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What’s the deal with cryotherapy? a complete guide


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Cryotherapy in a “cryo spa” is a treatment that utilizes a special cryosauna. In this chamber a combination of cooling techniques are used to drop the surface body temperature by 30-50 degrees in just a few minutes using a form of liquid nitrogen that cools the air.

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What’s the deal with cryotherapy? a complete guide

  1. 1. WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH CRYOTHERAPY?ACOMPLETE GUIDE In the world of medispa treatments there is a wide variety of interesting options to choose from. Whether your goal is an anti-aging one, just to relax, or tackle some other issues, there is a Houston spa that caters to all of your health and wellness needs. The Thrive Drip Spa is one of the latest to offer cryotherapy to its clients. This is basically the use of extreme cold to treat the body. It’s been used for decades in therapy by the Japanese and European people, but it’s just now becoming more popular in the United States. Here is everything you need to know about this burgeoning medispa experience. Get ready to chill your way to better health. WHAT EXACTLY IS CRYOTHERAPY? • Cold therapy (extreme cold temperatures) • Used to stimulate blood flow • 30 Sec. – 3 Minutes Lon • Helps with Inflamation • Promotes Healing HOW A CRYOTHERAPY SESSION WORKS THE BEAUTY BENEFITS OF CRYO THERAPY Article Source: complete-guide