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  1. 1. Even though I could remember talking tothe Holy Spirit as a kid, when I was an adult and thought about talking to God, what came to my mind was: "Who are you to think that you can talk to God?" But thetruth is, who am I not to? Who are YOU not to? When we think, "Who am I to talk to God?" we deny ourselves a relationship with God and the Holy Spirit. So even though the thought might arise, "who am I to think that I can talk to the Holy Spirit?" it is important to remember that it is just a thought. Its just something that arises within your mind when you entertain the thought of connecting with Gods Voice.digital hearing aids
  2. 2. There are lots of thoughts that arise just like that: "Talking to the HolySpirit is impossible Talking to the Holy Spirit is something that only veryHoly people can do Talking to the Holy Spirit is something that takesyears and years of devotion and dedication " All of these thoughts areuntrue and keep you from connecting with the Holy Spirit in your lifeWhen you begin to think about talking to God and hearing His Voice,become aware of what thoughts arise If you become afraid at thethought of talking to God, that just means that a thought has arisen withinyour mind that caused you to become fearful A fear thought could be assimple as, "Ill never be able to hear the Holy Spirit " It could be a thoughtthat says, "Im not worthy of talking to God God would never talk to me
  3. 3. " It could be, "Look at all the things that I have said and done Why wouldGod bother with me?" Allow yourself to become aware of the thoughtsthat arise when you think about joining with God in the Holy Spirit indialogue digital hearing aids Do your best to notice those thoughts,emotions, or beliefs as lovingly and kindly as you can They are justthoughts that arise They are not the truth They are not a reflection ofyou Theyre just thoughts that arise, these little flea bites that distract youfor a moment When you notice them for what they really are andrespond to them with truth, love, and kindness, you are free to continue tofocus on your connection with God
  4. 4. Lets say, for example, that you have the thought: "Who am I to think thatI can talk to God?" You can then remember: "Oh yeah, who am I NOT to?Its my job to be connected with God in the Holy Spirit Thats my jobThats all God and the Holy Spirit would ask of me Who am I not to?" Oryou have the thought: "Why would God want to talk to me?" You canrespond, "Because God created me and God only sees my perfectionGod wants nothing more than to talk with me through the Holy Spirit ""Im not worthy Ive done these things, said these things, or thoughtthese things Im not worthy to talk to God," and you remind yourself,"God just loves
  5. 5. God wants to be in communication with me " Whatever thoughts arise,allow yourself to respond to them with Love and Truth You know thetruth in your heart You know that God only loves you and wants to be incommunication with you So when you have the thought: "Oh, Ive donethese things or said these things God does not want to communicatewith me" you can remember, "Actually, God only loves me," and continueto move past that thought or move on from that bug bite Allow yourself tocontinue to move in the direction of connecting with God in the Holy Spirit Its as if you are maneuvering your way around these little distractions orobstacles, the little thoughts that arise, but you respond lovingly to themand remain on the pathway to God
  6. 6. There is nothing that can stop you from getting to God There is nothingthat can keep you from your Father Even if youre not sure how torespond with the truth to a thought that arises, just remind yourself,"Nothing can keep me from my Creator," and continue to move along onthat path Since it is only a thought that can keep you from hearing GodsVoice, let yourself notice what thoughts have arisen in the past fewminutes Make note of the thoughts that sound familiar or the thoughtsthat have come to your mind and allow yourself in the next few days tocontinue to become more and more aware of what thoughts come upwhen you think about talking with God in the Holy Spirit Really look ateach thought and allow a truthful response to each one to come to you sothat you know no matter what thought arises, there is nothing that cankeep you from having a relationship with God and Gods Voice in your life Focus on this in the next few days and find out how much moreconnected you feel to God in the Holy Spirit in doing so
  7. 7. digital hearing aids