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Reading Hamburger ss


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A single slide from Through the Magic Door linking the skills and personal habits developed through the habit of reading and desirable life outcomes. Alternate display.

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Reading Hamburger ss

  1. 1. Reading Hamburger<br />Reading<br />Storytelling<br />Conversation<br />Decoding and Numeracy*<br />Empathy, Sustained Focus, Curiosity, Imagination, Pattern Recognition, Forecasting, Social and Moral Judgment, Critical Thinking , Self-Control, Estimation, Prioritization<br />Vocabulary and Knowledge*<br />Health, Wealth, Status, Options, Income, Stability, Education<br />Life Outcomes<br />© Through the Magic Door<br />* Skills materially supplemented in school<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Should you have any questions about this presentation, please contact us.<br />Charles Bayless<br />Through the Magic Door®<br />1579 Monroe Drive<br />Suite F150<br />Atlanta, Georgia 30324<br />E-mail:<br />Office: (404) 898-9096<br />© Through the Magic Door<br />2<br />Contact Information<br />