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Daniel michael’s east bay resource list


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Daniel michael’s east bay resource list

  1. 1. Daniel Michael’s East Bay Resource List<br />May 25, 2010<br />Alameda County Resource Finder:<br /><br />Benefits Planner:<br />Service Area: Southern & Eastern Alameda County<br />Kelly M. Harp, M.A.<br />Community Resources for Independent Living<br />Tri-Cities Branch Office<br />39155 Liberty St., Suite A100<br />Fremont, CA 94538<br />(510) 794-5735 (Phone)<br />(510) 881-0218 (TTY)<br />(510) 881-1593 (FAX)<br />Department of Rehabilitation:<br />FREMONT BRANCH<br />(Greater East Bay District affiliate)<br />(510) 794-2458 (VOICE)<br />39155 Liberty St., Suite F630<br />Fremont, CA 94538-1513 <br /><br />Vocational Programs:<br />BACS<br />1814 Franklin Street<br />Fourth Floor<br />Oakland, CA 94612<br />510-613-0330<br /><br /><br />Employment Program: 510-654-7355<br />Catholic Charities of the East Bay | Refugee Employment Services |<br />Refugee Employment Social Services<br /><br />Fremont-Newark Community College District/Olone College<br />Disabled Students • (510) 659-6079<br />43600 Mission Blvd<br />Fremont CA 94539<br /><br />East Bay Innovations<br />510-618-1580<br /><br />303 West Joaquin Ave.Suite 110<br />San Leandro CA 64577<br />Alameda County Vocational Program<br />510-383-1600<br />333 Hegenberger Rd<br />Oakland, CA 94621<br />Asian Community Mental Health Services<br />510-869-6087<br /><br />www/<br />310 8th Street Suite 201<br />Oakland CA 94607 <br />Alameda County Social Services - Employment Services Dept.<br />510-265-8273<br /><br />24100 Amador Street<br />Hayward CA 94544<br />Rubicon Incorporated<br />510-265-8360<br /><br />24100 Amador Street, 3rd Floor<br />Hayward CA 94544<br />EastBay Works<br />510) 742 – 2323<br /><br />39399 Cherry St., Room 1211<br />Newark CA 94560<br />Ohlone College<br />510-659-6168<br />43600 Mission Blvd<br />Fremont CA 94539-0390<br />Self-Help For The Elderly<br />510-265-8267<br /><br />24100 Amador St. 3rd Floor<br />Hayward CA 94544<br />BAYC<br />415-760-6521<br /><br />22245 Main Street Suite 200<br />Hayward CA 94541<br />GoodWill Industries of the Greater East Bay, Inc.<br />510-698-7205<br />1301 30TH Avenue<br />Oakland California 94601-2208<br />