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Monitoring the Pixel-Serving Architecture at Quantcast


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Jim Morrison discusses Quantcast’ pixel-serving architecture and how ThousandEyes plays a vital part in monitoring an Internet-centric environment.

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Monitoring the Pixel-Serving Architecture at Quantcast

  1. 1. Globally Distributed Pixel Serving 17 Nov 2016 Jim Morrison Sr Manager, Edge Services
  2. 2. Quantcast (QC) Quantcast Measure Quantcast Advertise 2 Measure provides free direct audience measurement for a website including traffic, demographics, interests, and more. Advertise is a programmatic advertising suite that leverages the data collected through Measure to enable marketers and publishers to buy and sell the most effective targeted advertising.
  3. 3. Contents Quantcast Measure Pixel Serving Using ThousandEyes Questions? Product Serving Pixels Aggregating Data Quantcast Needs
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Pixel Serving
  6. 6. We route users to the nearest site by IP geolocation. DNS based load balancing across machines Geo-based DNS 12 sites around the world, using geo-dns + anycast Each site announces its main IP range and backup ranges for other sites with longer prefixes. Simple switches BGP peer with a single tier 2 ISP Anycast Pixel Serving 10
  7. 7. UI allows us to go back in time easily to find problems Using ThousandEyes: Why Easy UI Points calculator makes it easy to evaluate the cost of monitoring Cost transparency 12
  8. 8. Simple example
  9. 9. Monitoring needed: User experience 14
  10. 10. Strict SLA
  11. 11. Less strict SLA
  12. 12. Monitoring needed: QC experience 17
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. Thank You! We’re hiring.