Business Music That's HR Friendly and Funny!


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Three Chords and an MBA™ drives business goals forward one funny song at a time!
We write and perform creative original songs that use humor to help your organization do four things: entertain, train, prioritize and recognize. Why is this method so effective? Two reasons: 1) Music Magnifies Memory and 2) Our original material is both funny AND relevant to your audience. Let us help you build cohesive teams and drive business goals forward through shared laughter!

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Business Music That's HR Friendly and Funny!

  1. 1. Introducing… … Three Chords and an MBA™
  2. 2. Business music that’s “HR-friendly”… … and still funny™
  3. 3. We drive business goals forward … …one funny song at a time™
  4. 4. A hilarious, live, 30 minute “mini-concert” (actually it’s 28 minutes so we keep your event on schedule!)
  5. 5. Three Chords and an MBA is…• New• Original• Funny• Relevant• Effective• Data Driven
  6. 6. It’s New!• It has never been done like this before• It’s an entirely new “business-music” genre• Think: The Office + Dilbert + Adam Sandler• And… it’s always “HR-friendly” for audiences
  7. 7. It’s Original!• Audiences are pleasantly surprised• Teams laugh really hard together• The content is very familiar…• But the delivery is totally original
  8. 8. It’s Funny!• Featuring 10 hilarious original songs! Song Title… Song Storyline… Introduction A high-energy 60 second musical introduction Nastygram Songwriter BCCs the CEO and gets transferred The Consultant Song Some universal truths about certain consultants Nothing Against Your Kid Fundraising initiatives for your coworkers’ kids Why Can’t We All Just Get Along How every dept. complains about every other dept. In The Cubicle Right Next To Me Pet peeves with “be careful what you wish for” twist Vending Machine Sandwich A sorrowful ballad about poor planning at lunch If This Meeting Doesn’t End Soon A morbidly funny way to escape long meetings Make Something Up Bosses are here to stay, here’s how to deal with it Happy Hour Songwriter learns to “take it a bit easier” after work
  9. 9. It’s Relevant!• Beyond the humor, it’s on-point• Audiences engage content that is relevant to them• Each song relates directly to their everyday work-life• (and uses “social pressure” without preaching)
  10. 10. It’s Effective!• It exceeds your entertainment goals!• Helps build teams through shared laughter• Creates fun memories and loyalty to your company• ... And just wait until we create customized content for you!
  11. 11. It’s Data Driven• Some data for good measure…  Teams that laugh together perform better (Humor and Group Effectiveness, Eric Romero)  Music makes the brain pay attention (Stanford University study by Chris Chafe & Daniel Levitin)  Music magnifies learning & retention (100% foreign language retention after 4 years, Lazanov)  “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” - Victor Borge  Qualitative/intuitive proof: Ever get a jingle or song stuck in your head?
  12. 12. What We Can Do For You Relevant and humorous musical entertainment for Entertain live events (always HR-friendly… and still funny)! We also create and perform hilarious custom songs for: The very same reason music jingles are so memorable! Train Music Magnifies Memory! (The Three Ms) Recognition Engagement Training Your leadership team has goals to communicate. Celebrations Prioritize Music Magnifies Memory! (The Three Ms) Events Meetings Presentations Can you think of any better way to celebrate a person Sales PitchesRecognize or team than having a song written in their honor? Brand Launches Product Launches
  13. 13. About Us• Three Chords and an MBA™ was created by Ken McMahon of Significant, LLC• Ken launched his career as the worst summer intern in Target Corp history• Then he sold some major brands (Nestle, Keebler, Johnsonville) to Wal-Mart• He was president of Wal-Marts largest vendor within a seasonal food niche• He even earned an MBA from Notre Dame (and they admit giving it to him)• Ken is a singer, pianist, and guitarist and has written three full length albums• Three Chords and an MBA combines Ken’s passions of music and business
  14. 14. About Us• Ken is joined by singer/songwriter/ engineer / producer Michael W. Nelson• Michael is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, piano, bass, mouth trumpet!)• He has produced 50+ albums including a No. 25 Spot on the Billboard Charts• He served as Director of A&R and Executive Producer at Compass Productions• He also produced several cheesy smooth jazz CDs sold on endcaps at Target• (But it is the longest running endcap at Target, so he has that going for him…)
  15. 15. Be Sure To Enjoy Our 3 Minute YouTube Video at…
  16. 16. Thank You! For more information please contact: Ken McMahon, President, Significant, LLC 612-860-8693 or 7400 Metro Blvd, Suite 125, Edina MN