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Kim McKay


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Published in: Travel, Business, Technology
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Kim McKay

  1. 1. MumSpace Casestudy
  2. 2. THE BRIEF What Medina Apartment Hotels were looking for: • A way to start in Social Media that was cost effective and would lead to long term engagement • Increase brand awareness Medina’s target audience in the leisure sector • Measureable success
  3. 3. BEFORE WE BEGIN Understand theroleof Social Mediain your organisation. Social Mediaisamarketing function, however traditional marketing principlescannot beapplied. What weknow: •Treat it likeany Strategy, start with your end goal in mind •Content isKing •Creativity isKey
  4. 4. A New Community Identify an audience Find their platform Start initiative MumSpace • 4,412 total fans • 2,500 monthly active users • 1,000+ interactions each month • 400 page views every day
  5. 5. THE IDEA “MumSpace” A fun, honest and fun community that lets Mums share tips and funny stories. MumSpace is a place to share, purge, rant and chat
  6. 6. THE GAME PLAN Now weneed to: 1. Set expectations 2. Branding 3. Current 4. Relevant 5. Engaging 6. Sustainable 7. Authentic 8. Participate 9. EnablePeer to Peer Conversations 10. Advocacy (theholy grail)
  7. 7. THE CAMPAIGN - TACTICS • Social Media Facebook used to start the conversation with mums • Media Announcement Releases to travel industry, trade and consumer titles • Promotions & Deals Launched through MumSpace, leading consumer magazines, websites and blogs • Partnership PR Work with Luckiest Productions for tour and promotion partnership •Facebook Advertising Build your audience
  8. 8. TACTICS Luckiest Productions - David Campbell
  9. 9. TACTICS Learn the language of your audience, start the conversation Communicate your key messages in this language
  10. 10. TACTICS
  11. 11. ENGAGING Facebook
  12. 12. ENGAGING Australian Traveller Take5
  13. 13. 5. SUSTAINABLE: Low maintenance, self-moderating
  14. 14. PRESS COVERAGE E-Travel Blackboard
  15. 15. PRESS COVERAGE Travel Daily
  16. 16. PRESS COVERAGE eGlobal Travel News
  17. 17. PRESS COVERAGE TheSydney Morning Herald
  18. 18. RESULTS: Business Growth, Development + Profit • Increased traffic to the Medina website,13% of page views now come through Facebook • Direct hotel reservations • Over 25 pieces of press coverage in consumer and trade press • Medina has an engaged audience for all future activity
  19. 19. Questions? Contact: Kim McKay 02 8353 7104