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12.experience sharing by midwives


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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12.experience sharing by midwives

  1. 1. Implementation of package tour Experience sharing by Midwife Daw Khin Myo Win Midwife Bawgahta Subcenter Boe Ma RHC
  2. 2. Background • Boema RHC is 60 miles away from Pyinmanar Township. • There are 4 sub-centers and 25 villages under Boema RHC. • All the villages are hard to reach and situated on the hills. • Population residing are mostly Kayan and Kayin races. • Social barrier and financial barrier are also present .
  3. 3. Bawgahta sub-center is 20 miles away from Boema RHC To reach Bawgahta subcenter from Pyinmanar--•First travel by public bus to Yeni from Yedarshe township, • from there by cycle taxi to Yepu subcenter of Boema RHC for night stop •and then walk for 7 hours in the next morning to reach Bawgahta SC.
  4. 4. Package of Services • Started in January to April 2012 according to CTHP . • Service package cannot be conducted in rainy season. • Two groups of BHS - (4) in each group HA + 1 MW +1 PHSII + 1 AMW in one group LHV + 2 PHSII + 1 AMW in other group • Also plan to deliver package of service in November and December, 2012
  5. 5. Package of Services
  6. 6. Preparation of Package Tour • Prepare for HE session (IEC materials) • Prepare for reports/returns (register book) • Prepare some drugs/equipment (bathroom scale, salter scale, BP cuff, Stethoscope, MAC tape, Test strips) • Prepare to carry vaccines in vaccine carrier • Information about package tour is sent to village authorities one week before actual implementation
  7. 7. Implementation of Service Packages • First, HE session is given using IEC materials as soon as community is organized. • Health talks and focus group talks are conducted according to planned topics. (4 cleans, nutrition, danger signs of pregnancy) • Hand washing - practical exercise by community. • Then group of health staff conduct each activity separately - one performing quality ANC, - another performing immunization, - another performing weighing of under five
  8. 8. • General examination of people for their illnesses and treatment are given accordingly for ARI, hypertension and minor ailments. • After that inspection of latrines in the village is done by group of health staff. • VHWs (AMW & CHW) assist the activities by - calling and gathering pregnant mothers for ANC - weighing under five children - assist in recording activities - translate to the community
  9. 9. Strengths • Many services (EPI, MCH, Nutrition, EH & HE) can be given during one visit. • The unreached villages can be reached and provide services. • Quality ANC and PNC can be done due to group activity . PMCT also conducted. • Under five children can be weighed and screening can be done for malnutrition and referral. • Iodized salt contents can be examined randomly in some households
  10. 10. Strengths • Focus group talks to target population used to be conducted as follows: – – – – – Pregnant mothers for ANC, danger signs of pregnancy Adolescents in separate groups for RH Elderly for nutrition Mothers of under 5 children on EPI and ARI, breast feeding Men group on risks of HIV/AIDS and STDs • Hand-washing demonstration is being appreciated by the people
  11. 11. Constraints • Time consuming for collecting the community if the villagers are working in the fields. • Village authority are not cooperative sometimes . • More difficult to travel during rainy season. • When hired/owned cycles are broken down during package tour, it is difficult to compensate or could not repair for high cost . • Slip and fall due to thick mud and dust while climbing up the hills
  12. 12. Constraints • Inadequate medicines for giving general treatment to people who come for illnesses. • No bathroom scale for weighing AN mother. • Missed delivery cases while travelling for group tour to other villages. • Sometimes health posts -not convenient for conducting activities. • Difficult to construct sanitary latrine and repair after latrine inspection in the village.
  13. 13. Thank You