'The Google Now Adventure'


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A small campaign for Google that uses social media to gain attention for mobile products.

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  • Google is a complex company with a simple look. I chose to focused on a specific part of Google; the mobile aspect.
  • Googles fifth philosophy says "you don't need to be at your desk to need an answer." We prove this daily; need directions, restaurant suggestions, flights departures & delays, local attractions, and so on. This philosophy is fulfilled by our mobile OS, Android. The best example of this is found on the new Nexus 5 which runs the newest version of Android, 4.4 Kit Kat.
  • The Nexus 5 is amazing, but Android 4.4 is the best part about it. Kit Kat features Google Now, which is like Siri but so much more intuitive and understanding. This OS is simply astounding. Why? Because it does everything you need for when you are on the go. This phone will be used later in the campaign; as will Google Glass.
  • In this campaign, Google Glass will be used along with the Nexus 5 to complete real world tasks. We are doing this to further promote the entire mobile aspect Google offers. However, our main goal in this campaign is to increase Android market share since Glass is not yet available.
  • Our target audience is going to be current Android users, potential buyers of smartphones or tablets, and the 'Tech-Know-How' group. The best part about this audience is that almost everyone that is able to operate a smartphone is involved in social media. This campaign directly relates to them.
  • In the US, 56% of adults own a smartphone — which is about 176 million people. The total number of Facebook accounts in the US (including kids) is 179 million. Coincidence? Possibly. Something astounding is 101 million of those Facebook accounts are accessed on mobile devices DAILY. WOW! Twitter is also a heavy hitter, however they average about 5.5 million daily mobile users. Facebook and Twitter are a huge part in this campaign; as are Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. The problem is, classic advertising is extremely boring.
  • Finally we are to the big idea! This campaign involves 3 devices (Nexus 5, Google Glass, and iPhone 5s), 2 people of fame, and 1 big city — called 'The Google Now Adventure.' Since the Space Needle is pictured, lets take Seattle as the big city. In this campaign, 2 celebrities will fly to Seattle for the weekend; one will have the Nexus 5 with Google Glass, the other an iPhone 5s. Their experiences will be broadcast live on YouTube, and what they do is entirely up to the viewers. Using the hashtag 'GoogleNow' viewers will be in control of what they do in the city. They will have to get to a certain place or complete the given task using only the equipment given. Both celebrities will be doing the same thing.
  • Suggested celebrities would be Larry Page, CEO of Google, and Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is currently the number 1 comedy in America according to tvguide.com. With 28 million likes on Facebook, Mr. Parsons would attract a lot of attention very quickly. Perfect for a social media weekend campaign.
  • The budget for this campaign would be a costly weekend. Staff and equipment would account for around $15,000; the city expenses would hit $5,000; and Mr. Parsons is a big mystery. I'm allocating no more than $20,000 to get him on board. All in all, the campaign would cost around $40,000.
  • During this campaign, many things will tell us the success of it. Views, increase in Google Now usage, and Google Search iOS app downloads are things trackable during and after the campaign. Market share is a measure of success but won't be immediate. My goal is to get 125 million people to watch an average of 3.25 time throughout the weekend — this equates to 400 million cumulative viewers. For iOS, I'm expecting 60K Google Search app downloads on the App Store. A 40% increase in the usage of Google Now is also expected. Through the quarter, we expect to gain a 1% market share increase out of the campaign as well.
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  • 'The Google Now Adventure'

    1. 1. Kurtis Damerow
    2. 2. Philosophy “You don‟t need to be at your desk to need an answer” —
    3. 3. 5” 1080p display Beautiful Camera Snapdragon 800 Wireless Charging 4.4 Kit Kat Google Now
    4. 4. Paired with Nexus 5 Promotional The Future
    5. 5. Target Audience Current Users Potential Buyers The „Tech-Know-Hows‟
    6. 6. What We Know.. 56% of Adults1 180 Daily Users In Millions 160 140 176M Smartphones 120 101M Facebookies DAILY!2 100 80 60 40 20 0 Total Facebook Twitter 161M Tweeple Monthly3 Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+
    7. 7. The Big Idea „The Google Now Adventure‟ 3 Devices 2 Celebrities 1 Big City
    8. 8. The Plan Photo By: Larry Page Photo By: Patrick McMullan
    9. 9. The Budget Camera Crew: $15K Weekend Stay: $5K Mr. Parsons: ~$20K Total: ~$40K Crew General Mr. Parson
    10. 10. The Success 400M Weekend Views 60K iOS App Downloads 40% Increase in Google Now Usage 1% Gain in Market Share
    11. 11. Citations 1 Smartphone Ownership 2 Facebook Mobile Users 3 Twitter Monthly Users Logos used are property of Google Design and ideas by Kurtis Damerow