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Muscle diagram website 2


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Bodybuilding For Beginners

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Muscle diagram website 2

  1. 1. Warning: Before attempting the following exercises, see a local consultant, sport/gym trainer or personal nutritionist. Results may vary according to personal health and fitness status. The following exercise is presumed for people who have a slight vocabulary of gym words and are aware of the terminology and equipment mentioned. The muscles parts indicated by the arrows are have no purpose in the program and should be ignored.
  2. 2. Parallel Bar Dips Peck Deck Fly's Bench-Press
  3. 3. Reverse Chin-ups Lat Pull Down Back Lat Pull Downs Chin Ups
  4. 4. Triceps Dips Preacher Curls Barbell Curl Reverse Curls Concentration Curls
  5. 5. Sit Ups Incline Sit Up Leg Raise
  6. 6. Up right Rows Bent-Over-Later- Al-Raise BIRD Lateral Raises Front Raises Low Pulley Bent Over Lat-Ra
  7. 7. Leg Extensions Squats Lying Leg Curl Angled Leg Press
  8. 8. Cable Back Kicks Lunge Bridging
  9. 9. Parallel Bar Dips Parallel Bar Dips This exercise helps develop pectoral muscles as well as the triceps. Parallel Bar Dips are an exercise responsible for a significantly responsibly for triceps which give a firm and nice body shape. This technique is best when first applied with body weight, before attaching additional weights. Implementation: 1. Raise your body with your arms extended above the parallel bars. 2. Slowly with concentrated breathing and with ease lower yourself down (each person has a different limit to the extent they can lower themselves). 3. Raise your body up as before with your arms extended. Try and squeeze your triceps and pectorals for greater effect. 4. Repeat steps with 5 sets of 15 for greater effect (results may vary according to each personal status).
  10. 10. Peck Deck Fly's Peck Deck Fly’s This exercise is a commonly used by many bodybuilders to get great shaped and tough chest. It primarily focuses on the outer boundary of the chest rather than the shoulders and chest at one time like other chest exercises involve. Implementation: 1. The hands should be parallel and placed firmly, elbow resting on the pads of the machine. 2. Push forwards towards chest approximately 90 degrees or until slight tension is felt between the chest muscles. Make sure your hands and elbows are always connected to the padded equipment. 3. Release the pads gently, (not letting go) and return to the beginning position. 4. Repeat this for great results about 5 sets of 10, each time adding an additional weight. 5. This exercise works best with complete concentrated pressure on the chest and focus.
  11. 11. Bench Press The Bench Press is the most popular and common activity in the gym due to the amount of weight that can be carried by one individual. This exercise provides great chest strength alongside deltoids. Implementation: 1. Lay back with a straight back on the support bench. Level the bench press height to your arm length. 2. Firmly grip the bars of the bench press, measuring your shoulders as where to grip the bar, and push up the bar until arms are nearly locked. 3. Slowly bring down with concentrate breathing and a slower speed to the speed pushed upon the bench press. 4. Repeat these exercise numbers of times until arms are tired. Rest for a short while until breathing is back to normal before proceeding again for fast results. Bench-Press
  12. 12. Lat Pull Down Lat Pull Down This exercise is generally aiming to expand back muscles. In addition, it also works the arm and shoulder muscles to a lesser extent. This exercise works on the latissimus dorsi which is the middle upper back and is the main target of this workout. Implementation: 1. Place seated with back straight on the seat with knees are comfortable on the knee pad support. 2. Grip the bar firmly with an overhand grip, and thigh pressed against the knee support. If you cannot reach both supports, then adjust to fit your needs. 3. Slowly pull the bar towards your chest, just reaching below the chest and hold for a few seconds. 4. Slowly and with ease return to the starting position with back still straight and arms still firmly gripped to the bar. 5. Breath in when pulling and breath out when returning to starting position.
  13. 13. Chin Ups Reverse Chin-ups Chin Ups and Reverse Chin Ups Chin Ups and Reverse Chin Ups is a technique used to lift up your entire body. These exercises are the best workout for the upper body muscle and gain muscle mass for fast and effective strength. Nonetheless, these workouts are usually extremely hard and risky for your back if not exercised properly and is required for beginners to use this as a last exercise for the back after a few months of frequent visits to the local gym. Implementation: Chin Ups & Reverse Chin Ups: 1. Grip your hands onto a bar with your palms facing and parallel to your shoulder. For the Reverse Chin Up widen the width of your arms to the bar with palms facing forward. 2. Hang yourself on the bar and pull yourself up until your chin as reached passed the bar. This is for both of the exercises. 3. Then let your body weight back down until your arms reach about 100 degrees from where your hands are placed. 4. Lift yourself up again and repeat this until you no longer can perform this exercise. 5. Breath in when lifting your body and breath out when pushing down.
  14. 14. Back Lat Pull Downs Back Lat Pull Downs Back Lat Pull Downs are a great exercise to get a great body shape. It enhances the upper body extensively working the back muscles together for great results and effectively. This exercise although works the biceps but to a lesser extent. Implementation: 1. Position yourself on the support seat where your head is right under the bar. Grip a cross bar with your arm width just slightly unparallel with your shoulders with palms facing away your body. 2. When got a comfortable position and firm hold of the bar lean back just slightly so you just glimpse at the bar slightly. 3. Then proceed to pull the bar to the back of your neck without moving your position or neck structure making sure your elbows are down to your sides and not facing any other direction. 4. Hold that position for a second before returning to the starting position including the slight lean back so you could see the bar every time. 5. Make sure you do not lift a lot of weight and if you are groaning reduce the amount of weights because this exercise works better with concentration rather than lifting more weights.
  15. 15. Barbell Curl Barbell Curls Barbell Curls is a technique used to flex out the bicep rather than making it bigger. It is usually intended to be used after concentration curls. So after the biceps have been stressed and expanded by the concentration curls, it is then stretched by the barbell curl. This is a great exercise to expand the size of the bicep. Implementation: 1. Stand with your legs parallel with your shoulders and knees slightly bent holding a barbell with palms facing you. 2. Stand upright with aback straight and letting the bar hand from your knees. 3. With ease lift the barbell with your arms till parallel and lift to the shoulder height. 4. Hold the barbell for about momentarily 2 seconds while holding your breath. 5. Then lower the barbell back to the starting position near the knees before repeating.
  16. 16. Triceps Dips Triceps’ Dips Although triceps’ dips don’t target the bicep specifically, they tend to target the outer core of the bicep which is the triceps. This helps build up the shape of the bicep from the outside. If you’re planning to swing out your arm of your favourite car, this exercise will make your arm look sexy and big so every girl will stare at you. This exercise comes in handy because it uses no weights or equipment so it could be done anywhere. This exercise can be done in two ways, with and without a support bench. The following implementation suggests this workout the benched formation. Implementation: 1. Press your body against a support bench with only your hands supporting yourself. 2. They should be slightly parallel with your shoulders and under the hips. You should now be approximately 45 degrees with the ground. 3. Now bend the elbows and lower the hips bringing your body down, making sure that your hips are very close to the support bench. 4. Push your body weight back returning to the starting position. This is best down between 15 to 20 reps.
  17. 17. Preacher Curls Dumbbell Preacher Curl Dumbbell Preacher Curls is an exercise which targets the biceps. This exercise is usually done as the last work out before heading home after a tiring day at the gym, because it reveals the peak of your biceps and keeps them pumped to a certain extent. This exercise is to be done with the many weights placed on the dumbbell for the absolutely astonishing results. Although placing weights on the dumbbell it is also a concentrated one concentrating all your movement on your bicep so it takes practise to perfect both weight and concentration wise. Implementation: 1. Position yourself on top of a support bench holding a dumbbell. 2. Hold onto a dumbbell with your palms facing you. 3. Sit firmly with your back straight pushing your chest out. 4. Lift the dumbbell, at the same time curling it until your bicep touches your forceps. Making sure your arm is completely straight at all times. 5. Then return your arm to the starting position the same manner you lifted your arm. 6. Repeat this using with the other arm.
  18. 18. Reverse Curls Reverse Curl This is an exercise in which you hold the barbell with palms facing you and knuckles sticking facing in front. The exercise is rather interested in tightening the bicep muscle. This exercise can be done using a barbell, curled bar or dumbbell. The following implementation demonstrates using this exercise the barbell approach. Implementation: 1. Stand with back straight holding firmly onto a barbell shoulder width. Making sure the bar is rested up against your thighs. 2. Avoid moving your entire moving when lifting the barbell towards your chest until your elbows are completely bent. 3. Inhale when lifting the barbell and exhale when returning to the starting position. 4. Complete this exercise with about 5 sets of 10 for astonishing results.
  19. 19. Concentration Curls Concentration Curls Concentration curls are one of the few techniques that have been exercised since bodybuilding began. It is best known to increase and add muscle mass specifically to the biceps. This exercise is usually done as the last work out before heading home after a tiring day at the gym, because it reveals the peak of your biceps and keeps them pumped to a certain extent. This exercise is to be done with the many weights placed on the dumbbell for the absolutely astonishing results. Although placing weights on the dumbbell it is also a concentrated one concentrating all your movement on your bicep so it takes practise to perfect both weight and concentration wise. Implementation: 1. Position yourself onto a support bench slightly bending over with you back straight while holding onto a dumbbell. 2. Curl the weight up until it is just slightly straight angled with your shoulder without moving the upper arm or using support from your back. 3. Whilst lifting, turn your wrist around so when the weight it straight with your shoulder, your little finger is finger you. 4. When the weight has been fully lifted, slowly lower the weight. This makes the biceps completely stressed when lifted and brought back down.
  20. 20. Sit Ups Sit Ups Sit Ups is an exercise which helps tighten your abbs. It does not involve any weights so it is great to perform anywhere whether at the gym or home. This exercise was first developed by professionals to achieve a great lower and sexy body. Implementation: 1. Lay on your back with your knees bent at about 90 degrees. 2. Lift your legs up and cross your ankles and keep your hands behind your head. Avoid touching the ground in any way. 3. The using your knees and hands behind your head, try to connect the two by lifting them off the ground. Avoid using your neck as leverage. 4. When you feel your abbs have connected return to the starting position, but this time do not relax your head or knees on the ground but rather just slightly keep them off the ground. 5. To perform this exercise for fast abb results do as many as you can until you abbs start hurting to the extent that you cannot continue forcing yourself to do any more.
  21. 21. Incline Sit Up Incline Sit Ups This exercise works out the entire abdominal areas. This exercise can be performed at a slow or fast rate depending upon the person. You may use a support bench or adjustable seated bench to perform the exercise. Implementation: 1. Sit on a support bench levered at about 20 degrees downwards pressing your feet under the hooker pads. 2. Place your hands behind your neck. 3. Like the sit up, lift you’re back only but not your knees off the support bench to about 20 degrees or where you feel abbs connect entirely. 4. Hold the position for about 2 seconds roughly before returning to the starting position. Breathe out when returning the previous position. 5. For fast results continue performing this exercise until you abbs hurt before stopping.
  22. 22. Leg Raise Incline Sit Ups This exercise is one of them common exercises that target abdominal areas specifically. This exercise aims to place pressure on the lower half of the rectus abdominals, although it still works out the upper abdominal to a lesser extent. This exercise slightly aims to the surface of the upper thighs as well, but just vaguely. Implementation: 1. Place your back up against an incline abb board. 2. Hold yourself up with your palms and elbows up on the upper bench, supporting your body. 3. Raise and bend your legs about 25 degrees with your hands to stabilize your body. 4. When lifting yourself use your abbs as a guide to position yourself and measure the height of the legs raised. 5. Then slowly bring unbend your knees and return to the starting position. 6. Repeat this process until abbs hurt to the extent that this exercise can no longer be performed. This will reveal the core of your abbs within less than two with daily incline sit up sets. 7. You will know you are doing the exercise properly when pain is felt approximately after a few of these moves. For extremer’s, add a dumbbell between your legs for slow but heavy sit up sets. However, these are really difficult and recommended after few days of incline sit ups completed.
  23. 23. Up right Rows Upright Rows Up right Rows is a very difficult exercise for beginners. Nonetheless, it is a major key in bodybuilding. This exercise helps build body and back structure as well as widens the width of the shoulders. Implementation: 1. Hold firmly onto a barbell, shoulder width with an overhand grip palms facing you. The barbell should be resting against your thighs, and your back should be completely straight. 2. Now raise the barbell bending you elbows, making sure that the barbell is kept excessively close to your body when rising. 3. Now the barbell should be just about to touch your chin. Make sure you do not move your body nor use any other part of the body when lifting except your elbows. 4. Pause for a second when lifted before returning to the starting position. When lifting exhale and when returning to the starting position inhale at a slow pace. 5. Repeat this about 10 sets of 12 for about half an hour with a 2min pause between each set for extraordinary results.
  24. 24. Bent-Over-Later-Al-Raise BIRD Bent-Over-Later-Al-Raise BIRD This exercise should exercises the complete upper back. It is primarily known for strengthening the back muscle rather than growing the size. Implementation: 1. Bend over at about 30 degrees holding dumbbells in both hands keeping your palms facing each other. Making sure the dumbbells just are slightly above the ground. 2. Using your elbows for support, raise both arms to about shoulder height and do not lock your elbows. Try to avoid swinging the dumbbells to lift the weights. You should first attempt this with lighter weights. 3. Lower to the starting position. Keep your body stiff and back straight at all times and avoid lifting your body for support.
  25. 25. Lateral Raises Lateral Raises Lateral raises are an excellent exercise to build up shoulder muscles. As much as they are easy to perform, the exercise also works muscles really fast. The lateral raises need concentration and non heavy weights to perform to get the results needed in less than two weeks. Implementation: 1. Stand straight holding dumbbells in both hands. Keep back straight with a slight bend forward as seen in the image. 2. Stick out your chest making sure possible that your chest hangs out more than the dumbbells. Keep this shape when lifting also. Avoid moving your head, and rather keep it straight with your spine. 3. Raise the dumbbells while exhaling towards your sides, raising both your elbows and arms at the same time. Continue to rise until the dumbbells have reached your shoulder height. 4. Inhale when lowering the dumbbells to the starting position keepings your elbows completely straight at possible. 5. Repeat this with 5 sets of 15, with low weights for excellent results.
  26. 26. Front Raises Front raises are an exercise which aims to target Front Raises the inner core of the shoulder muscle. The muscle is the anterior deltoids. For exercising this muscles make sure you complete lot of sets, this will not only let you get bigger shoulders but arms as well. Implementation: 1. Stand straight keeping your back straight with knees slightly bent, shoulder width apart. 2. Grab dumbbells on both hands holding firmly using an overhand grip. 3. Let your arms hang straight down from your sides, keeping the arms slightly bent and above the thigh. 4. Raises the dumbbells, whilst keeping your arms slightly bent through the whole movement until you reach just below eye level. 5. Then lower back to starting position, slower than the speed when raising it up. 6. Repeat this with 20 of them at 15 sets for great results in two weeks.
  27. 27. Low Pulley Bent over Lat-Ra This exercise targets the inner core of the shoulders. This exercise may be difficult to do and may need a lot of practice to get the hold of it. Try using lighter weights to get use to the formation and technique because that is very crucial or you may end up having sore shoulders. Implementation: 1. Stand with a slight bend in the knees holding cable dumbbells in both hands. Making sure they are just lifted above the knees. 2. Raise and pull in the cable up to chest width and hold for 2 secs. 3. Then slowly return back to the starting position though raising it slightly higher exhaling. 4. Repeat this about 5 sets of 15 with the weight being just slightly heavy. Low Pulley Bent Over Lat-Ra
  28. 28. Up right Rows Up Right Rows The upright row is an exercise known for increasing thigh muscle strength targeting quadriceps, rectus femoris and vastus muscles. This machine makes you sit on a seat in which you push padded bars up extending your legs. Many use this machine the wrong way and get knee pain, so it is important to see a trainer before attempting this, but it has fast and effective results when once began. Implementation: 1. Seat on a padded seat making sure a light weight is selected. 2. Adjust the bar so it rests comfortably at the lower part of your leg making sure your leg is hooked underneath it. 3. Now raises the bar using your feet, hold the back of the seat for support if needed. 4. Extend your legs so they are just straight for less than a second before slowly returning to the original position. Use a light weight for heavy weights first will cause severe leg strain. 5. Breathe out when returning and breathe in when lifting. 6. Do 2 sets of 12 for excellent results in two weeks.
  29. 29. Squats Squats Squats are one of the important exercises in the gym. It was used by many professional bodybuilders in the past and now in the present. Not only that this exercise targets your thighs but work outs the muscles of the entire body. So it is important to work out specifically other parts of the body, the back muscles in particular. This exercise especially needs to be used with extremely light weights at first before attempting to use heavier weights. Implementation: 1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. 2. Place a barbell whether standing or lifting the barbell; place it above the shoulders from your back. If necessary use a bar pad for back protection and to add comfort to your back. 3. Bend the knees and come down with the bar slowly until your knee and your legs form a 90 degree angle. Note that it gets heavy at this point and you will need to use your torso and arms to carry the weight, not just the legs. 4. Slowly then lift the weight back up with your shoulders without locking the knees when standing firmly and straight. 5. Repeat 3 sets of 15 for superb results.
  30. 30. Lateral Raises Lateral Raises The lateral raises contain using a leg curl machine and works out the gluten and hamstring muscles. When performing this exercise keep the back and abbs completely straight and aid moving the entire body when lifting the weights with your legs. Implementation: 1. Lay face down on a support leg press bench, make sure you are comfortable. Make sure knees and beyond are off the bench. 2. Place feet under rollers, adjust if need be to get a proper fit. Hold onto the hand bars on the bench near the head rest. 3. Raise legs, bent from the knees on a 110 degree angle or as far as possible, though not all the way. 4. Inhale when lifting and exhale when returning to starting position. Repeat 5 sets 15 for great results in two weeks.