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NXP Presentation @ ThousandEyes Connect London - June 13th 2019


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Henk Jelink and Maarten van der Berg from NXP present How NXP Optimized Application and Network Performance with ThousandEyes

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NXP Presentation @ ThousandEyes Connect London - June 13th 2019

  1. 1. NXP, the NXP logo and NXP SECURE CONNECTIONS FOR A SMARTER WORLD are trademarks of NXP B.V. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © 2018 NXP B.V.
  2. 2. COVER PAGE SUBTITLE PLACEHOLDER COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL How NXP Optimized Network and Application Performance with ThousandEyes Henk Jelink Product owner Network Performance Monitoring and Secure Environments
  3. 3. Who Are We ?
  4. 4. PUBLIC 4PUBLIC 4 Operations in 30+ Countries Headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands 28,000+ Employees 10,000+ R&D Engineers 9,000+ Patent Families 60+ Years of Combined Experience $9.26B Annual Revenue1 A Position of Strength to Better Serve Our 26,000+ Customers PUBLIC 4 1 Posted revenue for 2017 – Please refer to the Financial Information page of the Investor Relations section of our website at for additional information
  5. 5. PUBLIC 5PUBLIC 5 Automotive Industrial & IoT Mobile Communication Infrastructure Our Leadership Focused End Markets
  6. 6. PUBLIC 6PUBLIC 6 Technology Leadership Applications Leadership in Auto Semiconductors 2017 Global Auto Semi Market: $34.5B + =#1 Auto Analog / RF / DSP #1 Auto Microcontrollers (ex. Japan) #1 Merchant Auto MEMS Sensors #1 Car Infotainment #1 Secure Car Access #1 Body & In-Vehicle Networking #1 Safety #1 Powertrain Innovation Leader ADAS Innovation Leader Security PUBLIC 6 # 1 NXP Makes It Happen
  7. 7. PUBLIC 7PUBLIC 7 Industrial & IoT Innovating Edge to Cloud Value Proposition Broad, scalable portfolio Ultra-low power & high performance application processors High performance cross-over processors Low-power secure & connected MCUs Common S/W and large partner eco-system Deep applications insights From working with and supporting 26,000+ customers across thousands of applications PUBLIC 7
  8. 8. PUBLIC 8PUBLIC 8 Mobile Enabling Secure Transactions Value Proposition Technology innovator Mobile Wallet Services2Go Recognized secure application leader Payment Transit Access Identification Trusted partner across eco-systems Financial Institutions Governments Public Transit Operators OEMs PUBLIC 8
  9. 9. PUBLIC 9PUBLIC 9 Communication Infrastructure Focus on 5G technologies Value Proposition Broadest portfolio From DC to mmW frequencies From 1.8 mW to 1.8 kW output power Technology leadership GaN LDMOS SiGe GaAs Unique in-house technologies optimized for 5G applications 9PUBLIC
  10. 10. PUBLIC 10 Henk Jelink • Product owner Network Performance Monitoring • Product owner Secure Environments • Worked for Digital, Compaq, and HP • Since 2000 Philips semiconductors IT Within NXP
  11. 11. PUBLIC 11 • Connectivity is managed by the Global Connectivity team with operational support from two external vendors. We are part of the Generic IT Services & User Experience (GIT-UX) team • Team of 12 FTE’s (3 in Bangkok, 4 in the US and 5 in The Netherlands) • Working Agile within all departments • Main focus on Total quality, Zero defects and First time right IT Within NXP
  12. 12. PUBLIC 12 Our Journey With ThousandEyes • The original driver came from complaints on O365 – Especially Skype – A significant portion of users were reporting poor audio quality • We realized we did not have an end-to-end view of the user experience • We were reliant on vendors to report on their performance • Unable to respond to the assumption that bad performance was always a network based issue
  13. 13. PUBLIC 13 Deploying ThousandEyes • We finally have a complete overview • At last we have ammunition if somebody states ”The network is slow” • Detect what your vendors didn’t detect • We shared our experience with other IT departments. • Our engineering department is using it to monitor their critical applications • Our application support department uses it for troubleshooting • Endpoint agents are used for specific cases • Integration with ServiceNow has been tested and is ready for production
  14. 14. • In the past IT had it’s focus mainly internal. We have decided to share more information with our customers and started to build an internal Connectivity Portal • Combining all relevant output from different tools into a single portal • Demo on our portal Using ThousandEyes Reports
  16. 16. PUBLIC 16 Way Forward • Deploy enterprise agents on all sites • More cloud agents for our external services • Extend alerting to more services • Automatic ticket creation towards ServiceNow • Standard reporting/monitoring for other departments
  17. 17. COVER PAGE SUBTITLE PLACEHOLDER COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Use cases Maarten van den Berg Principal Consultant, Networking, Security and Infrastructure
  18. 18. PUBLIC 18 Maarten van den Berg, Principal Consultant CGI • Connectivity Architect in NXP • DC-LAN, Network Performance Management • Working as a Contractor (CGI) • 5Yr + experience in NXP environment Profile
  19. 19. NXP’s ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent Dashboard 43 ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents in NXP
  20. 20. Visibility of Improvements Network Issues Hamburg-Bangkok 2017 Situation in October 2017 before Network troubleshooting started Situation in November 2017 after solving several network issues
  21. 21. Hamburg-Kaohsiung LAN Issue Detected Network path visualization Issue is in the Hamburg LAN 99% packet loss issue
  22. 22. R&D “DoorsNG” Application Not Reachable Cause: Routing Loop NXP-XFSL Packet loss 100% DoorsNG application not reacheable
  23. 23. WEB Application Troubleshooting Web application fault Result: Thousandeyes found 16 Web application faults in the R&D “DoorsNG” Application that are now corrected by IBM. The network was not the problem Thousandeyes shows detailed breakdown of user waiting time accessing a WEB application
  24. 24. PUBLIC 24 Microsoft Skype Issues in Austin • Many skype complaints in NXP site Austin • Installed a TE Enterprise Agent in Austin to investigate • In one hour after the install we already found 5 possible causes We want to highlight two: (1) Internet Service Provider issue towards Office 365 cloud (2) Microsoft Skype Egress point
  25. 25. (1) Microsoft Skype ISP Issue Austin Level 3 ISP issue, 30% packet loss Packet loss occasion
  26. 26. PUBLIC 26 (2) Microsoft Skype Egress Point Issue Austin • NXP was connected to Microsofts Skype Dublin Backend • Microsoft just implemented the multiple egress points for Skype • Since then, about 20-30 % of the Skype calls in Austin had serious issues: Bad audio quality • We found that we hopped between Skype backends in Iowa, Texas and…
  27. 27. (2) Microsoft Skype Egress Point Issue Austin MS Skype Instance Canada! Latency > 100 ms
  28. 28. Lessons Learned • It took a while before we interpreted all TE test results well • TE Endpoint Agent usage needed “works-council” approval • ThousandEyes test data is also useful outside of IT • Manage TE tests carefully, duplication of tests is very easy and is causing EA overload • We have used the support of ThousandEyes many times • ThousandEyes Support personnel is very knowledgeable and helpful
  29. 29. PUBLIC 29 Maarten van den Berg Global Connectivity Architect For Further Information or Enquiries, please contact: