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Transforming Life Through 3D Printing- Easton LaChappelle, CEO & Founder, Unlimited Tomorrow


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‘Creativity is key to innovation. It’s up to you to use it as a tool’

Nineteen-year-old Easton is an extraordinary man. By age fourteen he had taught himself the basics of electronics and programming, and was building robotics in his bedroom out of Lego, electrical tubing and fishing wire. Today he has developed that passion and taken it to market to help the people who need it the most.

Easton talks us through his journey from teen hobbyist to the founder of Unlimited Tomorrow; a company developing prosthetic limbs, powered by facial expression, muscle detectors and brain waves. Using 3d printing technology, Easton has been able to produce a fully functioning limb for around $300, instead of $10k-$100k, making this medical device much more affordable to the average person. His technology is open-sourced in the spirit of allowing anyone to access and customise it to suit their own situation.

Easton believes that ‘Curiosity is everything,’ and encourages us all to leverage ours as a tool, to motivate us and to ask the right questions in our quest to innovate.

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