Social network marketing tm for re$ult$ (final)


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  • Emergence of Social Media vs Internet Assumptions is the You get the value, FOCUS on basic tools
  • Many…Evolving…Start simple…Don’t be overwhelmed
  • Facebook is growing at a dizzying rate around the globe, surging to more than 850 million users, from 600 million users just 12 months ago…nearly two-thirds of all Internet users in the United States on Facebook.Treating like a website – pushing out info constantly or treating it like a sales presentation.More damaging that posting “wrong” place.When people “freak out” about negative posts - transparency – everyone knows that no one is perfect
  • Strategically build relationships with individuals through interactive platformsLeverage information sharing through human resources Long-term investmentGroup processDesigned for all people User-friendly
  • As of February 1st Facebook has more than 845 MILLION users – launched Feb 4, 2004
  • 135 MILLION users – Relationships matterIf you’re a business professional and you don’t have a powerful LinkedIn presence, you are missing valuable opportunities.Cons: Employer emailaddresses; trivial questionsIt’s a good place to participate in industry-related groups/ discussions and establishes you as an authority.
  • 300 MILLION usersSocial networking and microblogging service that enables users to send/read messages in real-time in succinct blocks of text (140 characters maximum). Much like Facebook, Twitter helps build brand awareness, a follower base, positive brand reputation, relationships and conversations. Designed for outsiders to find YOU!Easy to use and search for othersHuge audience
  • Website that provides commentary, news or information on a particular subject. It is an online journal that is content driven, serves as a strong search engine optimization (SEO) tool for your website and helps establish you as an authority. Pros: Huge reach with a well trained audience; good PR and SEO; the best passive results for business! Cons: TIME CONSUMING; need a lot of original content
  • Difficult to create “viral” marketing – never know what’s going to.Create a Post Log and Content Schedule posts ahead of time (HootSuite, Where do I start and what do I say? Communicate your value and position yourself as an expert. Two Types of Content / Two PurposesRelationship building – build relationships with clients, prospects and outreach Viral – very challenging Repurpose content Listen and Respond
  • This is general strategy we recommend for most business to establish a basic “Presence”Step One – Create your plan - Create a social media policy - Create a Google Alert - Create a clear UVP – Unique Value Pedigree - Install Google Analytics on website - Review website: what your website is communicating, calls to action, conversion rates - Create and optimize Facebook profile, page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profilePhoto, Optimize headline to reflect UVP, Complete profile and add call to action - Create an aggregator profile linking all accounts (HootSuite) - Establish goals and record launch statistics (Klout)
  • Two - Build - Create a Communications Guide - Take top 20 (or entire contact list) and search each platform - Join Groups and Pages - Plug into your real life community - Build in your marketing (email signatures, office signs, announcements
  • Post regularly: education, value and relationship - Login to each account (20 mins/day) - Comment on others’ posts and share expertise - Respond to all comments - Lead by example 
  • This presentation will appear on our blog – tomorrow.
  • Social network marketing tm for re$ult$ (final)

    1. 1. Social Network Marketing™ for Re$ult$ Presented by Nancy Sanders, MBA February 7, 2012
    2. 2. Today’s GoalsProvide basic mechanics of social media, information and real action steps to strategically use social media to meet your • How to differentiate objectives. yourself online • What content or type of Plus, key strategies for messaging is most successful Social effective Network Marketing™ • The DON’Ts of using Campaigns. social media 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    3. 3. Social Media Platforms 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    4. 4. ™What is Social Network Marketing ? the unique process developed to incorporate the strategic use of social media platforms to build relationships and demonstrate value between a community Understanding and and the individual or strategy are key to business. social media success and effectiveness. 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    5. 5. Value of Social Network Marketing™ • Strategically build relationships with individuals through interactive platforms – Leverage information sharing – Long-term investment – Designed for all people – User-friendly Almost 50% of all small businesses in the US now utilize social media strategies, more than double the amount from last year 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    6. 6. FacebookDesigned for individuals to create profilesPros: The most targeted marketing; accessibility; evolves quicklyCons: Easy to err; evolves quickly; privacy 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    7. 7. LinkedInBusiness/professional site promotesdiscussions, collaboration and connections.Pros: Most professional site; campaignsCons: Email addresses; trivial questions 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    8. 8. TwitterEnables users to send/read messages (140-char)Pros: Designed to find you; easy to use; audienceCons: Specific language: #, @, RT, FF 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    9. 9. BlogsProvides commentary, news or information on aparticular subject.Pros: Huge reach; good SEO; passive resultsCons: Tim; original content 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    10. 10. Social Network Marketing™ Strategy Create Post Log and Content Schedule posts Communicate value You are the expert Build relationships Repurpose content Listen and respond 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    11. 11. SOCIAL NETWORK MARKETING™ STEP #1Create Your Plan Google alert Review website Optimize presence Create aggregator Klout score 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    12. 12. SOCIAL NETWORK MARKETING™ STEP #2 Build your presence  Communications calendar  Existing marketing  Top 20 contacts  Join discussions  Your community 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    13. 13. SOCIAL NETWORK MARKETING™ STEP #3Maintain your presence Post regularly Login daily Comment Respond to ALL comments 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    14. 14. Remember! Don’t be scared! Social Network Marketing™ is a huge opportunity for your business. Use strategy, create plan, ask questions and get support. Stick with it – re$ult$ are in the follow up. Have fun! SHOW YOUR PASSION! 2012© Three Dog Marketing
    15. 15. ResourcesConnect with Three Dog Marketing OnlineWebsite: (blog)Email: Nancy@ThreeDogMarketing.comCall: 602.476.4509Connect: Facebook Three Dog Marketing Nancy Sanders LinkedIn Nancy Sanders Twitter @3dogmarketing 2012© Three Dog Marketing