round of visit • Requested to construct sanitary latrines • 9 new latrines were constructed • Community interest and attendant was less • Many people attended the package session • CHW/AMW coordination was not satisfactory • More collaboration by CHW/AMW in the second package session Impression: Community appreciates team of BHS coming and delivering package of service
  10. 10. Suggestions given by Inspector To improve filling in the reports / registers correctly and on time Infrastructure –inspection notes to be taken care of by the villagers To emphasize on prevention and complication of Abortion To give information on Malaria, DHF, other infectious diseases to the community To provide Quality ANC To set up health care fund, Emergency Plan for referral at village level To provide early referral of high risks AN to hospital by
  11. 11. Strengths Midwives become more motivated due to frequent supportive supervision  Improvement in data quality  Improvement in service quality  Provision of on-the-job training  Self motivated  Weakness     Cannot travel according to plan for supervision Technical competency in supervision need to be strengthened Follow up checking for some request/order being implemented or not Lack of feed back to the midwives
  12. 12. 12