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Thunderbike Triumph Thruxton Adjustable Handlebar Fitting Instructions


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Instructions for fitting the Thunderbike adjustable handlebar kit to the Triumph Thruxton

Published in: Automotive
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Thunderbike Triumph Thruxton Adjustable Handlebar Fitting Instructions

  1. 1. Thunderbike Thruxton Adjustable Handlebar Fitting InstructionsYou will need the following tools:Set of Metric Allen sockets/keysTorque wrenchMetric ring spanners 8, 10, 22 mmPhillips screw driversSmall file (round/half round)DirectionsFirst make sure you are confident that you possess the necessary technical skillsTo perform safety critical work to your motorcycle, If you are in any doubt get aQualified person you trust to fit these bars,If these bars are not fitted correctly they could cause you to lose control of yourBike resulting in serious injury, make sure they are fitted correctly, obey theTorque instructions.1. Remove clutch lever perch bracket c/w mirror2. Remove brake lever perch bracket c/w mirror3. Remove existing brake reservoir bracket (fig 1)4. Remove switchgear from both bars5. Remove h/bar end caps and slide off the throttle assembly & left bar grip.Tip: You can easily remove a grip by using an airline under the grip as shown inFig 4, otherwise use a lubricant to ease it off.6. Remove top triple clamp c/w clocks assembly.7. Remove small bolt from underside of each bar that retains it to the triple clamp.(fig 2)8. Remove both bars.9. Remove rubber bush from top of fork legs & insert 1 ‘O’ ring as supplied toeach side. Note: It is a tight fit! (fig 3)10. Slide your new handle bars over the fork legs.11. Fit brake & clutch lever clamps.12. Using a file, remove the small plastic locating lug from the inside of eachset of switchgear, leaving approx 1mm protruding.13. Remove the right hand mirror & fit the new L bracket as shown in fig 5 & 6.Use the existing M6 bolt with the supplied M6 Nylock nut & locate the peg fromthe brake reservoir to the smaller hole on the bracket.14. Adjust the new bars to the desired position, making sure that all the bolts &grub screws are tightened to correct torque settings & that all cables are routedso that they are not in any way restricted from movement with the turning of thebars at full lock either side.Torque settings for the large handle bar bolts are 50 – 55 NmGrub screw 4 – 5 NmTop yoke fork clamp bolt 27NmSteering stem top nut 35NmFront brake master cylinder & clutch mounting clamp bolts 15Nm (tighten upper bolt first) 2/46A Muritai Street, Tahunanui, Nelson 7011, NZ +64 (0)3 548 5787