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Maltego Webinar Slides


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Please view our webinar to learn the basics of our Maltego integration.

Malformity Labs has developed a full transform set that allows for data from ThreatConnect™ to be integrated with the capabilities of Maltego.

All ThreatConnect customers can take advantage of the Maltego transform set through the ThreatConnect™ API and a provided transform server. They can use this to:

• Visualize the relationship between incidents, threats, adversaries, and indicators,
• Leverage attributes belonging to indicators and threats to create Maltego Graphs without losing any of the contextual data within ThreatConnect, and
• Pivot from ThreatConnect data and external open source data sources using other transform sets within Maltego.

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Maltego Webinar Slides

  1. 1. 1All material confidential and proprietary MALTEGO TRANSFORM SET April 2014 Andy Pendergast – Product Director
  2. 2. 2All material confidential and proprietary AGENDA • Quick Overview • What is ThreatConnect? • How are we using Maltego? • Getting Started • Live Demo & Maltego Transform Set Walkthrough • Setup and Familiarization • A Few Use Cases • Q&A Time
  3. 3. 3All material confidential and proprietary THREAT INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM SOC Incident Response Threat Analysts IT/ Compliance Malware Analysts CISO/CIO Intelligence Sources Commercial Open Source Communities Sharing Internal Actionable Integrations SIEM IPS/IDS, Firewalls Gateways Endpoint, Response DLP, NAV
  4. 4. 4All material confidential and proprietary MORE THAN A FEED: PLATFORM & PROCESS Diamond Methodology AutomationCommunities Robust API Enterprise Integrations Workflow Analyst ControlKnowledge Management Multiple Sources Data Visualization Aggregate ActAnalyze
  5. 5. 5All material confidential and proprietary • Well-known and widely used data visualization and analytics software • Visualize ThreatConnect data and relationships • Pull the full context of Knowledge and Intelligence into Maltego Graphs • Pivot from ThreatConnect data to other sources using Maltego transforms sets MALTEGO INTEGRATION BENEFITS
  6. 6. 6All material confidential and proprietary BENEFITS OF MALFORMITY LABS PARTNERSHIP • Maintained server side transform set (easy upgrade and maintenance) • Access to dedicated ThreatConnect Transform server • Over 100 transforms to pivot through ThreatConnect relationships and data (and growing) • Available as part of new Team and Enterprise Subscriptions, Private Cloud, or On-Premises Deployments
  7. 7. 7All material confidential and proprietary HOW IT WORKS Transform Delivery Server (TDS) Maltego Client ThreatConnect Dedicated Transform Server API Queries Transform Discovery and Queries Configuration Updates and Query Results API Responses • All communications SSL encrypted • Server Transforms available if you have your own Maltego Server • Requires: • Maltego Client • Malformity Labs TDS Seed URL (given with documentation) • ThreatConnect API AccessID and Key
  8. 8. 8All material confidential and proprietary DEMO TIME!
  9. 9. 9All material confidential and proprietary GETTING STARTED Deployment Options Public Cloud Private Cloud On-Premises 30 Day Trial Options Team Edition Enterprise Edition
  10. 10. 10All material confidential and proprietary THANK YOU @ThreatConnect Check out our Twitter feed for the latest on shares, events, and fun. Want to Learn More? Ready for a Trial? Sign up Now! /product/product_editions