How lean can you get?


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  • Thanks for attending this talk. There would be people skeptical and excited about just this word Lean
  • Lean just as a word, as any word there are various meaning. But the word has been in vogue recently when Eric Riese and Sandburg has made it famous by their book.But really the lean in this presentation would mean – shunning away the heavy weight, removing the things which make u in flexible\tough to move from one place to another etc. This would mean that. Inflexible, heavy, resistant to movement, resistant to try out new things…and get lean which will be flexible and remove unessential fat\unused elements in the bodyGetting lean would also mean that we exercise and prepare our own regime.
  • Lean for us in this presentation would mean - getting thin, removal of access fat, getting near agilityWhy should we go leanIt helps us achieve what an healthy body helps to achieve which is agility Cutting down extra processes and Stress is not on lean process but on making the whole process light weightLean for us in this presentation would mean - getting thin, removal of access fat, getting near agilityWhy should we go leanIt helps us achieve what an healthy body helps to achieve which is agility Cutting down extra processes and I want you not to think in terms of Lean Software Development, Lean Concept, not the Lean Process but think of Lean as the mere way of life where we drop of things which are not-essential. This is very contextual and I really can not recommend one simple exercise to leaner. You have to find your own exercise\regime that works for you. I am going to tell you what worked in our case\problem space\ but treat every situation unique
  • I will now talk about my last project where the strict conditions forced us to get into this lean mode. I will briefly talk about the client, then touch upon their problem, our solution to the problem while Just to help you understand our client better:Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute is was established in 1996 and since then have treated near to 1 lakh, 50 thousand patients. The institute takes pride in their path breaking achievements in the world of cancer.
  • Day Care – why day care. It’s imp for patients to have a good day care. This is the place where they come again and again. One nurse takes care of 4 patients. Rajiv Gandhi wanted to target their Day Care facility. This facility is a place where patients are admitted not more than a day. If the duration exceeds more than one day they are shifted to ward.This facility had a lot of Chaos, where patients would clutter the front desk to ask when their turn will comeDay care staff did not know when will the next bed be available, since there were 40 beds. This was not a simple queuing problem. The nurses There are different departments involved. Management could not understand what really is going wrong at day-care and needed visibilityCIO mentioned to us that in Hospital, creating a software is not a problem, but can u build a system which my staff will use. It typically takes them 6 months to adapt a system. So he can build the system, but what if no-body uses it? More about the failure
  • There is a part of which said let us do something which is proven…1 – Respond to the proposal with the presentation which talks about our understanding, estimations, product owners responsibilities, collect all the relevant case studies etc2 – Inception3 – Delivery – where we do iterations with few things like IPMs, Estimations, IPM, Analysis, Development, QA, Showcase, DoneAdd to the velocity
  • There were some constraints as well playing in the whole gameFailure not an option – new client, new domain, they were working with us for the first time and the trust that they placed was phenomenalFailure – either back it up or else remove it -IT Team – product team, IT Team,
  • 1 – went with the prototype. Because with a constraint of 4 days, we felt this is something which will add maximum value2 – The maximum value that we derived in the project is by end user interactions. Emphasis on diff user set, 3 – lack of any validation team from Customer. No product owner, manager or any IT team to validate our finding4 – With every visit there were new things that we found out about the hospital. There was very less chance of detailed analysis. So we brainstormed before each story. 5 – Volley with other pair involved. Everybody knew about the project. This was very important for the project where you have high chance of moving team, which was the case in this projectExplain IPM - is a meeting with BA and devs together where we discuss all the stories(unit of work) that we are about to develop. EstimationsResponsive web, iPad3-4 areas – processes, team structure, technical solution(frugal – rasberry pi), attitude towards the problem
  • Cios and manika’s speech
  • Question I anticipateScope creepEstimation of end timeReducing the resistanceOwn what we have created They were more involvedWe can not sit on our laurels and follow it. Context driven development
  • How lean can you get?

    1. 1. How Lean Can You Get? CONVERGE 2014
    2. 2. LEAN The Lean Startup Lean person Lean Lean In years Lean in favor of the argument
    3. 3. LEAN for us in this presentation
    4. 4. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Advanced Technology…Better Facility…Exceptional People
    5. 5. What were we solving Better Patient Experience Smoothen Day Care Operation Track Day-Care Bottlenecks A system which “People will Use”
    6. 6. Follow the process
    7. 7. But… Budget Failure was not an option Domain RGCI IT Team Confidence
    8. 8. What we did
    9. 9. VIDEO
    10. 10. takeaway  End User  Agile Fundamentals Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working Software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan  Project Goals  No middleman