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Daniel Shields


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Daniel Shields' presentation at the 2009 Adventure and Backpacker Industry Conference

Published in: Travel, Business
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Daniel Shields

  1. 1. Getting organised&Getting going<br />A brief commentary on the NZ Backpacking sector<br />
  2. 2. Riding the recession!<br /><ul><li>Backpacking has proved robust in NZ
  3. 3. Total visitor arrivals down 2.8%
  4. 4. Backpackers up 2%
  5. 5. Tourism bodies are paying attention again
  6. 6. Backpacking needed to seize the opportunity
  7. 7. TNZ Backpacker marketing campaign
  8. 8. Share of mind against active cruise and luxury lobby
  9. 9. Re-establish sector group cred with </li></ul> the sector<br />
  10. 10. <ul><li>Tourism New Zealand and led campaign to ‘Global Youth’ market
  11. 11. Aimed at source markets and travellers already on the road
  12. 12. Finding tangible opportunities to involve small and regional businesses
  13. 13. Teaching TNZ how to market to our customers
  14. 14. Building some good will</li></li></ul><li>Getting advocacy support<br />Support from the Tourism Industry Assoc. (NZ version of ATE)<br />Secretarial and news distribution<br />How to work with RTOs<br />Making ourselves useful – establishing our role<br />Being realistic <br />
  15. 15. Sector reconciliation!<br />After nearly two years where 6 large organisations took a caretaker role was re-launched<br />There are some long-term and entrenched factions in NZ Backpacking that needed to be brought back around the table<br />Philosophical debates on ratings vs standards and access for small businesses<br />
  16. 16. Credibility within the sector<br /><ul><li>Delivering stuff the sector needs and wants
  17. 17. Conference – a stand out success
  18. 18. Specific, great speaker mix. PM closing – how do we beat that next year!?
  19. 19. More a forum than being talked at
  20. 20. Broke down some old animosities
  21. 21. Big v small, YHA v BBH, customer ratings v Qualmark
  22. 22. Continued work on governance, membership and involvement is needed</li></li></ul><li>Looking forward<br />Next quarterly meeting coming up<br />An ambitious hit list of<br />Governance<br />Advocacy<br />Marketing<br />Membership<br />
  23. 23. Sharing expertise<br />Backpacking has effectively organised and lobbied in Australia<br />We look to learn from that opportunity<br />We will look for ways to work with BTAP, BOA, BQ etc<br />We are committed to bringing something to the table too – already lending you Dan Roberts!<br />